Thursday, 20 June 2013

"Not just 1.......but 36 cards"

Hello blog friends, thank you for popping into my little corner of Blogland.
Hope you are all well, if not I send you some Get well Wishes
Yesterday Hazel asked if I would make her 6 sets of the Card Boxes we do.  The box contains six 4 x 4 cards, we both use these a lot as gifts.  People seem to like them as they always have a card at hand whenever needed.  Hazel wants them for Teachers Gifts, our schools break up next Wednesday for the summer.  I make a mix, some with sentiments others without.  Always leave the inserts empty so anything can be written inside.  Over the past 24hrs I have made 36 cards.  I ran out of 4 x 4 envelopes, I had some "slimline" cards and envelopes so made use of them.

 Here is the selection, I have made.  The Slimline ones are "budged" up to get them all in the picture.
Now have to make Boxes for them all to go in, will do that tomorrow all being well
I used some Sheets of toppers I had printed off the Fabulous Fashion CD.  They were just sitting there, now most of them are used up.  Apart from the pre-scored bought cards and envelopes lots of what I used came from my favourite "Bit Box".  When I get a new Die I love to cut out loads of them, again a lot of these were used on the cards.  I also got some beautiful Swirl Die Cuts from Rita  (RMG Creations)  I have used a few of them as well.   Rita`s Die was a Marianne's Die, I loved it, it is ordered just waiting for it coming.
Elaine comes this evening, she never arrives till approx 8.15/8.30pm.  I am off to put my feet up for an hour or so.  Did not get any sleep last night, John was in terrible pain with his knees during the night,.  Goodness knows what he was doing yesterday, John says nothing, his left knee is really swollen.  He has had problems with his knees since his accident quite a few years ago.  He is taking it very easy today, hopefully they will be a bit better tonight if not he will be in the spare room..............

I plan to get some of my bags finished tomorrow as well.  Hope anyone who was looking for the Tutorial for the Gift Bag  found it back on 4th November 2012 and understood it.
That`s it for today
Thank you for visiting I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx

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  1. Good Evening Patricia, gosh you've been really busy, your cards look lovely and all so different.
    Poor John, I hope his pain eases off and that you both get some sleep, Kate x

  2. My goodness, it lookis like you have been very busy today. These are gorgeous, such wonderful designs and colours.
    I hope that John's knee gets better soon.
    Sue xx

  3. You are an amazing woman Patricia. These cards look beautiful and to make the boxes to put them in is a lovely idea. Hope John gets a bit of relief from the pain. Andrew's legs are playing him up terribly too. Squishy Hugs Rita xx

  4. Well who's been a busy girl then? the cards are fabulous Patricia and all so the idea of boxes for them.
    Best wishes to your hubby and his knees.
    Elaine xx

  5. Wow, you have been busy. They look great. Xxx


  6. What can I say except a big THANK YOU!!! Your are a star, big sis. These are fabulous as ever. Plus that's six less gifts I have to make. Just keeping you as busy as myself, I think we will have to get our thinking caps on for the "Christmas Teachers Gifts" ideas.

    Thank you again.

    Hazel xxx

  7. oh liebe patri....du fleissige.....ich war scheinbar schon sehr lange nicht hier?....kann doch nicht sein, habe dich doch erst vor kurzem gefunden....*lach* ist wunderschön, was du alles inzwischen gewerkelt hast...
    viele liebe grüsse...und hab viel freud weiterhin...

  8. Well Patricia what a great job well done. Your cards are lovely and what a good idea, need to think this out for Chritmas.

    Hope John had a better niht and was not banned to the pare room.

    Wilma x x x

  9. Heavens to Betsy! You have been busy with your cardathon! Time for a break methinks. Hope John had a better night.
    Take care.
    Ang x

  10. Wow what a lovely collection of cards
    I've been making some 4x4 thank you cards but have put them together with a punched sleeve and a bow never thought of a little box for them I love making these tiny envelopes and decorating them
    jacqui x

  11. Fabulous sets of cards Patricia. They will be very well received. Christine xx

  12. Fab sets of cards Patricia, I am just loving the designs on this CD..and you have reminded me that I have to make some of these boxed sets to sell at my next Craft Fair, it's not til October but I have a long this of 'makes' in between! Hugs Carole Z X

  13. Now Patricia, I did suggest a break earlier but I think that now you have started, you should carry on and make lots more, especially for your lovely sister. x

  14. Morning Patricia, WOW !! you have been a busy bee, your cards are stunning and this has given me an idea for our Church Christmas Fayre, what a great gift idea.
    I really hope that John is feeling better, I'm sending him a huge hug.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. Gosh you have been busy. Such marvellous little cards. Great idea as a gift.

  16. Well Patricia first of all if you think I am going to comment on them all individually all I can say is don't hold your breath! ROFL!

    They are beautiful and what a great idea!!!!! Poor John I do feel for him but everyone, including me, is in terrible pain and I was speaking to the chemist the other day and they have all of a sudden had a rush on Ibruprofen gel!!! Must be something in the air. She told that they get spates of a run on the gel out of the blue no rhyme or reason.

    Hope he feels some relief soon I am sending him some healing.

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  17. What a busy bee you have been and what luvly cards xx I would go into a 'flat-spin' panic if I had to make so many cards in such a short time xx good for you and hopefully you had a better nights sleep last night (both of you) xx have a fabby weekend xx GailT xx

  18. Goodness! So many cards, wow Patricia! You're so creative and active! Hope your DH is doing better now? Have a great weekend, hugs, Ira xox

  19. Wow thats a lot of cards .Melanie

  20. You have been busy - a fabulous selection of cards. I hope John knees are better soon.
    Lorraine x

  21. A lovely batch of cards Patricia, you have been a busy bee. Carol x

  22. Good grief Patricia you have been busy!! What a great job you've made with these cards. Hazel must have been thrilled. Hugs, Jenny x

  23. OMG you go girl! That's bloody amazing!!!!! They're all utterly fantastic!
    You are an awesome Sister!!!!!
    Debbie xxx