Thursday, 13 June 2013


Hello Blog Friends, hope you are all well.
Sorry no card today, I prepared this yesterday.  I am having problems with my eye so was having it checked out.   I find when I go the the optician and they put those horrible drops in your eyes my vision takes ages to clear.
Rather than have nothing I decided to share this with you.
Just thought I would show you the little corner of "Paradise" that Hazel and I retreat to at least once a year.  I sometimes visit more if John decides to go.  
John and I visited Dalyan, Turkey for the first time 17 years ago, we stayed at this hotel.  It was the fist year they opened, the gardens had been planted but were nothing like as lush as they are now.  Look how peaceful it is, if you go when the schools are off there are children.  We always make a point of going during term time.
John was recovering from a very bad accident the first time we visited.   We knew John would not be able to get back to work.  We bit the bullet and decided to buy a house.  We lived Part-Time in Dalyan from beginning of May when the fist flight went out from Scotland for the summer season.  We came home on one of the last flights back to Scotland at the end of October.

We did that for 7 years till Thomas was born.  We had waited 9 years for our first Grandchild, when John saw that little "scrap" in the incubator in the Baby Care Unit that was at first sight.  
When we went out the next year, the plan was to stay for the usual length of time.  After 2 weeks John wanted home, so that was the end of the long stays.  A year later Robert put in an appearance so that was that.  The house was sold, we just pop over for short stays now.  This is where we spend it, back where it all started.

That`s it for today
I will be back soon, thank you for popping by I really do appreciate that you take time to do that

Eyes fine, nothing drastic .................  just "old age" really

Patricia  xxx

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  1. Ooh Patricia, that pool looks mightily inviting.
    Its nice to go different places to explore but sometimes you just want that familiarity.
    Bet you wished you were back there when you put the heating on again!
    Night night. x

  2. Sorry, meant to say I thought the eye was on the mend. Hope it clears ur soon as we can't have you out of crafty action for too long. x

  3. Hello Patricia, sorry to hear you're still having trouble with your eye. Ihopefully you'll get to the cause soon.

    The pool looks very inviting, bet you wish you were back for the warmth, take care, hugs Kate x

  4. Hi Patricia, oh dear I hope your eye gets better soon. Can't have you out of action for too long. The hotel looks so beautiful and the pool is sooo inviting, great place to have a holiday.

    Wilma x x


  5. Just as well I thought twice about putting up a photograph of our little corner of "paradise". I did think about it then changed my mind. It's one of those spooky moments again.
    At least the sun is shinning this morning here, but oh to be back sitting by that pool.

    Hazel xxxxx

  6. Morning Patricia, So glad your eyes are fine. This piccie is so gorgeous, fancy waking up to that, would be lovely, no wonder you keep going back there.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. Good Morning Patricia. This certainly looks like Paradise to me, well one can dream.... No wonder you fell in love with it, I bet you wish you were back there. Hopefully your eyes clear up soon. Hugs Rita xxxxx

  8. What a beautiful place and story xx hope you soon find a resolution to your eye problem xx have a fabby weekend xx GailT xx

  9. Looks idyllic Patricia a little haven. Sun shining here today but the strong wind is keeping the temperature down hate having woolies on in June. Sorry to hear your eye is still annoying you hope it will clear up very soon.
    xx Christine H

  10. Hi Patricia,
    I have seen a similar picture ti this last year when you and Hazel were both out there, and I thought it looked a very perfect place to stay and relax then.
    My niece and great niece are out in Turkey holidaying at the moment. Looks like they may be having a super time too.
    I do hope everything turns out okay with your eyes. As I said before with my problems with my eyes. I had to have new glasses after only 7 months of buying the last pair.
    Have a wonderful crafty weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. I want to go NOW! LOL! Sigh!

    I shouldn't complain but we haven't had summer yet and it is nearly the longest day!

    Lovely piccie looks really lovely.

    Glad not to serious re eyes!

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  12. Hi Patricia, the photo looks idealistic and relaxing. We've done Turkey and also enjoyed it although it was about 15 years ago now. When you get grandchildren it changes everything doesn't it, they become the centre of your attention. My granddaughter was 2 last Tuesday,time flies. Hugs Dee x

  13. Hi Patricia, this looks idyllic, I could just lie there and relax! Hope all is well with your eye, Carole Z X