Sunday, 21 July 2013

"Crafty Tools"

Hello Blog friends, can you believe that`s the weekend over once again.
Hope you have all enjoyed the good weather.  Ours deteriorated rapidly at approx 5pm this afternoon.  Turning very cool to say the least.  Looked like it could have turned to rain, so far so good it is still dry.
We had the boys for a sleepover last night.  This morning they were up and out to clear the burn that runs down the side of our garden.  The burn belongs to the farm next to us, the boys just love playing along it.  Over the past few months there have been fallen branches that have blocked the flow of water also creating a "stop" for all kinds of bits and pieces.  Bits of pipe from the farm yard, bits of wood from their potato boxes and of course leaves.  Now all cleared and running free.   Grandpa managed to get his wellies filled with water plus his jeans soaking and covered in mud.  Out of the three of them he was the dirtiest.  Boys showered and bathed for a second time today.  Their dirty washing done, dried ironed and all put away.

No card today but I thought I would show you tools I have discovered and I find rather useful.
The purple one I have had for quite a while.  I bought it as a "thread cutter" just to have in my box along with my little scissors when I was doing Cross Stitch.  I now use it to distress the edges of paper, after seeing it advertised as a "Distressing Tool"
The grey and blue one is a "Score - Bug".  At the left hand side sticking out of the blue bit there are little "teeth" they are not in any way sharp.  
If you engage them in a channel on your score board and run it down your piece of card it scores little indentations.  This looks like paper piercing without actual holes.  Much quicker and much easier in my opinion.   I find doing the piercing using the Tim Holtz Ruler and a pokey tool very hard on the hands.
These tools are both available from Hougie Crafts
The Score-Bug is £6.95 and the Distress Tool is £3.20
That`s it for today
Thank you so much for taking the time to pop in to my Blog.  I really appreciate that you do that and for all your kind comments.
Till next time

Patricia   xxx
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  1. Wow! Patricia this is early for you! LOL! What neat little gadgets. So useful to have I would imagine.

    Sorry the weather has deteriorated they have forecast thunderstorms on Monday or Tuesday here but it is still blazing hot in the 80's. Hopefully it will pick up for you after a bit of rain perhaps sadly the gardens need it my lawn is brown.

    Busy day so can't stop have a good week my love
    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  2. Hello Patricia, these are great wee tools, not very big so not taking up much space. I've not had a go at paper pierceing yet.

    Great idea to keep the environment clear and tidy, and a fun thing for the boys to do with Granddad, bet john got the most fun though.

    Sun still shining here but there is a bit of a strong breeze now, Hugs Kate x

  3. I,ve seen the distressing tool before but not the other one, xx

  4. Sounds like all your boys had a lot of fun whilst being environmentally friendly! Super handy tools you have there too! Carole Z xx

  5. Both useful tools Patricia and I have both in my "pencil case with bone folder, embossing tool, white gel pen, scissors etc, etc. Trouble is remembering that they're there.

    Weather a bit cool here now too. Turned out not to be that good a drying day either. Pity as this is when I do most of my washing since I'm out at work at least part of most days!

    Sounds like the boys and Grandpa had a busy but enjoyable day. Pity one of them managed to get so dirty!

    Kat xx

  6. Sounds like John had more fun than the boys clearing out the burn. A task that really did need doing I think, don't want flooding do you. These wee tools are great I have a pink and grey one for making holes but have not practised enough yet. Really cold not had to dig out a cardi, hope this is not the last of the good weather.

    Take care.

    Wilma x x x

  7. Fabulous tools Patricia, I bet the Score bug is really handy, may have to look for one of those.
    Sounds like all the boys have had a busy day!
    Sue xx

  8. Great tools Patricia... I fancy the score bug...Well we are still melting in the South...I dreading tomorrow wearing my uniform Yikes!!! they say it will be even hotter tomorrow... Have a great week... Hugs May x x x

  9. not seen the score bug Patricia, like you it kills my hands using the ruler method, sound like they all had a good time.
    been really chilly for two days here in south Yorkshire, no sun, cannot win with this weather..

  10. Thanks for info - I have a score bug and had not thought about using like that - will defo give it a go xx overcast and some light rain here today (the kind that wets you through as my dear Mum used to say) xx sounds like the three 'boys' in your life had fun today xx GailT xx

  11. Hi Patricia
    That score bug looks interesting. I will look for Kay Rutter at Stoneleigh as Hougie were at Donnington last year.
    Much cooler here today and thankfully tonight too but set to fire up again tomorrow and thunderstorms.
    Take care.
    Ang x

  12. Hello Patricia. I have the score bug in my collection too. Sounds as if the boys had fun with Grandpa today. I'm not on holiday in Haddington, East Lothian. Hugs Rita xxx

  13. Love the look of that score bug Patricia. We did get a smattering of light rain yesterday - typical as the school holidays start! Hugs, Jenny x