Friday, 12 July 2013

"My Sleepy Village"

Hello and welcome, so glad you have had time in your busy day to pop in to see what I have been up to.  
Well! I have been very busy making of all things.................Sympathy Cards.  
I have had to make 9 so far, all of which had to be different.  They were requests from 3 people in the village.  One of our neighbours has died, the local gardener, his mother has also died plus a local farmer.  All the cards will be going to the same families so had to be different.  When I have to make these cards I use just a couple of basic designs.  I have never had to make so many Sympathy Cards with different designs all at the one time before.  Kind of hard on the brain especially in the heat!!!

Rather than show all the Sympathy Cards, I thought I would show you our "Sleepy little Village"
I have taken the top picture from the end of my drive looking east along the village.  On our side of the road there are only 9 houses leading out to the end of the village.  The arch of trees you see in the distance is the end of the village to the East.   I suppose you would call it a "hamlet" rather than a village.  Now the view from the end of my drive to the West.  We are either the first or last house on the village depending on which way you are going.

Hazel and I are are meeting at Tammy`s (Hazel`s daughter) house in Perth tomorrow/Saturday morning.   We will leave a car there, just use one car to go meet Kate (cullisocks) off the bus from Inverness.  We will have lunch and generally just "chat" before taking Kate back for her bus home.
It will take just over 21/2 hours for Kate to get down from Inverness, much sorter than her trip with her hubby for "lunch" they other day.  They were 4 hours on the bus to get to Aberdeen have lunch then 4 hours back.  I think Kate must like on the bus!!!

That`s it for today
Will be back later to let you know how we all got on
Thank you for popping in I really appreciate that and all the lovely comments you leave.
Till later

Patricia   xxx

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  1. What a wonderful place to live. I always think that people who have never lived in a village have missed a lot.

  2. Hi Patricia. Very picturesque and quiet.
    Enjoy your lunch with Kate and Hazel tomorrow. I reckon Kate has shares in the bus company lol!
    Ang x

  3. Gorgeous photos Patricia.
    I hope you have a lovely time meeting up with Kate tomorrow
    Sue xx

  4. Very tranquil Patricia. I'm sure you'll all have a great time tomorrow. Remember your camera. Hugs Rita xxxxx

  5. Hi Patricia, enjoy your meet up with Kate. Now she as her bus pass she is making good use of it. Lovey village so peaceful.

    Wilma x x

  6. Hi Patricia,
    Your village looks just perfect, so quiet and peaceful.
    I think you will have a lovely day today with Hazel and Kate, say 'Hi' from me.
    Will look in later to see how you got on, hope you have taken your camera.

  7. Morning Patricia, Your pics of your village look gorgeous, I would love to live in a village like that, I live in a relatively new town and have lived here for 30 years but there is no 'heart'.
    I am so happy that you are all having a get-together, have a great 'chat' and a lovely lunch, I'm guessing that crafting will be a topic of conversation ha ha.
    Kate, you had better get a move on ha ha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. It certainly looks a lovely sleepy hollow! Enjoy your day with Kate today! Susan x

  9. Hi Patricia, beautiful sorry you have had to make so many sympathy cards and for one small community. I hope you have a lovely get together..enjoy! Carole Z X

  10. Hi Patricia,
    Lovely photos of your sleepy village. Sympathy cards are the most difficult to make and to have to do 9 could not have been easy. Enjoy your lunch.

  11. Hi Patricia,
    lovely pics of your sleepy little village. It looks so peaceful and nice. Do you get much passing traffic, and are you on a road that leads to a particular town?
    I do hope you all enjoy your day together. It must be very lovely to meet up with blog friends like that.
    Have a wonderful crafty weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  12. Looks so peaceful Patricia...enjoy your lunch with Kate an Hazel


  13. Your village looks so beautifully peaceful, thanks for sharing. Hope you have enjoyed your time with Hazel and Kate. xx Christine H

  14. Hi Christine, it sounds so peaceful and lovely where you live, I so wish I could move somewhere a little quieter. Sympathy cards are hard enough without having to make such a large variation, I bet your brain had retired at the end! Lol.... Dee x

  15. Awwwwww so sad to read this! Too many too soon! Beautiful pictures Patricia!
    Debbie xxx

  16. Hi looks so charming and peaceful I love it...thanks you so much for sharing this with is true that we chat chat, but I did not have any idea how it looks your it is much better to have this images...It makes it easier now to link them to you!!
    keep in touch
    bye bibiana