Tuesday, 6 August 2013

"Trash to Treasure"

Hello Blog friends, hope you are all well, if you are feeling a little down I send you a few (((Hugs))).
All well in these parts of the woods.  Rather a nice day today, we had beautiful clear blue skies at 7am when I was sitting in the garden have my morning cuppa.  I was not that warm but it was wonderful to be sitting out at that time listening to the birds.  The rest of the day was rather cloudy, at least it stayed dry.
Went off this morning into the hairdresser, a few miles out of the centre of Dundee from here it is about 18 miles.  Arrived at the door to find the place shuttered.  My appointment has been been booked for 6 weeks, she knew I was coming.  Each big city in Scotland has its 2 week Holiday period, last week and this week are the Dundee Holiday.  When I was booking my appointment she told me she would not be closing those two weeks as she was having her holiday in September.   She obviously has been so quite that she has just closed up her shop.  You would think she would have phoned round her booked customer to let them know.   I was so angry I was almost "spitting fire" I hate not getting my hair cut every 6 weeks.
 All calm now, have realised there are more important things to worry about other than getting ones hair cut.
My project for today was inspired by the "throw away" packaging from a Room Freshener.  You know the kind   ..  the bottle of smelly oil and the reeds.  When I removed the oil and reeds I was left with two beautiful little tubs, a long piece of acetate and a beautiful piece of card that lined all but the front of the box.
That set the wheels in motion, I have a few things I am using the bits for.  Here is one of the things I came up with:-  (well two actually)

The tubs were six sided, I have the SB Hexagon Dies, decided to use them for the tops
I cut out 6 of the shapes in card from a cereal packet.  Stuck 3 of these together for each one
Cut out and embossed some pink card the same shape for the top and bottom of each attached these
I then cut 6 circles of cereal packet card using SB Classic circle Dies.  I measured the Die so that it would fit inside the tub even though it was six sided.  Stuck these in threes and attached to under side of each lid.  Cut and embossed pink card and attched.  This then become a nice underside for each lid. 
Once they were all stuck and dried I ran round the edge with a gold pen.  Decorated them with  flowers and leaves that were in my box that had been made up and not used. 
Finished  ... out of what could have been thrown away I now have 2 little "trinket pots" with lids that fit
Sorry the photo is not that good, one of the pots is sitting a bit squint on the stand I am also working on at the moment.
That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling in I really appreciate it.  
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Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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  1. WOW!! These are gorgeous Patricia. Such a fabulous design. I love the embossing and your beautiful flowers of course!
    How annoying about the hairdressers being closed. I don't blame you for being cross, I would have been too.
    Sue xx

  2. Hello Patricia. What stunning little trinket boxes. I love how you have given them your own mark too. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Hello Patricia, these are just lovely, gorgeous papers too and great design, you are very imaginative.

    poor customer service from your hairdresser, but glad you've calmed down. Hugs Kate x

  4. Oooh these are sweet Patricia, just my kind of project - much better to use up stuff like that than discard.
    Very poor performance from your hairdresser, no excuses for not contacting customers who keep her in business - I would be angry also.

  5. Hi Patricia, I can just imagine you standing outside the hairdressers fuming, poor customer service. Great idea using up packaging, maybe some of your followers may not understand the "squint" comment.

    Wilma x x x

  6. Hi Patricia,
    beautiful boxes. Love this idea, and the paper used. Great embossing folders used too.
    I too would be very angry after driving all those miles to find the shop shut. As you say very poor customer service not to have let you know. Or maybe she took ill, and couldn't let anyone know. Who knows. I do hope the later is not the case.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.


  7. To think Patricia these were just the bits of a box when I saw them last. They have turned out beautifully, now to see the other project that the bits were there too.

    That's the second time your hairdresser has let you down is it not??? Most be great just to shut up shop and go.

    See you later. Hazel xxxx

  8. Morning Patricia, Wow !! trash to treasure indeed, you are a genius, I love everything about these trinket boxes, absolutely gorgeous.
    No wonder you were 'spitting fire' when the hairdressers was closed, apart from illness - there is no reason why they couldn't contact their bookings to let them know. Hopefully they will contact you soon to re-arrange your appointment.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Wow Patricia that is a smashing bit of recycling they look fabulous! There is no excuse for the hairdresser doing that I'm afraid I would be looking for a new one! Susan x

  10. Morning Patricia,
    Well I can fully understand you being angry, I would be changing my hairdresser pronto if she doesn't have a very good excuse. Love what you have done, great idea.
    X .

  11. Such fab recycling, Patricia! Beautifully embellished with your florals.
    I hope you manage to find another hair dresser, as your regular one doesn't deserve your custom anymore x

  12. What a fab way to re-cycle packaging and also extremely pretty too - thanks for the instructions as I wouldn't have thought about using circles for the underside of the lids to make them sit in the container - another reason for following blogs to pick up all these tips xx I like you, would have not been a happy bunny if I had travelled that far to find they were closed - it is just courtesy to ring around your clients to let them know but unfortunately we seem to be in short supply of that these days - I am now going to sign off as I am sounding extremely old and grumpy xx GailT xx

  13. Glad you're feeling calmer!
    Gorgeous projects and love the pretty papers. A fab way to recycle.
    Lorraine x

  14. These are gorgeous Patricia, love the pretty embellies.

    Donna x

  15. These are gorgeous Patricia, so pretty! Carole Z X

  16. Great idea Patricia and good use of waste you are very good!! Very pretty indeed.
    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  17. brilliant idea Patricia, look lovely and beautiful embellishments

  18. Sorry Im late with this my crafty womble.
    Can't wait to see what else you make something useful out of. Is nothing safe lol!
    Night night x

  19. Ps
    I would be looking for a new hairdresser and telling the old one precisely why I was doing so!