Sunday, 11 August 2013

"Wedding Congratulations"

Hello and welcome to my Blog, thank you for stopping here. I do hope
 you like what you see. 
Welcome, welcome, welcome to all my new followers.  Oh! My! Word! this time last week I was celebrating I had 100 followers now I have 105.  Thank you so much for choosing to join me here.
Busy, busy here as always.  Where does all the time go??  Here we are once again approaching the start of yet another week.  Thomas and Robert go back to school on Tuesday, holidays over for another few weeks.  They have certainly had great weather this year with very few hours spent indoors.  
Have to tell you what that little tinker Robert and his friend Fergus who lives along the road did the other day.   Fergus`s garden links via a farm track to John and Audrey`s.  Fergus gets access by climbing the fence but only if allowed same the other way for Robert.  The other day Fergus was over and the two of them were having great fun with the garden hose (as children do)  Audrey was on the phone chatting, knowing Audrey that could have been a long time!!   When she had finished she went out to see what Fergus and Robert had been doing...........!!!  They had dug a hole in the lawn, filled it with water and were pretending it was a swimming pool.  Not too big a hole but one that has certainly made a mess of the grass.  It is at the back of the house which is not quite so bad.  I asked Thomas what Dad had said.  He said "Daddy was very, very angry but did not actually say anything".  I feel John would have blown a Gasket if he had started.   Robert has some punishment that has to be fulfilled, don`t know what, never asked..........Boy`s......!!!
My card today was one requested by Tammy (Hazel`s daughter)  Tammy likes Plain & Simple

No Idea the size of the card its away, I forgot to measure
Base card white
Navy Card rounded at the corners
White Card also rounded
A Memory Box Heart Die
I have a Die that gives little "Waste" bits that I often use to make tiny flowers.  
I cut some in navy, I had some white in a pot which I also used as accents on some of the flowers on the Heart Die
Computer generated wording as Tammy requested

That`s it for today
I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead
Thank you for visiting me I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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  1. Hi Patricia
    Less is definitely more with this lovely card.
    Thanks for your good wishes. Im sure this silly cold will go soon. As my dear Mum used to say, it'll last 7 days or a week!
    Take care
    Ang x

  2. This is gorgeous, such a beautiful elegant design.
    Sue xx

  3. Very Classy Patricia. The heart is just stunning and I bet it is loved too. Hugs Rita xxx

  4. Hi Patricia, boys will be boys, bet John was fuming, but at least they are safe. You card is so sweet, very simply and classy.

    Wilma x x x

  5. Simple, simply beautiful you mean
    John x


  6. Yes this card was loved and will be treasured, Jill, Tammy's friend said it was a gift on its on as it was very personal to her and Ian.

    Hazel xxx

  7. Absolutely beautiful Patricia, and just perfect, I love the little bits that make the flowers.
    I'm still chuckling at Robert and Fergus' s escapade, what rascals.
    Have a lovely day, hugs Kate x

  8. I think the description should be clean and simple rather than plain and simple because this is far from plain Patricia! The heart die is beautiful. The antics of children - this is one that will be retold many times over the years I'm sure.
    Have a good day. Christine xx

  9. Your card is beautiful Patricia love the navy and white together
    jacqui x

  10. Morning Patricia, 'Little Tinkers' is definitely the word, Robert and Fergus obviously want to build swimming pools when they grow up ha ha.
    Your card may be 'simple' but it is certainly elegant and beautiful.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. What little monkeys Robert and Fergus are well boys will e boys..lOl..lOl.
    Lovely card and very classy


  12. Boys will be boys they are a different breed from girls, I always remember my son painting my spare curtains with gloss paint with his friend when they were young - why??? Anyway your card is very pretty Patricia love the heart wreath! Susan x

  13. Gorgeous card Patricia. Very elegant.

  14. Morning Patricia,
    Boys may be boys, bet they had fun until they were found out. My youngest daughter got up to so much mischief when she as young I could write a book about her escapades, we all have a laugh about them now.
    Love the card very elegant in its simplicity, very pretty little flowers.

  15. The card is beautiful. Very elegant.
    Janice W

  16. Gorgeous card and luv the simplicity of it - although I don't imagine the little flowers were that simple to make - really elegant xx GailT xx

  17. Oh dear - Boys!
    gorgeous card, I love the cas design and pretty little flowers.
    Lorraine x

  18. Those days are the best, I'll bet they had so much fun, muddy fun too. They'll never forget it either :D
    I love your card Patricia, it's beautiful and right up my CAS street :D xx

  19. Evening Patricia, this is such an elegant card, very very stylish, Carole Z X

  20. well I had to laugh Patricia, boys!!!
    love this card using MB Bingham heart, love that die, use it a lot, beautiful classy card, lovely keepsake