Sunday, 29 September 2013

"A Trio of White Cards"

Hello Blog friends, how are you all??  ... Well, I certainly hope so, if not here are a few (((Hugs))) to help.
Thank you for coming to visit me.   I have to apologise for not commenting on some of your Blogs.  I did try to get round most of you but time just kept running out.
What a week last week was, I barley had time to draw breath some days.  Thank goodness it is over.
You know something??? I really do not think this week is going to be much better.........we will see!!
My car needed new front Brake Pads and Disks to pass its MOT other than that it passed thank goodness.  Now going like a dream after its service, I am happy it did not cost me too much.     Oh! how I need my wee car.
Thomas and I are off  for a few days to Ballywater in Northern Ireland a week on Tuesday.   We are visiting my friend Oriel and her husband John`s Dairy Farm.   Flying over, travelling "light" just cabin bags.  I was trying to think of what to take as a wee gift.  I always send flowers once I get back home but also like to have something to give when I get there.
I got a "handmade" card from Oriel for my birthday.  It was made by one of the ladies that goes to their church.  It was really more "homemade" rather than "handmade", had a thought and decided  I would make 12 cards for all occasions, also make a box for them as my gift.  
Here are the first 3

I have kept them all approx 4 x 6 
Folded A4 card stock then cut that in half
I have made these all white on white that could be used for anything
As you can see I have used some Dies and embossing folders
I have kept them mostly flattish so that they go in envelopes for posting
I have done all the rest, I will show you these during the week
It will give me something to post while I try to find time to draw breath!!!! 

Thought you might like to know that the school have made £2,400 from their Charity Shop in Coupar Angus
There are 24 bags of clothes that they will take to one of these "cash for clothes" places
They also have a few donations to come in from people who got things before the shop actually opened
Not a bad "haul" from a load of cast off clothes, books, toys, games and other peoples general junk!!!!!

That`s it for today
Thank you for taking time to pop in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

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  1. Gorgeous selection of cards Patricia love white on white and you've used some fabulous dies


  2. Hi Patricia

    Fabulous white on white creations. They all look gorgeous.

    Hope you find time to draw breath!! You sound super busy!

    Love Jules xx

  3. Patricia, Oriel will be thrilled with her gift, these first three are stunning.
    Hazel xxx

  4. Three gorgeous WOW cards Patricia. I love all the designs, so pretty.
    Lorraine x

  5. What a lovely thought Patricia, I am sure your friend will love them I certainly do! Susan x

  6. Oh that will be a great gift. Nothing like cards you have done yourself.

    They are beautiful sweetie. She will adore them and you of course and Thomas. . Be safe .

  7. Your cards are gorgeous Patricia, I really love the elegant design. Such a thoughtful gift for your friend, I am sure she will be thrilled with them.
    Well done to the school for raising so much money.
    I hope you have a good week and find some time to relax.
    hugs Sue xx

  8. Gorgeous cards Patricia. Very classy too. Just remember not to overdo things either. Enjoy your week. Hugs Rita xxx

  9. Love the cards Patricia, I adore white on white, so classy. Well done too on the charity collection. xxx

  10. beautiful cards Patricia, Oriel will love these, bet she will not want to use them!!! lol. too lovely.
    glad you got your card sorted. take it easy this week..

  11. Lovely cards Patricia. A great gift. Hope you enjoy your trip.

  12. Hi Patricia, lovely thoughtful gift for your friend, I'm sure that she will love them, I certainly do, they look stunning.

    Pleased to hear that the repairs to the car were not too deadly, and that there was a terrific amount raised for the charity.
    hope you can manage to take things at a slower pace this week, hugs Kate X

  13. Fabulous white on white Patricia, may favourite.

  14. Hi Patricia
    Always a busy girlie! No wonder you speed about lol !
    These are gorgeous. John inspired me to do a box with a selection of cards a few days ago (still waiting to be photographed) but mine are not elegant like these.
    Hope you get a quieter week chuck.
    Ang x

  15. Think we must have been commenting on each other at the same time. . . . . . . .spooky! x

  16. Morning Patricia, So glad your little car is back to 'full health' now, and didn't cost you too much, MOT's are always a 'nail biter' ha ha.
    WOW, you certainly raised lots of money in the pop up shop, it always amazes me, when we have similar fundraisers at Church, one person's trash is another person's treasure.
    Your 3 cards are beautiful, and Oriel will love them. Bet you are already looking forward to the trip to Ireland, it will be a 'rest' for you.
    We are already on the last day of September, where did that month go !!!! 'tempus fugit' is definitely true. I hope this week is a little more relaxing for you..
    Lots of love from Patricia xx
    PS We had some lovely sunshine yesterday, and we had another fundraiser at Church, 'High Tea', I am soooooo 'caked out' now ha ha, but it was a fantastic afternoon xx

  17. Morning Patricia,
    What a beautiful and thoughtful gift, I'm sure your friend will love them.
    It's amazing what money can be made for other peoples cast offs, bet the school were pleased with the efforts of the volunteers.

  18. Super selection of cards Patricia, I do like white on white..hope you get some more relaxing time! Carole Z X

  19. Hi Patricia,
    fabulous little set of cards. Such a fab idea as a gift for your friend.
    I'm sure she will very much appreciate them. It's always handy to have a box of different occasions cards in store, if you are not a card maker yourself.
    What a fantastic amount raised.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  20. Hi Patricia!
    These are gorgeous! I love the clean and simple style. The embossing folder with the flowers is the one I've got , it's stunning. I can finally use my dies n embossing folders once again. Yipeeee lol.
    Fab trio of cards.
    Hope you have a lovely trip
    Hugs xx

  21. Hi Patricia. I've been taking a look back over your posts and as ever your cards are absolutely beautiful. It still stuns me that you can create them from the contents of your bit box! Hope you have the best time in Northern Ireland. What a perfect gift to take for your friend. You can't go wrong with mainly white and your hosts will be thrilled that you have taken so much time and thought over your gift. To answer your question about gilding wax, it's a tricky thing to use carefully. I would suggest using a small paint brush or even a cotton bud (you can remove a little of the cotton wool to make the head even smaller if needed). If my fingers are involved it is usually my little finger. Hope that helps. Huge hugs to you my crafty friend, Jenny xxx

  22. These are lovely Patricia. I'm sure your friend will just love them. Enjoy your wee break in Ballywalter. Hope the weather shines on you both. x

  23. How adorable! And I also love all the other lovely creations you have made recently! So sorry I missed out on several of your posts, but these past few weeks have been extremely hectic for me (because of the Oktoberfesten). But it's such a nice 'getaway' to visit your blog and enjoy your beautiful creations! So thanks for the wonderful eye candy! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  24. Hi Patricia,
    sorry I have to contact you this way I can't find your email address in my g mail, still not quite used to it yet. It takes a long time to sink in this old brain of mine. lol
    I bought the little stands in the Yankee candle shop. You just have to get hubby to cut away a little part of it for you.
    They were quite cheap just over £4 each. I too have been admiring other peoples and wondered where to get them. So I was so pleased when I went into the shop to buy a candle and wallah there they were.
    If you have any trouble finding them where you live. Let me know and I will get you some.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.