Friday, 6 September 2013

"Another Big Box"

Hello and welcome to my corner of creativity.
Thank you for popping in I really love that come to visit, have a look at the things I do and leave your lovely comments.  Without the participation from you guys out there none of this would be worth while
Oh! My! Goodness! can you believe it is the weekend once again.  I was sure it was only Monday when I went to bed last night.
Do you ever do silly things???
Well here`s one I did yesterday  .....  I think you all know I craft in the kitchen.  John is so very patient and understanding, I really do not like to take a loan of the idyllic situation.  Yesterday I was desperate to get the Big Box I was working on finished I got rather carried away or so I thought!!!!!   I looked up saw the time on the clock, oh! my! goodness! is that time already!!!!   I finished off what I was doing, cleared away all my "stuff" then started to get on with preparing the dinner.  Most of it had been done earlier in the day.  There was just the veg. to cook, set the table,  get everything together in general.  That all done I shouted up to the attic where john was working on some of his trains  ....."dinners ready".   When he came down he looked at me and said " are you hungry this evening?"   Not really but I did not want to delay dinner any longer, I am a bit later than normal.    Well have another look at the clock sweetheart!!!   I had  prepared the dinner 1 hour earlier than usual.  That`s not silly that`s just plain DAFT!!!!
Here is the box I was so engrossed in when I did not read the time right.......

The request for for a pretty box with Pinks, Blues and purples.  The lady was giving it to her friend who did sewing but did not want it to be just a sewing box.  

The lid showing some of the sewing bits.  The whitish Rose is made from a paper Ikea tape measure

And the whole lid
Elaine took it away last night, the lady is coming to the Tearoom for it Saturday.
The three I did last week are all away to their new homes with delighted customers.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate it
Have a wonderful weekend
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

The boxes I use are bought in blank cardboard boxes.
Elaine being Elaine got them at an auction, ended up with a bundle of about 50 so we have a lot to work on.
Hugs xx


  1. This is stunning Patricia. Such a beautiful array of your wonderful flowers and I love all the other details you have added. I am sure the customer is going to thrilled with this.
    I have been known to get the time wrong too when I am busy crafting but it has always been an hour later, luckily my family are very understanding!
    I hope you have a good weekend
    hugs sue xx

  2. Hi Patricia. I have done similar but in the morning. I just love those beautiful boxes. No wonder they are such a hit with Elaines customers. I have to say the box itself is such a lovely shape, and those pretty flowers are simply stunning. Hugs Rita xxxxx

  3. Hi Patricia,
    superb box yet again. Love every bit of it.
    Can I ask are these beautiful boxes already made and you decorate them. Or are the boxes you have made yourself.
    As usual those flowers are stunning and superb.
    Have a wonderful crafty weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Another gorgeous box Patricia and I love the little sewing theme on the top...
    Have a great weekend


  5. Patricia you are the queen of boxes my it.

  6. Another beauty Patricia, loving your flowers and a great idea using a paper tape measure xxxxxx

  7. Gorgeous box with roses to die for Patricia. I think we have all done stupid things when we get involved with things. Have a good day. Christine xx

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  10. Morning Patricia,
    Wow! another beautiful box, wonderful array of flowers and the little sewing effects you have added. Yes I have done silly things like that but in my case its just old age catching up with me.

  11. Good Morning Patricia, gorgeous box, I love your colours and the spray of flowers is so beautiful. The little sewing elements on the lid are so charming, I'm sure the lady will love it, I know I would, hugs Kate x

  12. Morning Patricia, It happens to us all !! ha ha, bet that was a surprise for John too ha ha.
    Your big box is stunning, absolutely stunning, these are my colourways too, I love, love, love, this box, and all the little elements you have used for the 'sewer', really stunning.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  13. Stunning box Patricia, love the sewing embellishments! Susan x

  14. this is stunning. love the embellishments. fab colours x so professional x

  15. Good afternoon Patricia
    Another stunning box. Im glad you explained they're cardboard as they looked a similar shape to a certain brand of ice cream in a plastic tub. Mind you, I suppose I could give the plastic a try.
    You're a generous lady if you let John have custody of the attic whilst you craft in the kitchen. Having said that, my kitchen is about 6 times larger than my craft(box) room so maybe Im missing a trick.
    We all make mistakes.
    Best wishes
    Ang x

  16. What can i say. Another fabulous stunning box. You must be in demand with these as they are just beautiful! love how you decorate them and the shape.
    Have a lovely weekend
    hugs xx

  17. This is stunning Patricia, you have decorated it (as always) beautiful and I love the colours..beautful, Carole Z X

  18. Firstly thanks for checking up on me sweetheart. You are so kind. Secondly LOVE that box, and I bet your customer is going to be thrilled. You got it spot on for the requirements and made it look so beautiful. Well done Elaine for getting 50 of them - I suspect you will sell the lot before too long. Hugs, Jenny x

  19. So pretty with the abundance of flowers embellishing the top.

  20. gorgeous box Patricia, love your flower decoration, great idea sewing embellishments.

  21. Wow Patricia, its so beautiful, I have been out and bought some little wooden boxes and I'm going to have a go at decorating them, thank you for the inspiration.

    Helen xxx

    Ps took your advice and removed the comment verification.

  22. Stunning box...I adore your flowers Patricia & wonderful embellishments...Have a happy Sunday... Hugs May x x x

  23. Truly beautiful Patricia WOW!
    John x

  24. YEP I can do daft things too and I often do, you are not alone LOL Gorgeous box Patricia, I love the finished look, all those pretty flowers and so well placed. Have a great week ! Gay x

  25. oh I love your boxes on top decorated sides and front .Do you put silk inside or cloth inside the boxes? Or just leave box as is inside?

    I took a turtle box and I just decorated inside and out first time in my life.

    Maybe I told you on on of your blogs.
    Not that easy as I got so fussy then continued to do inside and all the cornors and the backs inside. Nook and Cranny. She loved it though. Time I was finished I surprised myself but I won't do it again.

    My friend buys boxes already from Micheals or thrift shops and just decorates them outside and all outside. Nothing in.

    That would be much easier as the work on the box is more a delight of art on outside and time does not fly as much when you do not doing inside.

    Of course when I do anything. I have learned now to prepare my embellishments ahead. Scraps all cut ahead of time. Then just have to asemble and glue with glue gun or whaever I use.
    That is just me.

    I try to really think ahead/ If one dont two hours go to supper time.

  26. Eeeeeee what are you like, so funny!!!!
    This is so beautiful Patricia, proper work of art!
    Debbie x