Monday, 2 September 2013

"Happy Birthday Thomas"

Hello and welcome to my little space in the world of Blogging.
 For anyone who has popped in for the first time, I hope you like what you see and come back again for another look sometime soon.   If you have time please leave a comment so I know you called.  
For all my faithful followers I would like to say a big Thank You for all the support you have given me.  Without your visits and comments none of this would be worth while.
Housework day here today, it is so much easier when the sun is shining.  Up early got lots done,  washing out, all before breakfast.  Then I had to pop into the clinic where Hazel`s daughter is based on a Monday, to get her to deal with my BIG toes.  Every now and again I need Gillian to cut the nails on big toes.   My left one gives me a few problems, dropping the Base Plate for my Cuttlebug on it did not help.  All sorted, I can skip about again.   
Today I am showing you the card I made for Thomas.  I always like to do something different for the boys.  Thomas is very much into Tractors and Farm Machinery which I have used in the past.  I felt he is getting a bit too old for that now so went for the music he got an MP4 player!!!!
Don`t know how many of these we have bought him.  He keeps putting them in his jeans pocket and they end up going through the washing machine.

Base card is approx 4 x 6
A piece of music paper......goodness knows what the music is, I don`t read music.  That often worries me when I use music paper for cards
Black card 
I had a pair of earphones that did not work, I used some of the cable.  I used a bit that still had the little label on.  I made earpieces using buttons
Cut a circle using SB Classic Circles, added a few pen marks to represent selection button, volume etc:- I also added a SU embellishment for the on/off button
Computer generated greeting 
Thomas was thrilled, great idea Granny, I really like it.  Next time you could do an iPad with the picture of a Tractor and Trailer on the screen ......... and I thought he was passed that stage. 
That`s it for today, off to finish another Big Box for tomorrow.
Thank you so much for calling in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx


  1. Fabulous creation Patricia. Is there no end to your talent. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Hi Patricia
    What a super card! Genius! I think the music is Flower of Scotland lol!
    The person doing Thomas' washing is naughty for not checking his pockets. Not a mistake I make with a Hubby who leaves sweets and pens in his pockets. . . . . never any money though hahaha!
    Take care.
    Ang x

  3. This is wonderful Patricia, such a fabulous design and I love how you have personalised it, makes it extra special I think.
    Glad your got your toe nails sorted!
    Sue xx

  4. Fabulous card Patricia and such a great idea ideal for teenagers


  5. Luv it xx what a fab idea - you are soooo clever xx I'm not surprised that Thomas was thrilled with it xx GailT xx

  6. Such a great card idea for young boys and teens, Patricia. LOVE IT! And more importantly so did Thomas xx

  7. Great idea Patricia, very inventive. Boys being boys they hate change. Next year tractors will be old hat.

    Wilma x x x

  8. I always have to check John's pockets before washing - particularly his work overalls and work jeans. He's worse than a child! I once missed a huge piece of chalk that he uses for marking the length of logs before cutting - yuk! He was not popular. But back to your card.. It's a great idea for this card. Kids are amazing aren't they? Sometimes they seem so grown up and yet in a flash they revert to being very child-like. They grew up too soon anyway!! Love from Christine xx

  9. How lovely Thomas sounds as though he will be hard to please always wanting more! LOL! But great that he thought how you could have improved upon what you did! Active little mind hasn't he? Maybe you should get him designing with you??

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  10. A fabulous personalised card Patricia. Love the colours and design.
    Lorraine x

  11. Morning Patricia, Genius !!, your card is genius !! No wonder Thomas loved it, and he's even put in his order for his next Birthday ha ha.
    So glad you got your feet done, and can now 'skip' about.
    Have a lovely day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  12. Morning Patricia,
    What a clever idea, very inventive of you. Love it.

  13. Great card Patricia - just perfect for Thomas. No wonder he loved it.

  14. Great MP4 player Patricia, I'm sure Thomas loved it. As for the card borrow away. There are another couple of nice shaped style cards at the link I gave yesterday too.
    Happy crafting, hugs Erika.

  15. Fab card Patricia, you have a very imaginative mind to come up with this idea. No wonder Thomas loved it, but I'm laughing at him putting in his order for next year, colould it also be a hint for an IPad! Hugs Kate x

  16. Super card Patricia, great use of the headphone wire. Happy Birthday to Thomas. xx Flora

  17. Hi Patricia, I love this... whar a fab idea for a boy card... Very clever! Carole Z xx

  18. What a great card for a young boy Patricia. And how helpful of him to give you and idea for the next one.

    I've just had a look back at your recent lovely projects. I've been such a bad blogger recently, I never seem to have time to do much visiting!

    Kat xx

  19. brilliant idea Patricia, this card look fabulous, no wonder he loved it.

  20. Oh Wow what a fantastic idea! I love it!
    Debbie xxx