Tuesday, 29 October 2013

"Origami Boxes"

Hello and welcome to this little corner of Blogland.  There is a BIG world of Blogging and wonderful Crafty talent out there.
Thank you all for calling round and leaving all your lovely comments.  I read each and every one.
We have had the most beautiful sunny day here today.  Cold, but who cares the sun was shining.
It was also Card Class day today.  Went very well, Elaine had organised an Iris Folding Christmas Bauble Card.   Glad it was her and not me.  I am really not into Iris Folding, really do not see the reason for it.  Tell you what, it kept them very quite for a while.  My project was using pre-coloured LOTV images from one of their Christmas Pads.  They were glad of that one after the epic of the Iris Folding.  Asked what they would like us to prepare for them the next time  ..  more Christmas Cards, Aaahh!!!!  You can get rather sick of making up kits for Christmas Cards.......when will it all be over???? 
My projects over the weekend when I managed to grab some time was making things for our table at the Christmas Fair at the Tearoom 17th November.  I know it seems ages away, the way time is flying by it will be here before we know it.  Hazel and I are away for a few days next weekend.  The next week the boys will be with us Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday while mummy and daddy go to Buckingham Palace.

 Here are 3 Boxes I made
They are made from various papers/card I already had in stock
The Tutorial for these boxes can be found over at  http://www.card-making-magic.com/
Click on the Video Tutorials, it is almost at the bottom of the Left Hand column under "Origami Box"
Once you have done one you are off and running, I love making them.  Most all I love the decoratingof the lids.
My usual.......Roses......made using SB Blossom Five Die.  Leaves SB Foliage Die
I try to make matching roses from the same card/paper as the box which means you need 2 sheets of 12x12 the same.  
Ribbon, lace, pearls and buttons all from my stash.

Nattyboots....Elaine  you will find my Tutorial for making Roses if you scroll back to 7th November 2012.  The one thing I would say to people is you must use good quality card/paper 160gsm absolute min weight.  You must also really mash the paper/card on your soft embossing/piercing mat with a large head Ball Tool. This makes them so much easier to manipulate

That`s it for today 
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx

Patricia Haworth.....I is a good job you do not live here at my house.  I am totally surrounded by "piles" and I mean "piles" of fallen leaves.  They are all over the decking/patios/drive and garden in general.

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  1. Your boxes are fabulous Patricia. I made lots since last Christmas when you first told us about them and they come in so handy for last minute gifts. Need to do some for Carolyn to sell at her craft fair. Did you make the little stands too. I'm so fed up gathering leaves too, but I love the trees and it's nature's way of making room for the new ones next year. Your classes certainly sound like fun. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. these are fantastic box`s Patricia, love all the pretty papers and beautiful flowers, must have a go when I have the time.
    glad you enjoyed your class today.

  3. Hi Patricia
    Glad you're still enjoying the classes. I love making these boxes. They're very addictive.
    We have a leaf vacuum but it sounds like a Boeing 747 preparing for take off so I don't like using it, unlike Mr Duck. . . . Men and noisy powertools eh?
    Ang x

  4. Beautiful boxes Patricia! I will have to go to your rose tutorial. Your roses look so much better than mine! Have a great day.

  5. ...ganz allerliebst schauen deine böxlein aus, liebe patricia....so viele liebevolle details....
    liebe grüsse...

  6. These are beautiful Patricia! I am about to scream with frustration now I see another one of your beautiful roses. I have had another go and now I look at my sorry attempt on the work bench I wonder why I bother! I only have Rose Creations maybe I need to try Blossom Five but I think it is maybe a case of a poor worker blaming his tools!! Susan xx

  7. Beautiful boxes as ever Patricia. These will fly off the shelves as ever I expect. It will be Christmas cards all the way now I would imagine too, so be prepared! Have a great time with the boys. Hugs, Jenny x

  8. Morning Patricia, Glad you had some sun yesterday, we had rain, rain, and more rain, and it was coming down in 'stair-rods' fashion, the front garden is waterlogged, but my heart goes out to the people who had the destructive storms. I had to chuckle at your comment about the leaves, I don't mind brushing and picking up when they are 'dry' but when they're wet it is a nightmare, if Ihad the 'piles' of leaves that you have, I would have to go to 'rehab' ha ha ha.
    Your beautiful gift boxes are stunning, I really must give these a try, they look fabulous and would be ideal for my Church's Christmas Fayre.
    At present I'm doing lots and lots of little Christmas cards that only include stamping and glittering (Card-io inspired ) and they are so effective and don't take much time to do, then matt and layer and onto the card base, voila, done. Next I'm going to try some of these gift boxes.
    Have a lovely day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx
    Lots of love from Patricia

  9. Sorry, for the 'War and Peace' epic, and also the double sentiment ha ha xx

  10. Morning Patricia. I recently made the base of my first origami box after seeing it on your blog and now have the lid decorating to do. I also showed my 8 yr old daughter how to make one out of copier paper first and she had no trouble and wants to make a 'proper one'. As she got on well with it, I would also like to make these with my Brownie pack for fundraising - (the lovely Christine Harrop has already given me two tutorials for other shaped boxes) but I have no idea how much to charge for them. We will be selling them at church - could you please suggest a price for me, bearing in mind that they won't be quite as beautiful as yours!?

  11. Morning Patricia,
    Beautiful boxes, how many do you think you have made, bet it's loads.
    Sounds like the ladies are enjoying the classes.

  12. Wow and Wow again ,i am in awe of these beautiful boxes and will be having a go , Thank you for the Tutorial link i will look at it later and digest it , you have already given me good advice with the paper / card weight who knows Patricia i may end up with a perfect flower .
    Leaves gosh ,we have a small forest behind us with large acorn trees ,my poor Husband has filled 5 barrow loads of acorns and fallen leaves so far ,and with the wind they are still falling and the trees still look full of leaves lol .
    Have a good day
    Elaine H X

  13. Your boxes really are stunning Patricia, The papers are so pretty and I never tire of seeing your stunning flowers. I have them on my list of things to make, trouble is my list is never-ending!
    hugs Sue xx

  14. Hi Patricia,

    Stunning boxes, they are all really lovely, the flowers are gorgeous too, Just beautiful. You must have loads of patience to keep doing all these and I am sure they are all appreciated.
    Nov 17th not too far away the time does creep up.

    Enjoy your week with your boys and I hope your family enjoy Buckingham Palace.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  15. I love these boxes Patricia you've embellished them beuatifully...


  16. Hi Patricia, beautiful boxes, I do love that box shape. I have a Christmas card class coming up too, not looking forwards to cutting out either! LOL.
    I'll let you into a secret too......I don't do Iris folding either!
    Happy crafting and enjoy your SU event......x...you'll get hooked!
    Hugs Erika.

  17. Hello Patricia, your boxes are stunning, and all so different, and of course your flowers are just gorgeous. I've never thought of doing these sorts of projects, but i must give it a go.
    Pleased to hear your class was good, and Buck Hoose? what's happening there? Hugs Kate x

  18. Hi Patricia,
    what superb origami boxes. Love the card you have used on these gems of creations, and of course you roses.
    I did notice some time back when you showed us pics of your outlook from your garden that there were a great many trees around.
    So poor you for having to clean all those leaves up.
    We have 3 cherry trees over the fence next door and in the spring after they have flowered it looks like it's been snowing in our garden.
    Lots of love. Jenny L.

  19. Hi Patricia, your boxes are gorgeous as ever, will have to have a try for our church's Christmas Fayre. I have just spent part of the morning cutting out our halloween pumpkin, and then making soup with the innards! Take care.

  20. Absolutely gorgeous boxes and fab for putting 'ickle' gifts in for people - luv them xx but then I luv everything you do xx GailT xx

  21. Big sister your boxes are making mine look very plain, but I love what you have done with them, must get making roses again.

    Hazel xxx

  22. Absolutely gorgeous Origami boxes, I am just all thumbs when it comes to folding anything but you have inspired me.

    Hugs Diane

  23. Wow Patricia!
    These are just stunning!
    you really must make the best origami boxes in blogland!
    I love the colors and all the details!
    Hugs xx

  24. I am surrounded by various boxes at the moment. Strangely even though these look so complicated I think they are so easy that like you I make lots. They look so different depending on how they are decorated. These are gorgeous. Love Christine xx

  25. A beautiful selection of boxes Patricia, and all so pretty.
    Lorraine x

  26. A trio of gorgeous boxes Patricia. The weather has been quite nice here too although we had heavy rain earlier this evening. Carol x