Friday, 11 October 2013

"The view from my window"

Hello Blog friends that`s me back.
Thank you for popping by, I love that you keep coming back to see what I have been up to.
No card today, Thomas and I are still working on a "Thank You" card for Oriel.  Not hat he needs to thank her he never got there!!!!  Thomas has been Air Travelling since he was 9 months old, they both have.  They have been to the States twice a year till they went to school, plus other trips including Turkey to visit us, and holidays with us.   Now they normally go to the States in October however they were there for 3 weeks of their Summer Break from school.  We as a family do a lot of travelling together all 6 of us.  This would have been the first time other than days away in the car or on the train, again it is usually Thomas, Robert with either me, John or both of us.  Poor Thomas took a panic attack on Monday evening here in our house.  He was worried about going away without either his mum or dad.   We tried to reassure him, but he would not be convinced that his mum and dad would be nearer in Belfast that they will be when they go down to London in November.  He went home to sleep on it.  However I think John and Audrey might have been pressurising him just a bit too much.  He came on the phone Tuesday morning crying his wee heart out saying he could not manage to come.  Last thing he said to me on the phone was "Granny you WILL still love me"  well you can imagine that was me in tears, not that he was not coming, but the thought that I had upset him so much.  We tend to forget that he has just turned 9, is very tall and very clever, we do expect a lot from him.
He did come to the Airport with John to pick me up, Oh! Wow! you would have thought I had been away for 3 months rather than 3 days.  He came home with us for tea, set the table, helped make the tea, cleared the table, stacked the dishwasher.  He asked if we were Best Buddies again, told him we had not been anything else but.  He went off home happy as Larry, had to get back again today.  I am sure it was just to check that we really were.

Just thought I would let you see the wonderful view from my bedroom window at Oriel`s.  Some of their 280 Dairy cows wondering about in the field.  In the distance on the horizon is a Ferry Boat beyond that is the west cost of Scotland at Port Patrick.  
I had a great 3 days with great weather and walks a long the beautiful beach at Ballywalter.
We did do a little shopping on Wednesday had lunch out, other than that it was just a great catch up.

I have had to leave the card for today.  Thomas will be back tomorrow to finish off adding flowers.  For me there are enough on already.  You know what kids are like when the see a box of anything they need to add most of it to what they are creating.
That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till Next time

Patricia   xxx

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  1. Hello Patricia, pleased you had a lovely time with your friend, and a great catch up. I was reading your email earlier on and was going to respond, still will.
    Poor Thomas, and poor you, I was just about in tears reading it. You see he's just still a wee boy, and he somehow had got a wee niggle in his head about going, but alls well that ends well and your still beat buddies, hugs Kate x

  2. Hello Patricia, glad you had a lovely break, what a shame Thomas wasn't able to go but pleny of chances in the future. Hope you get more time to relax. xx Flora

  3. Glad you had a lovely time Patricia, love the photo.

    Donna x

  4. Hi Patricia. Like Kate, the tears just filled my eyes after reading your email. I'm sure there will be lots more visits and lots more fun as he gets older. Molly can be very much like Thomas and she is 11. What a gorgeous view and I'm so glad you enjoyed your time with Oriel. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Awwww poor Thomas! I am sure there will plenty more opportunities in the future.
    Glad you had a good time, what a stunning view.
    hugs Sue xx

  6. This picture is fantastic, love the view from your window!!!!

  7. glad you had a lovely time Patricia, your photos look beautiful, what a place.
    shame about Thomas, you never know what is going though there mind.

  8. Poor Thomas Bless him Like you say he is only 9 years old...maybe next time he will make the trip... The view is Beautiful... so glad you had a super time... Hugs May x x x

  9. Hi Patricia,

    Glad you had a lovely time, view looks gorgeous.

    Sorry to hear Tommy was upset.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. An early good morning Patricia.
    Definitely a room with a view you had there.
    Poor Thomas and poor you worrying about him but all came good in the end.
    Back to Formula One qualifying!
    Ang x

  11. Morning Patricia,
    Oh dear, kids can get things into the minds and it's a job to reassure them, never mind I'm sure he will take trips with you in the future. Pleased you had a great time, and the view is stunning.

  12. We do put pressure on our kids these days. My son Thomas is 8 and I sometimes treat him as though he is much older. Then he does many more grown up things now than I did at his age!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lorraine x

  13. Thomas sounds like a lovely wee chap, they do know how to pull on those heart strings, bless. My wee chap had a similar incident recently at the theatre as he didn't like how high up we were.
    The photo of Ireland looks fab, lush and green. Hope you had a super time.
    Hugs Erika.