Sunday, 10 November 2013

"My Haul from the NEC"

Hello and welcome fellow Bloggers and visitors, hope you are all well.  If not I send you some ((((hugs)))) in hope that might help.
Hazel, Kate, Elaine and my self had an absolute "Ball" over the weekend.  Travel arrangements went off to a T.  We met up with the lovely Christine Harrop, and wonderful Ang AKA Mrs Duck on Thursday evening for a meal.  I think the waiter could guess we might be a little "loud" he settled us in a far corner "The Naughty Corner" well he called it that anyway.......really do not know why!!!!
We had a fantastic evening, all ending far too quickly.  We were a "little" bit loud but there was a group of ladies far louder than us  ...  well we thought they were louder!!!!
The NEC was a great experience, lots bigger than Glasgow, far more bargains and a much bigger "buzz"   We were very restriced as to what we could buy.  We canny Scots got cheap flights and went for just "Cabin Baggage" which was free up to 10 kilos.  Thank goodness they did not weigh the bags coming home......................enough said.  The down side of that was they were rather heavy to lift into the overhead baggage compartments and no strong men came to our aid...........where were they all when we needed them????  I had to help Elaine who is petite, I had 2 bags to lift and handle. Kate and Hazel seemed to manage themselves................maybe they did buy so much.   Oh! yes! they! did!  We saw Kate off on the bus to Inverness.  Poor Kate still had a 2 hour journey up through the snow covered mountains before she got home.  Kate did get there she text to tell me.  All home safe after a great weekend.
Hazel suggested that we might try for Ally Pally next year.  We all said that would be good, we will see.  Hazel and I have started saving for that by putting what money we had left aside and earmarked it "Ally Pally"................Yes!! we had money left.  If we had had bigger bags no chance.  If we do go to Ally Pally we will go on the train....................................!!

 Here is my haul from the trip.  There are few Dies there that you cant see, just a few really
I bought the cotton yarn to make a lacy shawl.  I will get it started when I wind the blooming stuff into balls.  Gosh how long is it since I had to wind yarn??
I bought the Giftware CD with intentions of making some "Bags & Boxes" for the Craft Fair at the Tearoom next Sunday.  Goodness knows when I will have time.  
We have the boys for 3 days, they will be at school but we will then we will be Clock Watching and Feeding!!!!  John and Audrey are off down to London to visit the Queen.   John Jnr is being awarded his OBE on Tuesday morning.  
He is very pleased he is getting it this Memorial Weekend.  His Grandfather he never knew but heard plenty about (hubby John`s dad) was killed in a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp.   He is dedicating the award to him.  Without him he would never have been born and done the things he has managed to do.  OH John was born, his father knew he had a son but did not survive to ever see him.
If I am not around for a few days you know the reason why.
I will get round you all as soon as I can, please do keep in touch. I will be looking in on you just wont have the time to sit and catch up with the commenting bit.
I am going to try and play with some of my goodies later today.  Apart from the washing which there was not that much of,  the house was "gleaming bright" when I got home.  So nothing much to do today apart from make the dinner and prepare myself for the boys coming.

That`s it for now.  Thank you for calling by I really appreciate that.
Till I get round you all

Patricia  xxx

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  1. Good Morning Patricia, sitting here eating my porriage, and thinking how I can catch up on all these blogs!!
    I'm hoping to play a bit today too, my haul is on the table not photographed yet, your very quick off the mark with yours.

    Great couple of days!! hugs Kate x

  2. Morning Patricia, So glad you all had a fabulous time, I knew you would, and your shopping 'treasures' look yummy. Ally Pally next year, you will love that too.
    We had a great day at the Christmas Fayre yesterday, sold lots of 'tat' on my bric-a-brac stall, it was rather 'manic' at times ha ha, Graham was on the 'bottle' stall and they were all run off their feet, I went to look at the baking stall in the afternoon to see if any of my cakes were still there and I was going to buy one back, but they had sold everything on their stall apart from some Christmas biscuits, all in all the day was very good for the Church Funds
    We are both shattered today after the setup on Friday and the actual Fayre and pack up yesterday.
    We have our Remembrance Day Service today, which will be quite emotional.
    Have a great day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  3. Glad you had a fantastic time and managed to get your crafty buys on the plane ok! Do try Ally Pally next year..I used ti go to the NEC, but Tom and I tried Ally Pally 3 years ago for a change and a weekend in London and have been doing that ever's a fab show, Sue Wilson and the rest of the Creative Expressions team are always there as it's really their show, hugs Carole Z X

  4. Hi Patricia - thanks so much for all your visits to my blog - finally got chance to pop over here and press the follow button so will be visiting you too now! Looks like a fab stash - wonderful - have fun playing xx

  5. Hi Patricia
    Im so pleased you had a good time , i can just imagine you and Mrs Duck laughing and a clacking with the gang ,but as you say, " you were not the loudest " ??? Ahem enough said i believe you ...

    All your goodies look nice , and yes it has been a long time since i had to wind wool too.
    Isnt it lovely when you can go away and come back to the house as you have left it ?

    Have a lovely week with your grandchildren ,Take Care
    Elaine H X

  6. Hi Patricia,

    Sound like you had a fabulous time, and all those lovely new goodies to play with lol!

    WOW! you must be a very Proud Mom with John Jnr getting the OBE, shame you could not be there yourself. Is your Son in the armed forces? Sorry don't know much about folk on here yet, tell me to mind my own business if I am prying.

    Have a great week all be it a busy one by the sounds of it.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. Hello Patricia. So glad you enjoyed the NEC. That's something I've never done. I bet you all had great time especially meeting other bloggers and putting a face to names. Lovely goodies to play with with when you get time. I do like the sound of the gifts CD. I am all set to watch the Remembrance day service and will be thinking of John and the brave men who lost their lives. It will be a proud day for you all on Tuesday when your son receives his OBE. Love and Hugs Rita xxx

  8. Morning Patricia, sounds like you had a fantastic time, and goodies to play with! You must be extra proud of your son. Take care.

  9. I am really so pleased that you all had such a wonderful time, it sounds perfect to me and now you have lots of new goodies to play with too.
    It sounds like you have a busy few days ahead, You must feel SO proud of John and I think it's so special that he is dedicating his award to his Grandfather.
    Take care
    hugs Sue

  10. Hi Patricia,

    Went to the NEC yesterday, what a crowd. It was absolutely packed, which in one way was good, if you cant see what is on the stalls, you cant buy!!! Having said that, we struggled on the train with all our bags.

    Have a lovely week with family, and especially on Tuesday.

    Much love,

    Shirley T. xxx

  11. So pleased to hear that you all had such a lovely fun time, Patricia. Hubby offered to take me, but I didn't feel up to it. I may go to the Harrogate show in springtime.
    You look to have picked up a fabulous haul of goodies.....which I know you will have fun playing with!
    You must feel so proud of your lovely son xx

  12. Hi Patricia,
    so glad you had a great time. It sounds as if you did. Love your goodies they look very interesting. Good luck with the shawl it looks a fab colour.
    Have a wonderful crafty Sunday with your goodies.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  13. You must be so proud Patricia, I hope he really enjoys the experience. I am so impressed at your restraint but love the things you bought, the colour of the yarn is gorgeous. Having attended both the NEC and Ally Pally I would always choose Ally Pally even though it is so much further away, it is a lovely venue. Hugs, Anne x

  14. PS, meant to say thank you so much for your well wishes, I think I am improving day by day. A x

  15. Hi Patricia,

    Thank you for your lovely comments.

    You must be a very proud Mom. I admire all Firefighters and the work they do. very special men and a well deserved honour I am sure.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  16. Your haul looks interesting and note you have a Memory Box die - I now have four of these dies and absolutely love them. Your shawl sounds lovely and can't wait to see a piccy she it's complete xx GailT xx

  17. Wonderful haul bet you will have lots of pleasure with all the goodies. So pleased you all enjoyed Birmingham, so upset I could not go, maybe next time.

    Wilma x x x

  18. Sorry forgot to say you must be so proud of your son being honoured in this way.

    Wilma x x

  19. Great stash there Patricia. Wish I'd seen that Giftware CD too! I bought a Dreamees "Templates And More CD" at the National Motorcycle museum a couple of months ago. Must get round to trying something. The first time I went to the NEC was with a friend - on a Sturday! Never again!!!!!!!! You could barely breathe and a real fight to get close to the stalls. That's why I like going on Day 1. By the way, I've tried a piece of my tablet - absolutely scrummy! Thank you so much. I am now going to try and search your block because if I remember correctly you posted the recipe last year. Love and hugs Christine xx

  20. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Lots of lovely crafty stash too - can't wait to see what you make.
    Lorraine x

  21. Looks like you had a fabulous time Patricia. I can remember having to hold my arms out for my mother to wind her yarn round them! Susan xx

  22. Hi Patricia, so glad you had a fabulous time NEC, sounds to packed for me.
    plenty of goodies for you to play with!!!.
    you must be so proud of your Son, to receive this award.

  23. Hi Patricia
    Finally made it. What fun we had Thursday evening eh? It was terrific fun.
    Wow, well done to John Jnr. You must be very proud parents. What a shame you couldnt go too. Hope you have stocked up on milk and goodies for those two boys.
    Congratulations to the family again.
    Ang x

  24. Hello Patricia, looks like you had a wonderful time and brought back lots of goodies.

    Hugs Diane

  25. Hi Patricia sounds like you had a great time at the NEC, I've somehow managed to miss the shows for the past couple of years. It gets soooo busy there but great to see so many lovely things to tempt me !

    Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my stampinggrandma blog, I really appreciate all my lovely visitors !


  26. Hi Patricia,
    How wonderful for your son, you must be very proud parents. Love your bounty for the NEC, and sounds like you had a blast.

  27. Oooo! Enjoy using all your new stash. Kim

  28. Great stash Patricia, sounds like you had a lovely time hun.

    Donna x

  29. Hi Patricia

    A proud morning this morning then!! How special!!

    I have been reading about your NEC trip on various blogs .. .. sounds like it was a really good time.

    Lots of lovely crafty purchases too. Well done on bringing some pennies home!

    Sounds like you have a busy week ahead. Have fun!

    Love Jules xx

  30. Ooooo such a haul of mighty fine crafting products, have fun with them.
    Congratulations to John Jnr too you must be very proud!
    Hugs Erika.

  31. You managed to grab a good haul on your fun outing. I could tell from reading at some other blogs that you had a fab time, and it's so much more enjoyable when you can go with like-minded friends. Either encouraging a lot of 'enablement', or reigning in the madness (which doesn't happen with my friends & me! We just enable and say "Oh we'll share that"). Congratulations on your marvelous occasion...I can only imagine the thrill & wonder that must involve. The notification of the award, and then - to actually BE there! Oh my goodness. TFS that with us, and so happy you had a grand time with the ladies. Have a wonderful wkend.