Friday, 11 January 2013

"Last nights work"

Hello there Blog friends, how are you all??  Thank you for calling by I really love having you here in my little corner of Blogland.
Well its the weekend once again, I hope you all have a very good one.

We have the boys here tonight and tomorrow till Mummy and Daddy come for them.  Daddy goes to his Glasgow office every Friday, Mummy went through on a later train to meet up.   They have a dinner to go to tonight.   However we will have good fun here, got the supplies in, plenty of Milk that is the number one priority..

My Friend Elaine comes every Thursday evening supposedly to "Craft" we normally do more chatting than crafting to the extent no crafting is really ever done.  However these past few weeks we have been busy.  I text Elaine in the morning to ask if there is anything in particular she would like to create in the evening.   Her reply to me yesterday was "Mayhem would be good" .............. that is a typical Elaine answer.  She should know by now that "Mayhem" often happens in the house.  The family moto here is:- "Come to Duffy`s if your nerves can stand it" 
The cat is out of the bag............ now you all know this is a bit of a "Mad House"

Here is what we were up to last night, making Gift Bags.   They are not finished but for my regular followers you know once finished they can look really good, embellished with flowers and leaves.    Looking at these I think with just ribbon round the handles they could look OK.   Normally they have flowers, we did cut out all the flower pieces.   We managed a few flowers, Elaine took the rest home with her to make up.  I bet she brings most of them back next week for me to do.  She says she is not as good as me at making them, what she really means is she does not have the time.  She is a very, very busy lady who runs herself ragged at her family`s beck and call.  She always says her Thursday evenings at our house is the only "sanity" in her week.  Now if our house is sometimes "Mayhem"  you can imagine what her`s is like................................!!!

Each bag uses 2 matching sheets of double sided 12 x 12 card
I like to use 12 x 12 or else 3 sheets of A4 this gives plenty for making the flowers to decorate
Each bag is cut using the biggest Die from Spellbinder Grand Labels 1
Handles cut using largest from Spellbinder Classic Circles Die set
Flowers that Elaine will make up were cut using Spellbinder Blossom Five Dies.

For anyone who has not seen these bags before, scroll back to my post on 20th November 2012 you will see a bag with the flowers embellishments to get a better idea of the finished product.

That`s it for today
Have a fantastic weekend, thank you for taking time to pop in I really appreciate it

Patricia  xx

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

"You are on my mind"

Hello, how are you all today??  Thank you for calling in and also for all the lovely comments you have been leaving.
This picture is a little out of Focus but it is the best of a "bad bunch" goodness knows what I had been drinking when I took them!!!   I don`t drink Alcohol, our Water out here in the country must be really strong!!!!!

Today`s card was made the day I made the card for Pearl.  I used the same stamps I used on hers.
Have popped this one in my "Keep" box, I felt the sentiment was OK  for a Birthday Card.

I shaped the bottom edge of the card using that unknown Labels Die I also used on Pearl`s card
Pink card from stock
Paper is My Minds Eye cut to match the bottom of the card
A Just Rite stamp
Another Spellbinder Die I don`t know the name of stamped with a Just Rite Sentiment
Triple bow using Pink American Seam Binding 
Little button to finish off

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping by I really appreciate your visit

Patricia  x

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

"Back to the Boxes"

Hello friends, hope you are all well.  There are so many flu type bugs going about, the funny weather does not help in my opinion.   
Thank you for calling by today really glad you came to visit.

Hazel and I met up in Perth today, we had a good old face to face chat.  We chat every day on the telephone but it is so much better seeing each other.
We are seriously looking into going to the NEC Birmingham in November.  We usually go to SECC Glasgow, we will give that a miss and save out pennies for Birmingham.

I gave a few of my friends and neighbours this style of box filled with Hand Made Sweets for Christmas.  I got a call yesterday from one of the people who received one.   She loved hers and was tempted to use the box as a gift for a friend, thought about it and really did not want to part with her box.  Could I please make one she could give to her friend.
This is the one I made

You can see the Tutorial over at if you click onto Tutorials, scroll right down to the bottom it is there "Origami Box".  Once you have done one they are very easy.

I used Tilda Flower Garden and Autumn Lilac Paper stacks to make mine
These papers are a perfect weight for this project
Roses made using Spellbinder Blossom Five Dies
Butterflies Spellbinder Les Papillons Dies
Foliage a Crealies Die from Joanna Sheen
Lace, Pearls and Ribbon from my stash

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping in I really appreciate it


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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

"A Tag Card"

Hello Blog friends, can you believe that`s the first week of the New Year gone already!!!
I am so glad you decided to stop by my little creative corner.  I love to share and I hope you get some inspiration .  

New Years Resolution.................Try New Things.................... so here goes.
I have made a few Tag Cards in the past but none with heat embossing.  This is my first "try new thing"   Done a little heat embossing in the past, have all the gear, it is not a thing I enjoy doing or would be in any hurry to do.  I just love when I visit Buttons ( and look at all her stunning work.  Way out of my comfort zone but she produces absolutely fabulous creations. 

 Basic pink tag is approx 4 x 6
I rubbed round the edges with my Versamark Ink Pad, covered that in gold embossing powder.
I used Sheena Douglas Butterfly and Rose Leave stamps I had and embossed them
Used a panel of Kraft card also embossed
Computer generated verse which I believe is so true
Spellbinder Delicate daisies and their foliage
I mounted the whole thing onto Kraft Card.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by,  great to have you here.
I really appreciate you taking time to come and have a look


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Monday, 7 January 2013

"Think this could be my Favourite"

Hello friends,thank you for calling in today.   I love to have you come and visit my little corner of Blogland.
I have noticed a few of you showing your favourite card for 2012.
You know what they say!......No show without Punch!!  
After a long trawl, I think this would be mine.  I showed it back on 14th August 2012 not that long after I started my Blog, it got comments from 3 people.
I think I had 2  followers then now I have 66 ............WOW!!     I can tell you I never for one moment thought I would have so many friends.  I have had so much encouragement, beautiful E-Cards, e-mails and unexpected little gifts, I treasure each and every one.  I also treasure your continued encouragement and all your beautiful comments, THANK YOU each and every one of you.   

Gosh! I did not realise how many cards and projects I had managed to get through.  I gave a big box of my cards to the Maggies centre in Dundee to raise money for their funds.  Because they were all very dimensional I had to make loads of boxes.  
I have another lot that I need to get rid of so will have to find out if some other Charity would like them.

That`s it for today
I will be back with some others things I have been working on.
Thank you for popping by I really appreciate it

Patricia  xx

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Sunday, 6 January 2013


Hello Blog friends, I say this almost every day but I am really pleased that you take the time to call in to see what I have been getting up to.
I  was checking statistics on my Blog yesterday.   I see that on average 69 people look in on each Post.   Out of that number approx a third actually leave a message.  Me being rather nosey would love to know who all these other people actually are.  Have any of the rest of you ever wondered about this or is it just me??

Now another question:-  
This is one that Hazel asked ................"Patricia how many of the ladies who comment on your Blog do you think make a point of going to the Hobbycraft Show in Birmingham"???  Either April or November.
The reason for asking is that Hazel and I have been chatting about trying to get to this show.  
Do any of you go to the show and stay over???   If  a few of us were staying over night at the same Hotel we could have a "Bloggers Party" in the evening and meet face to face.
Just a thought let me know.

I have been asked a few times how I tie my bows.  
This is my Bowmaker which I designed myself, that I think is very obvious.  However it works very well.
May 2011 my friend Elaine asked if I would make Bows for the Pew Ends for her daughter wedding.  I tried and tried to find a Bowmaker with "Tall" pegs ............nothing to be found out there.
I mentioned what I wanted to John but he did not have clue what I was talking about.    Out to the garage for a rummage, found some bits and pieces.   Once I explained to John what I wanted he drilled the holes and stuck the "pegs" in.   When done it looked like a bit of wood with bits sticking out......of course I had to decorate it!!!   
Looking back I should have got the holes drilled deeper and more of them.  I could have then moved the pegs to give me many more options.  I could also have had some shorter pegs for narrower ribbon bows.   I just use the top part of the pegs to tie narrower ribbon bows.  You live and learn as they say!!!
So ladies there you go...........................A piece of 2 x 2 and some garden canes and you will have a Bowmaker to make large multi loop bows.  
By the way the pegs on my Bowmaker are 3" I can tie bows using really deep ribbon.
In the end we did not make the bows we found large Pull Up Bows and Oh! Boy! that was so much easier. 
This is the way I tie a multi loop bow:-
Do not cut the ribbon off the spool.
I start by holding the tail of ribbon from the starting end on the outside of a left hand peg.  I go round the back of a right hand peg depending on what size of bow I am making.   Cross to the back of the left peg in a figure of eight.  Do this figure eight for as many loops as you want to make (remember to count as you go).  When you have the number of loops you want drop the right hand end of the ribbon over the top of the loops.   Push the left hand end through under the ribbon loops and tie in the middle of the loops at the back in a "reef knot"
I hope this makes some sense if not I will try to do it in pictures, or else try Youtube.  There must be a Bow Tying Video out there somewhere. 

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it


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