Friday, 8 February 2013

"Gatefold with a Difference"

Hello Blog Fiends, my goodness can you believe it is the weekend AGAIN!!  Last time I looked it was sure is was Monday...................... I am sure it was..............................!!!

Thank you for popping in I love having you here.  Thank you for all your lovely comments I do like to read them all.

Elaine came last night, had floods of tears when she arrived.  By the time she left we had sore sides and jaws with all the laughing.  She made me feel good as she went out the door, she said being with me was the best thing she had done all week.  I thought her dog was a lot older, he was only 21/2, he died from a digestive problem.  They thought he might have chewed and swallowed some pieces of Logo, he was off his food for a couple of days.  Vet said he had been born with this problem and it had taken that length of time to come to light.  Elaine did say a while ago he was a very fussy eater, I joked with her and said he had gone to the right family as they are all VERY fussy eaters.

Today`s card is a bit different,.  I was trawling on YouTube around New Year time and saw a Tutorial for a Gatefold card with this style of closure.  Did try to find it again but no luck, hopeless I am on this blooming computer.   I did see a few Christmas cards with a similar idea, so had to  have a go.

Card ended up approx 6 x 6  
Cream card for one side and White for the other.
Lilac for a contrast
I used Spellbinder Marvelous Squares for all the pieces on the front
The whole set was placed on each of the colours of card and I cut them.
I them took all the individual sections and played till I got a combination that worked
Even the corner bits came from doing this.
Matted the outer frames to the left side, inner frames to the right side so they link together.
Tiny little bit from the very centre is on the left side so it is 3 way link
Attached a swirl of pearls, also some pearls in the corners

Looking at it now I think I should have used better contrasts.  Other than that I am happy with it.
I remember Sue Wilson saying that when you get new Die Sets to cut them all out and "Play" that`s what I did and it works.  
Sue Wilson is to be back on our screens 4th 8th and 17th of March well that`s the plan at the moment.  I love watching Sue demonstrate, for me she has some great idea

That`s it for today
Have a fantastic weekend
Thank you for calling by, I really appreciate it

Patricia   xx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

"Another little Box"

Another day and another box!!   Been a nice bright day if rather cold, I can cope with that,as long as the snow stays away.   Hope the weather and day has been good for you.

Thank you for calling by today, I really enjoy reading all the comments you leave.

I had one of those days today, really could not be bothered doing anything crafty..............lazy or what.
However managed to get myself motivated once all the chores were done and make this little box.
I did think about this the other day and was going to make it and enter it in "In the Pink Challenge"   I had got all the card and paper ready but did not make the box. 

Box approx 3 x 3 x 4
I used Pink card stock to make the basic box.
I embossed some Pink co-ordinations card with Spellbinders Paisley Folder.
Cut some panels and attached them to the sides and top of the box
Sanded it back to distress it a little
Cut and attached some corners which I also sanded
Threaded lace with burgundy organza ribbon and attached  
Die cut a circle for the top of the box
Made a Rose using Spellbinders Blossom Five Die popped that on the top
A pearl on four sides where the corners meet

The challenge for "In The Pink" was to be "Distressed" it is too late for that now.  The only good thing is that actually made something today.

Elaine comes this evening,  Don`t know how she will be her dog died on Monday.  He was only 4 maybe 5 years old, he had been ill on Sunday.   She has not been able to get her head round loosing him so quickly.   No crafting this evening I think I just need to be there for her.

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping in I really appreciate it

Patricia  xx

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

"A Trio of Butterflies"

Hello Blog friends WOW!! was it cold today or what!!!  Weather man said the wind would be coming down from the Artic..................he certainly got that right.   Snow gone from the gardens, roads all clear once again.  Looking out my kitchen window towards the hills the snow there is very thick but it is so beautiful to look out at especially when the sun is shining

Thank you for calling into my little corner of Blogland.   I love to know that you have visited so if you have a few moments to spare please leave a comment.  That way I can also link back to your Blog to see what you get up too.  Thank you to all of you who do leave comments regularly I really enjoy reading them. 

Met Hazel today, had a good chat, we always catch up with anything we have forgotten when we have our evening chat on the phone which can last anything up to an hour.  You will no doubt have gathered we are very close, thank goodness we both have very understanding and tolerant husbands.

Today`s card is more my kind of thing.  Funny no matter how often I say I really do have to get out of my Comfort Zone I am always so happy to get back there.

This tine I remembered to stamp my sentiment on a separate piece of card..........!!!

Base card approx 5 x 7 white Centura Pearl.
White card pierced round the edge
Dark turquoise co-ordinations card
Lighter turquoise co-ordinations card
Spellbinders Les Papillions Two Die for the Butterflies
Stenciled through the lower part of the Butterflies before I removed it from the Die
Sentiment and leaves stamped.
Organza Bow a rescued piece of ribbon from a gift, making a triple loop bow.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate you taking the time to stop and look

Patricia   xx


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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

"On your Bike"

Hello Blog friends, all well I hope and not snowed in!!  Ankle deep here again and still falling in little showers.  
Never mind I am sure I heard somewhere that "Spring" comes next!! I just wonder when. 
John and I were talking about this weather...............what else??  He reminded me that 17years ago past 2nd February we moved in here, it snowed on the day of the move.   We had nearly a foot of snow by the end of that day.  John Jnr had come straight from work to help us, he left to travel the 6 miles along the road to his house.  About 1hr after he left there was knock on the door.  There was John like an orphan on the doorstep, he could not get home there were 10ft snow drifts just along the road.   First night in our new house we had a guest. 

Thank you for taking time to pop by today, I really do love that you come, I just hope you enjoy your visit. Thank you for all your lovely comments on past posts.   
Nothing much to do after all the chores were done crafting it was!!!

I got some Kaiser Craft papers some time ago and never used them.  I was flicking through and found a couple of sheets of toppers.  I like to have some plainish everyday sort of cards in my box, thought this would be a fine image to use for that. 

Base card approx 5 x 7 white card
White card pierced round the edge
Orange card (a colour I find very hard to work with) there was orange in the topper so thought I should go for it!!!
Green card 
Image from the Kaiser sheet 
Stamped sentiment which is not straight............using a Sheena Douglas stamp

Should have Die cut the sentiment and placed it on the card then I "might" have got it straight.
Will I ever learn???  I very much doubt it

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really do appreciate it

Patricia   xx

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Monday, 4 February 2013

"Back to the Cards"

Hello there how are you more snow yet?   We have had the weirdest weather here today.  No thick snow as I type but it is certainly threatening, also very windy.  The table tamp I have in the hall has been off and on so often today I am sure it will start spinning!!!  One minute it was dark next the sun shone.
Thank you for calling in today and for all your comments on my last post. it might just inspire someone out there to make similar, to hold bits and bobs.
That Post came about because I craft in the kitchen.
I have one of those wooden Carousel thingy`s which holds lots of bits and pieces.  Because I don`t have a Craft Room or Craft Desk I need something I can just grab and use at the kitchen table or at my kitchen counter top.
Talking about crafting in the kitchen:-  Pearl was along the other day she is still out of her own house due to the flooding it suffered.   She asked if I could spare some Ribbon and Lace to use on a project she had in mind..  Yes! of course was the reply.  I reached up and got a couple of boxes from the kitchen cupboard when I heard her laugh...................everyone else I know has food and other kitchen things in their have Crafty Stuff!!!!
When we rebuilt the kitchen a couple of years ago we designed it so that I had a Double Cupboard wall unit then coming down I had two drawers and the the double lower unit.  Our little secret so as long as no one is helping me in the kitchen.  Who knows what is behind those doors or in the drawers?????

Right enough of the Blurb!!!
Back to "cards" again.  
Hazel`s younger daughter asked for a mans card, this is not it but it is very similar.  Once hers was made I thought I would do one for my box.

Base card 5 x 7 approx Kraft Card
Cream Card Stock pierced round the edge
Kraft Card embossed with Spellbinder Harlequin folder, sanded back a little
I cut out the cogs using the new Spellbinder Cog Die in various sizes and colours
Banner I made to fit the card and chopped out the tails
Greeting computer generated

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping in I hope you liked what you saw
I really appreciate all your comments and love reading them

Patricia   xx

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Sunday, 3 February 2013

"Spring Cleaning"

Hello Bog friends, I have been "Spring Cleaning" today.  No! No! not the house crafty stuff. 
Have you noticed the difference, it is staying light just a little bit longer each day.   More noticeable these past two days here, where the sun has shone.  Yes! that`s right I did say sun.  However the weather forecast this evening was not good for the next few days.

Thank you for calling to see me at the start of yet another new week, they are flying by are they not??
I hope you enjoy your browse and that you might see something you like.   If you leave a comment I will be able to link back to you to see what you get up to.

Today I really did not know what to do with myself once the chores where done.   I had nothing in mind, opened the cupboard and a bottle of Cosmic Shimmer Glue fell out.  Don`t know why as it should have been in its place where I keep all the bits I use all the time.  That was it!!! make a new holder for the most used bits and pieces.   A couple of years ago I made a little holder for all these bits.  You know the kind of thing ........................all the little things that you always need for a project, glues, scissors, tweezers., pokey tools etc:-    I like to have them all at hand, the holder I had was looking rather tired so my project today was to make a new one.
Here it is:-

 Made from old cereal packets, I save these for the boys they are always looking for cardboard for things.    I glued some pretty paper to the card, let it dry then made the boxes for the things I use all the time.

Here it is filled up, sorry I did not get it all in but you get the idea.  When I have this sitting where I am working I know where everything is.  These the most used things obviously like the rest of you I have loads in other boxes and bags.
Once finished I ran some pearls from a roll of them I have. stuck a few flat backed pearls in the corners.  Made the essential Rose and there you have it.

That`s it for today
Thank you for taking the time to pop in I really appreciate it

Patricia  xx