Friday, 22 February 2013

"Five minute Card"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for popping into my wee corner of Blogland.  
Oh! My! Word it was so cold today, dry which was a bonus.  I am really getting just a "Tad" fed up of the winter now.  I suffer from S.A.D. which I take Vitamin D to help.   I think it works and am not prepared to stop it just in case..................!!!!  I usually do stop at the beginning of May and start again end of October.  Have had one of these Lamps but it did not help me................anyway enough of the moaning.

I got a frantic call from a neighbour, her daughter had won a schools Short Story competition. Could I  please make a card before she got home, something with books.   Now this was at approx 2.30 the bus brings the children home at 3.30.   What did I do????? ..........well rummaged in the Bit Box AGAIN of course!!!!

Here is my card and yes! it did take all of 5mins to put together I think that is quite obvious.  Took me the rest of the time to "Think" of something relating to books.

Base card 6 x 6 pre-scored card
Lilac Card from stash
Paterned paper a Freebie Pad from a magazine
I cut strips to represent the books and placed them on a strip of Kraft card made to look like a Book Shelf.  Added a couple of Brads and some peel off .
Decorated the books best I could  and added the Congratulations stamp.

Customer happy, thank goodness.

Must be Area thing with the schools at the moment.    Robert won a "Poetry Reciting" competition on Tuesday.  Went onto the Area Finals yesterday and came in 6th.  Now I really do not know how many were in the Finals it might just have been 6 ...................!!!!    He took part that`s the main thing, Thomas well he`s just Thomas good at a few things but do not ask him to "compete".

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Have a Great Weekend

Patricia  xx 

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

"Friends eat Cake"

Hello there, you have clicked on my Blog to have a look.........................Welcome, very pleased to have you here.    If you have not been before I am delighted you have come to visit.  Before you go, please leave a comment, that way I can come visit you.
Very cold here today, I had a long walk this morning with Audrey and the dogs.  Out across miles and miles of fields, it was great.  Dogs were loving playing in the water along the drainage ditches.  Oh! My! Goodness! just looking at them made me cold.  Imagine how cold that water must have been.  Had to keep going this afternoon, I knew if I sat down I would fall asleep.

Today`s card is one I made for Elaine when I went along on Monday past.   I had baked some Cup Cakes for our Cuppa.  Bit weird, me baking cakes to take along to the Tearoom.  Of course it is not up and running so we needed a cake............................Friends eat Cake!!!!

Base card 6 x 6 pre-scored Card
Some card from a Tilda Paper Stack
Dark green card from my stash
Image I downloaded some time ago.  I knew it would come in handy one day!!
Spellbinder Die cut Tag, I then drew round and cut the same Die to create a mat
Sentiment done on computer
Tiny piece of ribbon for a bow to finish

Sorry the image is a bit fuzzy don`t know what happened, it looked OK before I sent to my Blog.

Sue Wilson had some photos on her Blog today, I was "Over the Moon" when I saw the Pendant she was wearing.    I sent it to Sue as a "Thank You" for help she gave me.  I sent her the "Teardrop" one and also a "Heart" one.  When She e-mailed to thank me for them and said she really liked them.  That "Teardrop" went perfectly with her top. 
Hazel and I make these Pendants to raise money for Charity.  Hazel makes the Teardrops and I make the Hearts.

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling in I really appreciate it.

Patricia  xx

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

"Another Little Box"

Hello friends, weather was not so nice today.  Hope those few days were not the spring!!!

Met Hazel this morning, had a good old chat.  We always catch up with things we missed, in the evening.  Thankfully we have very understanding husbands.  They both say the same thing, "you meet, you chat, how come you still need an hour chatting in the evening??" 
We also met Hazel`s daughter and her two boys.  I got a lovely gift from Tammy, some Turkish Lira for my holiday with Hazel in June.  I had given Tammy a Heated Clothes Drier that I bought and never used.  Better her using it than it taking up space in the store room.  I did not want anything for it but Tammy being Tammy had to give me something.   I am very delighted with my gift.

When I was looking for things to put in the cabinet in Elaine`s Tearoom I came across this box.  I had cut it out but never made it up.   The box is approx 3 x3 x 3
Here it is made up, decorated and will probably go in the cabinet at a later date.

Kanban Card I got some time ago at Kanban before the Takeover.
I used to love going there and getting a BIG box of card etc:-  for £20.  
I don`t know if you can still do that.   We used to be in Yorkshire a lot, John worked for a Yorkshire company till he retired after an accident.
Card is double sided with opposite colours, the base is orange and white with the lid white and orange.
Orange satin bow, some more of my Anna Griffen ribbon bought in the Sates some time ago.
Some Mulberry Paper Roses I got as a Freebie from WOC with an order.  I wet them and scrunched them up.
A rummage in the Die Cut Bit Box produced the leaves.

I am quite proud of myself I have using up lots of things.  It is amazing what you find when you go on a purposeful rummage though your craft stuff.  Have not found half of things I set out to find in the first place but there you go....................that`s crafting for you!!!!

That`s it for today
Hope you enjoyed your visit to my little corner of Blogland.  I really do appreciate you calling in.

Patricia   xx

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

"Tag Card"

Hello everyone, I know I say this almost every day, I do love that you take time to call in to see what I have been getting up to.  I enjoy your company along with all your lovely comments, thank you very much.
My Goodness another fantastic day here again!!!  Hope it was the same for you.

Had an early phone call this morning from Pearl wondering if I would like to go with her to Perth Race Course.  Gosh! I did not think there was Horse Racing just now!!   No! No! Perth and Kinross Scools were having there annual Cross Counry Sports Run.  Pearls older Granddaughter was running with the P6`s in her school.  What a brilliant morning, hundreds of children, ear shattering noise from them all, air was electric with the excitement.  Primary 6 girls from all the schools ran first.  There must have been a good 200 girls in that group.    Ellie came in 60th and first home for her school.  Have to say it was a great morning.  Pearl had a really bad "melt down" last week, she is really missing her house.  I just hope they get a move on before she has "Nervous Breakdown".  However this morning has certainly lifted her spirits a good deal.  If me going with her this morning helped that makes me happy.
My offering for today is a "Tag"


 I cut a basic Tag approx 4 x 6 from a piece Kraft card
A scrap of card from my Scalloped edged card I posted last week for the background
I died a piece of very white lace with tea which I then made into a rosette.
I found this odd floral button so used that for the centre.  I went looking for lovey oval Cameos I bought some time ago but could I find them........not on your Nellie!!!
A piece of embossed card left over from my Copy Cat card as another layer
I stamped a greeting on a tiny piece of the background card
Made flowers using Crealies Die No CL CF 05           
Cut Leaves using another Crealies Die No CL CS 11 both from Joanna Sheen
A bow of American seam binding that I wet, scrunched and then dried.

My card was made from Bits in my pile from my last few projects that normally would have gone in the bag for the School.  The only thing that I went purposely for was the Seam Binding, the Cameos .................but had to use a button and the scrap of lace.

That`s it for today I do hope you have liked my crafty offering
Thank you for popping in I really appreciate it

Patricia  xx

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Monday, 18 February 2013

"Wreath Card"

Hello friends, what a beautiful day it has been here in rural Perthshire.  I hope it has been the same where you are, it makes such a big difference.  Very, very frosty early this morning, the sun got up that cleared the frost then there was a heat in the sun.  Washing all out and dried, just needs ironed. 

Thank you for stopping in my little corner of Blogland gad to have your company.  I love when you leave a comment.  That way I know who called and I came pop to your Blog if you have one to see what you are doing.

Went along to Elaine`s, got some of my things in the cabinet, looks quite good.   I had only one of the busts we use to display our pendants, Hazel (my sister) has the others.   I will get them on Wednesday when I meet her,  once in the cabinet that will be it.  I forgot my camera but I will try to remember to take it next time.

My card today is using up a pleated ribbon wreath.  I made a few for Christmas cards, this is one that was left .   I found it in a box when looking for something totally different!!

Base card 6 x 6
Pink Cordinations card
Piece of the Rose card I had left from my Heart Card which I stitched round
Spellbinder Stately Circles to cut pink card pierced round the edge
Smaller size of circle Die to cut a scrap of the Rose is double sided and this is the back 
Smallest Die to cut pink card
Placed an embellishment from my box in the centre

That`s it for today, thank you for popping in I really appreciated it

Patricia   xx

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"Bit of a Copy Cat"

Good morning Blog Friends.  Well that`s the weekend over once again, hope you all had a good one.
Thank you for taking time to pop in and see me today..  Please leave a comment if you have time that way I can come visit you to see what you are getting up to.
I have been very busy sorting out my "Stuff" to put in the cabinet that Elaine has given me in her new Tearoom.   I am very naughty, make cards, pile them up, then when I feel like it I do the inserts, make the boxes etc:-  Saturday was a day of doing just that and Boy! what a state the kitchen was in........STUFF everywhere.  We had to retreat to the Dining Room for meals, "No room at the Kitchen table"   All done, along with some Jewellery bits and pieces, in a crate ready to go along later this morning.  Must try to remember my camera so I can show you.
Elaine and Doug hope to open on the 3rd of March.  I think they are to have an "Opening" invite a few people along then open officially to the public on the Monday. 

My card today is my take on a Sue Wilson card.  No point denying it, any of her followers will spot it right away, it it is just so her style

Base card 5 x 7 Centura Pearl
White card pierced round the edge
White card 2/3rds embossed with Creative Expressions Tied Together Folder 
Cosmic Shimmer Glue used for pearls on the pattern joints
Just Rite stamp for the greeting cut out and dipped in Micro Beads
Pink ribbon from my stash.  I actually think it is Anna Griffen ribbon I bought in the States years ago
Pearl Dazzler - Creative Expressions from Sam Poole`s shop

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it.

Patricia  xx

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