Friday, 22 March 2013

"Altered Cheese Box"

Hello Blog friends how are you all surviving??  For those who have the snow I hope you managing to get about, not so easy is it??  We have had snow showers off and on all day again today.  Not as bad as it has been but still a bit of a pain. 
Thank you for calling in to see me today, I really love to have your company.
I noticed I have yet another new follower, welcome and thank you for joining me here at Summerhouse Crafts.  I feel privileged that you take the time to come in and look at what I have been up to.
Thank you all for your Best Wishes for John.   His knees are fine today, able to walk so much better and a lot less pain.  He has Pain Relieving Gell that Hazel gets for him through her boss.  It really is the most wonderful stuff.   I joke with him, telling him it is Horse Liniment, he always says he does not care, it certainly helps kill the pain.    His thumb is coming on fine, swelling down a lot.  
Now I will tell you what he was doing when he fell...................................I can hear you laughing!!!!!   He was in the woods that run down the side of the house playing "COMMANDOS" with the boys. That`s kind of daft things he does with them, all great fun but I think they forgot how wet it was in there.  There had been a tractor in so there were places with big "ruts" where the wheels had dug into the soft ground.  

I was looking back on previous posts on Rita`s Blog (RGM Creations).     Rita had done an Altered Cheese Box which reminded me of one I had done a while ago so here it is.  

Double or maybe treble Layer Spreading Cheese Box from Lidl.
I painted the whole thing inside and out with cream emulsion paint
I rummaged in all the boxes for lace ribbon and odd Die Cuts
Two layers of Scallop Circle Dies on the lid of the box lightly distressed 
Rose made using SB Classic Circles Dies and Lace Bow
Leaves SB Foliage Die

That`s it for today tomorrow I really, really do hope I get some playtime.
I am getting withdrawal symptoms not being able to play with my Dies and Papers
Thank you for popping in I really Appreciate it

Patricia   xxx

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

"Kindness means so much"

Hello folks, well once again another day of terrible SNOW showers, Ahhhhh!!!
Oh! I am so sick of this it has not been the best of days here.
Took John along to the Doctors to see about his thumb.  Thankfully no broken bones just very badly staved , and rather mushed up.
I am sorry if I have not got round to your Blog to leave a comment, I will catch up soon.   
Sorry!!  I forgot to welcome my new followers, thank you so much for choosing to call in on my wee corner of  Blogland.  I really love that you found me, if I can share even one thing that gives you a little inspiration I will be very happy.   I love looking on on other blogs, there is so much wonderful talent out there.
John is slowing recovering from his nasty fall yesterday.  His knees are very sore, not able to run around..........................!!! He has to get up and walk about every so often to save his knees locking, that`s a bit of a struggle.  
We are managing to have a laugh about the whole situation.  We keep thinking about what the boys will have told the teachers at school.  Being at such a tiny school the teachers are part of the community, they get told all the secrets!!!.  The boys will be in there telling the teachers (all 2 of them) about how their Mummy was taking Grandpas jeans off.  Audrey being a Midwife has no inhibitions when it comes to things like that, I was so glad of her help.   We all get on so well John did not bother, actually at that point I think he was only too glad of any help.
I have not managed to make many cards these past few days.   Made a few pendants, all packed up and away.
I made this card for Hazel and I to say "Thank You"  for all your interest and support.

Base card SB Decorative Labels Eight cut in white Centura Pearl
Placed the next Die in the set on the card at the same time to create the frame for the front
The back of the card is the whole label, approx 3/4 of an inch down I score and bend before attaching to the front frame, this gives you a hinge to open and close the card.
Background paper, downloaded from a NitWit collection
Rose made from same paper 
Green card from the Bit Box for the leaves using SB Foliage Die 
Creative Expressions sentiment stamp cut using a small Labels Die lightly distressed in the Die

That`s it for today
Thank you for taking time to call by I really appreciate it

Patricia   xxx

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

"Roses again"

Hi there Blog friends hope you have had a good day.
Thank you for popping into to my wee corner of Blogland.  I really like when you leave a comment that way I can link back to see what you have been up to.

Well!! what a day, another totally different to what I had planned.  No school for the boys today because of the snow.  Mummy had an appointment that had been arranged so that she would be there and back while the boys were in school and I was to go with her.    So guess what .....yep!  the boys were here and had to fed yet again.  Definitely a trip to the shops tomorrow.   The sun came out for a while this afternoon and the snow did thaw a bit, but is now snowing once again.  I also have John who is needing a little TLC after a fall.  He has really bad knees and of course that`s what he hurt, plus he managed to smash up the thumb on his right hand and he is right handed.  No wonder I have a headache now.

Today`s card is one that I started ages ago, it was lying with a bundle of bits.
I discovered it the other day when I was trying to clear away the bundle.
Sorry it is not a great picture but I don`t have time to re photograph it.

Base card 4 x 6 approx
Teal card that I stitched round and attached the floral paper.
A small Die from SB Grand Scallop Circles Set to cut the pink card
SB Stately Circles to cut the patterned circle (it looks plain) 
American Seam Binding for the crushed bow plus a pearl from my stash
Roses made from the patterned paper plus another pattern from the Bit Box
Leaves a Crealie Die

That`s it for today
Better go and see if John needs anything

Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it 

Patricia   xxx

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

"Winter Wonderland"

OMG!!! What a day, this is the scene at 9.30 this morning and it has not stopped snowing all day.
Thank you for popping in to visit, I love to have you here.   If you have time to leave a comment I can then link back to your Blog if you have one and can see what you get up to.

I thought I had all day to myself today but it has been one of those days.  Phone never stopping, trying to get things up to date, goodness knows what I have been doing lately !!!  Isobel across the roads came over in the afternoon for a cuppa.  She was just leaving when John Jnr arrived he had picked the boys up from school, came along asking if we could keep them for (an hour!!!)  He had been called to an urgent Finance Meeting in Perth, Audrey was working Day Shift today.
So 3 and a 1/2 hours later he picked them up for home..........  By then Robert had almost eaten us out of House and Home.  Where does he put it, if you could see him he is like "A fat Bootlace" or as they say "seen more meat on a Butcher`s pencil" well it is certainly not for the lack of food.  Thomas had a really bad Mouth Ulcer so that slowed him down.

I will leave this picture of part of my back garden.  Hopefully I will be back with something more crafty tomorrow.  Even the 5 sheep that are in the little field over the fence have stayed well sheltered today.
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it.
Patricia  xxx

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Monday, 18 March 2013

"One from my Stock Box"

Hello again Blog friends, well what a day!!!  Snow, rain, sleet oh! just miserable.  Woke this morning to find us KNEE deep in snow, still falling and and very windy.
I had loads and loads to catch up with.   This going away is fine but the coming back is a bit of a pain.
You leave the house all "spick and span! thinking, when I get back I will not have much to do.   Oh! Yes! till you start emptying the case of 4 days dirty washing.   The bits and pieces you were quite excited to put in the case of course has all been brought out.   All out in piles in preparation to put away and when you look round you would think someone had "Stirred" the place.   Enough!!! Patricia!! ..... it is all done and washing up to date, just the ironing to do.  Will do that tomorrow early morning, I really do not mind ironing but I like it done very early then I feel it is not using up any of my day time.  Silly I suppose but that`s me to a "T"

Thank you for taking time to pop in and have a look at what I have been up to.

Today`s card is one from my Stock Box.

Base card 6 x 6
Papers are from a Paper Pad,  I am sure it was a Feebe from a Magazine
Die cut Border is a SB Border Die I think it was the one Designed by Sue Wilson 
The image is a Mo Manning Coloured Digi
This is cut out using a Die from a Kit done by Becca over at Amazing Paper Grace 
Ribbon from my Ribbon Box
Stamped sentiment

Off  to get up to date with all the Pendant Orders.
Hazel and I were very lucky getting a mention on C&C from Sue Wilson.  We have had loads of inquiries and sent out lots of Pendants.  Sue mentioned it almost 2 weeks ago and the enquiries are still coming in as well as the orders.  A large percentage of the sales goes to the Chemo Unit where Hazel had all her Treatments as well as the Maggie`s Centre.   We keep back just enough to buy more beads and wire.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us we really appreciate your help.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by, I will be back tomorrow with something

Patricia    xxx

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Thank You

Hello Blog friends, hope you are all well and looking forward to another new week.
Oh! My! Goodness they are passing very quickly are they not??
Thank you for popping in to see me today, I love that you take time to do that .  I love when you leave comments it makes my day.

Well we got to Harrogate, through so many changes of weather.  Beautiful sunshine with the hills thick with snow when we left here.  We went though snow, rain, more sunshine, more snow till we eventually got there and guess what .........yep!!! raining.  Oh! Well! that`s what happens in this country I suppose we just have to accept it.
Went to the Show on Saturday morning,  not too impressed but I am so used to going to SECC Glasgow where it is so much bigger and a far more diverse selection of crafts.  I did not stay too long, bought a few things.....obviously!!!!
Did not spend a fraction of what I usually spend in Glasgow.  That`s more pennies in the pot for going to Birmingham in November.   Did have a look about to see if I recognised any of my Bog Buddies but nope!! sorry!!!   Met up with John after he had been to see his Model Railway shop, we went off and had lunch together.
Today`s card is one of a selection of Thank You cards I did for Hazel.

Base card done using SP Amazing Squares Die Set
I used the "WHOLE" 7 dies then removed the bits I did not want to use
I stamped a Stamping Up sentiment cut it out using one of the smaller Labels One dies
Bow of American Seam Binding
Pearl to finish off

The Idea for the card is a design on Amazing Paper Grace

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it

Patricia   xxx