Friday, 29 March 2013

"On Your Bike"

 Hello Blog friends.................................well I can tell you trying to get this Post up and running has been a nightmare.  All my own fault I may add, I have pressed the wrong button so many times and the whole thing has been deleted.   How stupid is that.....Oh! please don`t answer that one!!!  
Busy, busy, busy with Pendant orders so a little pushed for time.  It is always the same, rushing about that`s when you make mistakes.  Brain not in gear!!!! ....beginning to wonder if I actually have one.

Today`s card is a very quick and easy one.
Base card 6 x 6 from a pack
Green Flock effect Kanban Card
Green basic card
Bicycle stamp, sorry I have no idea who`s it is or where I got it.   I use it for men`s cards quite often.
Sentiment stamp is Creative Expression, thought it was a very true saying.  Certainly is for me anyway.

I really can not believe that "British Summertime" starts is this weekend.
Looking out this afternoon yes!! the sun was shining.  Went out for a walk with Isobel to try and clear the "cobwebs", it was cold needed my hat.  Looking around at the snow covered hills, it was beautiful but "summertime" I don`t think so!!!
Have a Wonderful weekend what ever you intend doing
Happy Easter
Patricia  xxx

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

"A little bit of Quilling"

Hello and thank you for stopping off at my wee corner of Blogland.  I read all the comments you leave, I really appreciate that you take time to do that.

Was having a rummage this morning and found some Quilling papers as well as loads of other stuff.   I knew I had the stuff but ladies, you what happens don`t you??    We buy things play with it for a while then it gets shoved to the back of the cupboard. 
I decided that "the back of the cupboard" stuff had to be used or turfed out.  Well not exactly turfed out,  I bagged a load up and took it along to the school.   We were along this afternoon to see the Easter Show the school was putting on.   What a great selection of talents from the children.   There are so few of them but they all had something to do.  The inevitable question when it was over was  "Grandpa (never Granny) can we come home to your house for tea".   They were here till 7pm when John took them back along the road.  They have school tomorrow, it is World Book Day, they have to dress up as a character from a book for the day.  Thomas is going as a commando from an old book of his dad`s, I think it was a "Victor" or something like that.   Robert told me what he was going as but I did not quite get it.  I think is must be from one of their modern books that I have not read yet.

Not a card today, but a Tag I made using some of the Quilling papers I found.   I will either mount on a card or just use it as a Tag.
I used some seed beads for the body of the Butterfly.
As you can see I am not really a Quiller but I have had a go.
Boxed the papers and they are back in the cupboard.  They might see the light of day again some time in the future.
That`s it for today

Thank you for popping by, sorry it is nothing too exciting, busy, busy here for some reason.
I wish the world would slow down just a little bit till I catch up!!!!!!

Patricia   xxx
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

"Just for You"

Hello Blog friends, thank you for your visit and for leaving your comments.  I do read them all and I really appreciate you taking the time to leave one.
Woke VERY early this morning thinking, Wow! it is getting really quite light in the mornings again. Of course it was had been blooming snowing!!!! everything was pure white.   Yet another couple of inches, however it did not last long thank goodness, all gone by early afternoon.
I met Hazel in Perth this morning, when we were coming out of where we had our coffee it was snowing like fury.  A lady was coming in and greeted us with "Merry Christmas Ladies" or should that be "Happy Easter" rather confusing is it not!!!!   How right she was.

All the young Duffy`s fit and well, Thomas back at school. Mummy feeling well enough to go and get her hair cut.   All quite once again thank goodness, John even managing to lift a cup with his right hand today............................we are getting there.

Today`s card was "very" quickly made using Crafters Companion Angelica & Friends CD.  It was from the Card Companions section.  I got the CD as a gift from a dear friend of mine.  I would not have bought it but have to say I do love some of the backing papers and the images. 

Base card is 6 x 6 pink card from my stash
Piece of greenish/blue card from the Bit Box
A4 sheet printed from the CD giving you the Image, the backing piece, pink with the green stripes.  Also all the little embellishments.  everything on the card is from just one sheet.
I hand wrote the "Just for You"
Some glitter on her wings, hair band and the butterfly
Not usually my kind of thing but have to say, I am rather impressed that you can get an effective card from one printed sheet and a couple of bits of card.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by, love to have you here.

Patricia  xxx

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

"A Baby Girl"

Hello Blog friends, guess what we saw today???   The "SUN" yes!! in the afternoon we had spells of sunshine between the snow showers.  So it is still up there, thank goodness.
Thank you for taking the time to come and visit I really enjoy having you here.  I love reading all the comments you leave for me.

Granny and Grandpa to the rescue again.  Saturday night/Sunday morning Robert was sick.  Fine on Monday off to school, now Thomas and Audrey have got the bug.   Thomas was not too bad when we went along but Audrey........................OMG! she looked awful.    Audrey had to go into Dundee to pick up her car that had been repaired.  She had a hire car, in theory she did not need anyone to take her in.  She looked so awful I went with her just in case I needed to drive her car back.  Could not drive the hire one, it was only insured for her otherwise I would have done it all.   Never have any problems with health normally but by great we have made up for it this past week. Just hope we don`t get the Bug!!!

Today`s card is for a friend, the daughter of her friend has just had a little girl.   I made a card a few weeks ago in neutral colours for her.   Now the baby is here she wants one in pink.
Base card approx 5 x 7 pink card
White card embossed with a SB Embossing folder
Pink card cut using SB Labels 29
House mouse image cut using next size down of the Labels 29
Hand knitted pair of bootees, I love knitting these while watching the telly
Computer generated Sentiment cut using small Labels 29 matted on a Faux Label.
Tiny bow to finish off.

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate you stopping to have a look at what I have been up to

Patricia   xxx

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Monday, 25 March 2013

"One for the Stock Box"

Hello Blog friends, I am still here.  
Not lost on a snowdrift, there are plenty round here and I would certainly hate to be caught in one of them.  For all you living with the snow I hope you are managing to get about, keep warm and have power.
Thank you for calling by today. a really enjoy that you take time to visit.
From Wednesday last week I truly feel the world has picked up speed or else I am getting rather slow.  I really do not know where the time has gone.  OK I have had to help John a fair bit.  I always say he never does much about the house BUT since his tumble I realise he does far more than I thought.  He is fine, beginning to be able to use his hand a bit more each day.  It looks rather strange being "multi coloured" a little bit of yellow, purple, red and a bit of dull brownish.

Today`s card is one for the Stock Box it is getting rather low.  I have stopped putting greetings/sentiments on.  Sure as eggs is eggs someone wants a card but it has the wrong thing on it.  I just do want they want when they come for a card.

Base card approx 6 x 4 Pink card stock
White card I rough distressed with my scissors then inked very lightly
SB Die to cut out green card that I sanded back slighly
Piece of pretty paper from my Bit Box
2 SB Classic Hearts cut and Cosmic Shimmer Faux Pearls added
A double bow and a WOC Rose to finish off

That`s it for today
Back to my other pastime ..........   making Pendants
Thank you for popping in I really appreciate that you call

Patricia   xxx

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