Friday, 31 January 2014

"Pretty little Box"

Hello fellow Bloggers and friends, well here we are again at the weekend.  Where on earth did the week go???
Thank you for taking time to come visit I really love to have you here.   Just wish we could all sit down and have tea/coffee and cake together it would be great fun.  I will just have to raise this mug of tea and say "cheers" and thank you for your friendship.
Thomas has had a ball on the Ski slopes this week, enjoyed every minute.  They missed out on Monday because they had closed the Snow Gates.  Hopefully they will get a day next week once they  get a bus organised.
Up early again this morning, along the road to be with Robert till school time, this time was organised Mum & Dad did not forget about him!!!!   What fun we can have in that hour, just the two of us.  John will pick him up from school, tea here, playtime with Grandpa them back home.  Its the weekend I have a funny feeling we may have an overnight visitor!!!!   If that`s the case Grandpa will have to deal with him tomorrow morning.  Hazel is coming over, we are going to a Stamping Up Day along at the Tearoom.  Really looking forward to that, have never done one of these before.  I like some their stamps, will definitely be buying some of them.  Love the fact that everything they do colour co-ordinates.

Pretty little box for today.  
This is what I am doing with that ladies at the next Class, plus a little gift card to go with it.  Would you believe that 2 of them don`t want to do it.  They said they did not have anyone to give something like that to.  Sorry, could not hold my tongue................. "are you honestly telling me that there is not just one person you know that would not appreciate this little box"?????  Pop a few sweets in it and give to someone who is feeling a  bit down that would certainly cheer them up.  No moving them, Elaine will do a couple of cards with them rather than the box.  I feel, they think  it is "way out" of their comfort zone and don`t want to feel embarrassed.  I really try hard to help the ones that struggle and I certainly would never make anyone feel they could not manage.  Well, no changing their minds...............there you have it................what would you rather do???

That`s it for today
Thank you for popping in to see what I have been up to.  I really appreciate it, hope to see you again soon
Till next time

Patricia   xxx


  1. you can always give it to the nurse at the doctors, or mail lady or bus driver, or me, LOL, It's gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. Oh dear you do have some problems in your group! What a shame! I don't know who wouldn't want to make such a pretty box as this one, even if them kept it themselves! Hugs Carole Z X

  3. I'm sorry to hear you have problems with your classes, but I am glad to hear I'm not the only one who has ridiculous problems with their stamping club. What gets into these people? I think it is a very pretty and elegant box. I'm not really sure what I would do with it either but I would still come and make it. I like making things and you learn from what you do even if it is a project you wouldn't repeat.

  4. I for one would LOVE to sit down with you for a wee chat, a bit of chin wagging is such great sports ;-) I am saying cheers to you, too, with a glass of red at the mo, it's Friday so I'm allowed to, lol! Love love your pretty box with that darn perfect rose on top, gosh, I simply don't understand why people wouldn't be intrigued to be able to make such a fab box themselves! Oh well, just leave them be Patricia, please remember this has nothing to do with you, they're probably just insecure. Take care, have a lovely weekend, hugs, Ira xox
    p.s. I think I could learn a thing or two, three, four from you!!
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  5. This box looks so pretty Patricia. I cannot believe that two of your ladies don't want to make one. Enjoy your Day at Stampin Up. I do love their ink pads, but we have no demonstrators around here. Hugs Rita xxxxx

  6. What a gorgeous box Patricia, how pretty the die cuts, ribbon and flower you created are.

    Hugs Diane

  7. You hit the nail on the head about them being afraid to be embarrassed. Fear of failure immobilizes some people. Sad but true. Lovely box. Wish I could take your class. It would be so much fun. Maybe someday I will get to your side of the pond for a visit!

  8. This is a gorgeous pretty little box. I love all the details. Your class members must be crackers!!
    Lorraine x

  9. This box is stunning Patricia, I love it and will try to give it a go myself. xxxxxx

  10. I love this box and would happily have a go if you were teaching me, but some people really are resistant to trying anything new. Bear with them, we all grow at our own rate. Hope you and Hazel have a fabulous time at the stamp day (in your wellies!!) Jenny xxx

  11. Gorgeous box. I'm always happy to try something new/different.

    It's good to have a coffee and a chat and craft together with friends so I suppose dropping in on each other's blogs is the next best thing. I was crafting with friends last night and there was a lot of chatting and tea and coffee but we still managed to make two cards!

    Kat xx

  12. Good Evening Patricia, nowt as queer as folk as they say, silly people, I think they are missing the whole point of your craft group, I for one would love to be shown how to make this gorgeous box, I love everything about it. I love how you've decorated the top, it is stunning.
    Have a great weekend, hugs Kate x

  13. Evening Patricia, well I think your box is beautiful and I'd love to make it. Maybe these two should design a class and have it thrown back in their faces then they might appreciate the work you put in. I feel your pain!
    You'll enjoy your SU party although you might have to sit on your hands and hide your cheque book, LOL. Their crafty stuff is FAB and great quality.
    Have a super weekend, hugs Erika.

  14. Big sis these ladies need to get a life, who wouldn't love to receive this little box at any time? Or is that just me, you don't need a reason to give a gift to someone. Hazel xxx

  15. Hi Patricia, you know how much I love your gorgeous boxes and I am surprised that 2 of the ladies do not want to make them! This one today is stunning, the design is so pretty and elegant.
    I hope you have a fabulous weekend.
    hugs Sue xx

  16. Aaawww it is such a pretty box Patricia, peeps can be difficult, they will probably want one in a few weeks time. Have fun at your stamping day an enjoy the spend. xx Flora

  17. Hi Patricia
    I'm guessing its the usual suspects?
    You have more patience than I.
    If they're daft enough to not to want to make this delightful box let em sit in the naughty corner lol !
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  18. its a beautiful box patricia and i can't fathom why anyone would not want to make it! your stampun up session sounds good! big hugs rachel x

  19. It's beautiful Patricia, I would probably make one and then keep it myself, just to look at-would look lovely on my windowsill in the craft room!x

  20. Stunning box Patricia, glad you had your say this time, even if they did`nt budge, there loss..
    bet you enjoy the SU class, love there stamps & ink pads.

  21. This is a gorgeous box, and you're pretty with a few little tiny goodies that it would make a lovely hostess or get well gift. I'm glad you spoke up, and if you continue to encourage, maybe these ladies will change their minds. It really is such a lovely box. (gosh put on the bathroom vanity, for cotton balls, nifty things like that to pretty up the vanity). Have fun with your Sis at your class. Find some good stash too! TFS & Hugs

  22. Morning Patricia,
    Well you know the old saying "you can't please everybody all of the time" it's their loss. The box is beautiful and the rose fabulous.

  23. Fab box and I personally would not want to give it away anyway xx this is a keeper xx amazing top to the box and as always fab flower xx thank you for becoming one of my 'followers' xx enjoy the rest of your weekend xx GailT xx

  24. Hi Patricia,

    What a stunning box, so pretty.

    What on earth is a matter with those two, I would love to have a go, even learn how to make something so spectacular. Their loss Patricia.

    Have a great time stamping.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  25. Good morning sweetie, this is just gorgeous, love your creation, big hugs Pops x x x

  26. Gorgeous box Patricia...I would love to make this box in your class but like you say it may be way out of their comfort zone...Maybe they will feel more confident in the future to try new ideas....Hugs May x x x

  27. Hi Patricia, So glad that Thomas has got lots of skiing in, and Robert wasn't forgotten this time haha.
    I can't believe that ladies would actually say to you that they didn't want to make that gorgeous box, I certainly would love to be in your class making this fabulous box. People can be odd sometimes, you would think they might think it to themselves but definitely not 'say' it. You definitely can't 'please all of the people all of the time'.
    Enjoy your time with Hazel today.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  28. Very pretty Patricia. Nowt funnier that folks! Carol x

  29. Very pretty box Patricia. I have given up trying to figure people out! Life is too short. Remembering the great time we all had in November I would just love to nip up to Scotland for a cuppa and a chat. John adores Scotland so maybe we will be going up for another break at some stage. You never know. Hugs Christine xx

  30. Hi Patricia,
    hope you had a good day at the tearoom, and spent lots of pennies.
    I too wish we had more peeps come to my town demonstrating.
    Love your super box design, and of course that superb rose.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  31. Beautiful box Patricia I love the design. I would be thrilled to make it but I guess some people just can't help being miserable! Susan x