Wednesday, 29 January 2014

"Re-Cycling or Up-Cycling"

Good evening friends and followers, hope you are all well and keeping dry.  What about this weather???  OMG!! when will it ever end???  I live surrounded by hills and miles and miles of open fields.  Went to Perth to meet Hazel this morning and it looked like we live on a sea coast line.  The fields for miles around are flooded.  The road to Blairgowrie  at Coupar Angus 3 miles along the road from here is blocked.  A back road to Blairgowrie at the top of our village road is blocked.  No access to Blairgowrie other than a 30 mile detour.  I feel sorry for people who left for work this morning and will struggle to get back home this evening. 
On a brighter note Thomas got off  Skiing yesterday and today.  There is plenty snow up in the hills, he has had a ball and loving every minute.  Tired, in bed and sleeping very early last night, up bright and early for another day of fun this morning.  Last week John & Audrey had made arrangements to go on the Tuesday to help with the children, leaving the house at approx 8.00am.  Fine, good of them to help, but guess what they forgot?????   Who would be there to put Robert to school in the morning!!!!!  Talk about clever parents, I wonder I really wonder!!!!  I got a call on Monday evening asking what we were doing Tuesday morning, could one of us possibly be at their house for just before 8.00.   Granny to the rescue once again.   Oh! Wow! my brownie points are fairly mounting up!!
Thank you for coming to visit today, I love having you call in.

 This card is made from a bag of "bits" of cards my 90year old neighbour brought along the other day.  She did not want to throw them out and thought I might be able to use some.  Now wonder where she heard about me always using up "Bits"..................
Had to use this wonderful piece of embroidery isn't it just gorgeous??
I had a BIG problem earlier trying to upload my pictures, Hazel to the rescue, Thank You Sis.

Thank you for popping by today, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx



  1. Glad to hear Thomas got to ski and enjoyed it.
    I don't think we've had as much rain as you and certainly not as much snow as elsewhere....we seem to have our own micro climate although it was wet yesterday.
    It must be great to have "Grandma" to the rescue all our families live so far away we have to go it alone with everything.....the joys of a service life!
    Hope you get your photos sorted and it stops raining, hugs Erika.

  2. So glad I was able to help big sis and I am not that good with these things either, love that piece of embroidery it would have been a sin to bin it. Hazel xxx

  3. Sounds like you really are Supergran! Well done you on jumping into the breach, and clever you on recycling this embroidered panel. It looks fantastic here. Jenny x

  4. OH gosh,this is stunning,the detail,is just beautiful just adore what you have done,here hugs Cherylxx

  5. Hello Patricia, I'm glad Thomas got to his skiing, he would have had great fun.
    Your card is gorgeous, what a beautiful piece of embroidery, you've used it in such a creative way, love everything about it and of course it's just your colours too.
    We haven't been too bad for rain, but I believe snow is on it's way, keep warm and cosy, hugs Kate x

  6. This is such a beautiful card Patricia. Love it. I do wish I could find the rain stop tap, the roads are crumbling around us. hugs Flora

  7. Hi Patricia
    Gosh, did your neighbour do the embroidery? Its beautiful.Crikey, if that's the stuff she bins, makes you wonder how fab the stuff she keeps is.
    You have truly done this wonderful piece justice.
    Poor Robert. They've had the poor lad 9 years so you'd think they'd remember they had him by now lol ! Good ol' Gran !
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  8. No wonder you had to use it, it is absolutely gorgeous. xxxx

  9. WOW... It's Gorgeous...the embroidery piece is so beautiful....Great work Patricia... Hugs May x x x

  10. WOW! Such a beautiful piece of embroidery and I love how you have framed it to make a gorgeous card.
    hugs Sue xx

  11. this is beautiful Patricia - stunning flower - love it. Hope the rain stops soon xx

  12. Hi Patricia, beautiful card, what a lovely piece of embroidery.
    think blogger has a mind of it`s own sometime`s.

  13. Well done super-Gran!! You sound like a real life saver!

    Sorry to read about all the floods and bad weather you are having.

    We are getting lots of rain but thankfully it isn't causing too much damage .. .. other than puddles on our lawn.

    Loving your project made with the gift from your neighbour. It is gorgeous!

    Love Jules xx

  14. So glad you could come to the rescue, and let your little grand enjoy his ski trip. Oh I bet he had such fun. I love reading the names of the towns you mention. Sounds like lovely place to visit too. Am especially loving this card, as in another life I did machine embroidery (not nearly so excellent as this piece, but I could appreciate the quality of this work!). You are so lucky to have it from your neighbor, and how beautifully you have framed it into such a lovely work of art. Truly special. TFS & also for telling a bit about your part of the world. Stay warm, hugs.

  15. Hi Patricia. The embroidery on the card is gorgeous. So sorry to hearabout all the flooding in your area. Hope it doesn't get into people's houses. Have a great day.

  16. Its a beautiful card Patricia what a lovely piece of embroidery and love it on the satin. What's the betting somewhere has a hosepipe ban in the summer! Susan x

  17. Rescue Gran...good on you and hope you are not flooded, we see so much over here on the news...great card love the embroidery, good ol neighbours hey.xx

  18. So sorry to be late in posting a comment Patricia. What a stunningly beautiful card. Glad that you saved it. It's been a crazy week here and time has flown. Glad Thomas got to go on his trip. Hugs Rita xxx

  19. Morning Patricia,
    Stunning card, it's no wonder your neighbour didn't wan't to throw it away.
    Good job you were able to come to the rescue for Robert.

  20. A gorgeous card Patricia. Very pretty embroidery and a lovely cas design
    Lorraine x

  21. Stunning card Patricia. That embroidery is just beautiful and you've certainly put it to good use.

    Kat xx

  22. You have shown off the embroidery perfectly on your card. Hope you get relief from the rain, in California some small towns are running out of water! You must have received their share. I like hearing about your boys, I don't have any grands.

  23. What a fab way to 'show off' the fab embroidery - bet your neighbour luvs it if you let her see how you have 'show-cased' it xx I wouldn't be able to part with this one xx we have had a flutter of snow today, but not settling as it is far too wet, the only time it is good to have wet ground xx GailT xx

  24. Hi Patricia, So glad that Thomas got to ski at last. I was chuckling when reading your post, I don't know, the 'younger generation' eh haha, poor Robert and Mum and Dad only realised the evening before, Super Gran to the rescue.
    I love your card, the embroidery centrepiece is stunning, I absolutely love it.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  25. Hi Patricia,
    well it would be a sin not to use such a very beautiful piece of embroidery, and your have made the perfect card to house it. Love it lots, and lots.
    This awful weather is so depressing, but on a lighter note at least it's not the white stuff, and we are not flooded like some poor peeps.
    My heart does go out to them, poor things.
    Had a scare earlier this week as DH was taken into hospital. Thankfully he is home again, but it is so scary when you have to call
    and ambulance to them.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  26. Oh wow Patricia what a stunning piece of embroidery and gorgeous card you have made with it. I'm sick of this weather! me and a drowned dog everyday LOL even he's beginning to want to stay in and he loves a run about. Lots of huggles Sue xx

  27. Hi Patricia, WOW! This embroidered flower is gorgeous and a beautiful card you have made with it. Love it!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  28. This is so pretty Patricia, a gorgeous card. Carol x

  29. How kind of your neighbor to think of you and give you all her wonderful bits .... and what a lovely card too. Love the fresh look of it xx

  30. Wow - that's a stunner Patricia. Have you made up a card for your family to "stamp" your brownie point on??? LOL! If not - better make it a LARGE one! xxx

  31. Morning sweetie,t his is absolutely gorgeous, hugs Pops x

  32. wow, Patricia
    this is stunning and i love the design.
    how nice that your sister has also visit my blog.
    have a nice weekend and hugs from Ann

  33. This is a fancy schmancy card for sure. How sweet of your neighbor to save you bits of card making material. I hope my neighbors don't do this--I generate a lot of random bits on my own as is!

  34. So sorry to hear about the floods, hope the situation will change soon! Wowzers Patricia, your card is so gorgeous! I had so bring up a bit in order to see the fine, silky details, amazing gift from your neighbour, you have created a truly splendid card here! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner