Sunday, 9 February 2014

"5 hours work"

Hello friends, fellow Bloggers and followers, how are you???   Well I hope and not effected by the awful weather.  We have had a nice day here, very cold but hey! ho! the sun was out.  Hills I see out the kitchen window are thick white with snow and look beautiful in the sunshine.
Thank you for calling by today I love having you here.  
Wow! I have another 2 followers Rhonda from bumblebee creations and  Debbie from debscrafty creations.  Welcome to you both, thank you for deciding to follow me I do hope you like what you see and pop in again soon.
I have been very busy these past few days.  Hazel and I had super "day away" on Friday.  Just the two of us, hours of chat, buying, lunch more buying then home. 
I got back home just before John brought the boys in from school.  They had taken the long way home, John took them to a little "old fashioned"  sweet shop in Kirriemuir.  If you have read Peter Pan by J M Barrie  that`s where he was born ..... Kirriemuir.   It is a round trip of about 12 miles ........ to get sweets!!!    They did not eat many, the rest are still here.  It is the thrill of going to the shop that makes them happy. 
Yesterday I spent 5 hours making up the "Box Kits" for the Tuesday Card Class.  I cut and scored the base and lids, printed out all the papers.  Die cut all the bits that had to be cut, even made little Air Dry Clay embellishments for them.  After the 5 hours of preparing I needed nearly an hour to get the place cleaned up!!!!!  Just hope they are happy, actually the ladies that are doing the boxes are the "nice" ladies.  I would not have given the "rebels" an option but it is Elaine`s business and she saw money walking out the door so told them she would do cards.  I for one would never have done that money or no money.

All the Kits laid out ready to go to the workshop.
Ooopps! I tucked my Ultimate-Pro off the table but I can see it.......!!
Some of the embellishments for the boxes

That`s it for today folks 
Thank you so much for visiting I really appreciate you take the time to do that.
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


  1. Waw, that is a lot of preparation work Patricia, The finished examples look great. Those little embellishments look good enough to eat. I don't think I would want snow although it might bring a bit of daylight, lol. xx Flora

  2. So much work Patricia I hope they appreciate it. xxx

  3. The boxes look so pretty Patricia and so do the clay embellishments! Enjoy your class.x

  4. Very pretty clay flowers. They do remind me of thise mint candies! Have a great day.

  5. Oh I would so loved to have been coming to do this project, but work going to get in the way again. Love your wee embellishments.
    Hazel xxx

  6. Gorgeous... I wish I could come along... Have fun... Hugs may x x x

  7. Hello Patricia. What a lot of work preparing all those goodies. Hopefully the rebels will be jealous when they see what the rest of the ladies have made. I love your embellishments. Never tried the dried clay either, sounds like fun. Hugs Rita xxx

  8. My you are so organised and the clay embellishments look so lovely even good enough to eat. Hope your ladies appreciate all the work that needs to be done before they start their crafting. Boo to the rebels!!!

    Wilma x x x

  9. fabulous work Patricia - I do hope your ladies appreciate it. I've got to make my ladies stuff up for tomorrow - hopefully it won't take that long though - lol!!! Hugs rachel x

  10. They look lovely Patricia, hope everyone appreciates how much work you put into it for them. Carol x

  11. Hello Patricia, goodness me what a lot of work for you. The sample boxes look beautiful and love the little flower embellishments.
    I would just love to be joining in the class. Hugs Kate X

  12. They look gorgeous Patricia so much work has gone into this! They will have a fab time, wish I could come LOL huggles Sue xxx

  13. It sounds like you have been really busy and I am sure the ladies are going to love making your boxes, I know I would. The embellishments you have made look so gorgeous too.
    hugs Sue xx

  14. I think your ladies are very lucky that you do all the preparation work for them and they look as they will be fab xx the embellishments are great and it is something that I still need to have a go at using the paper clay (got the clay - got the moulds - but just not got around to doing it) really need to get my AIG xx congrats on your Sue card prize you must so chuffed xx GailT xx

  15. I just know your workshop is going to be wonderful. Wish I was close by. I would enjoy attending. Hope you have a great time!

  16. Hi Patricia,
    looks very lovely all those embellishments to go with the lovely boxes.
    Are they Martha Stewart Clay and moulds? As I have just treated myself to some and a melt pot too. I realized I had saved too much money for the NEC, and wouldn't be able to carry a lot so I had a wee, as you would say spend.
    I have been making some lovely flower type things that I saw a lady on u tube making, out of lace and ribbon, they would look excellent on boxes too. Will be showing them on Monday night with a link to the tutorial.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  17. Ooh I know Patricia, making up the kits is hard work isn't it...never mind, I am sure the ladies who are making them will love them and the others will wish they hadn't complained! Carole Z X

  18. hi Patricia, so much work for your ladies, bet the ones who do your class will be over the moon, with what they make.

  19. I'm sure the ladies will enjoy it Patricia and all your preparation and hard work won't be in vain. Susan x

  20. wow Patricia.
    the ladies will enjoy your class and i love your furniture.
    the box top looks like real lace.
    hugs to you.

  21. Morning Patricia,
    Looks like your ladies will be making some lovely boxes, and even the rebels may regret their decision to make a cars.

  22. Morning Patricia, I have been chuckling away at your 'wording', like you I would never have given in to the 'rebels', I fear Elaine has made a 'rod for her own back' with them, they will be complaining again if they don't want to make something !! but like you say, it is her business and she does what she feels right for her.
    I'm loving your organisation, and I can believe it took you 5 hours to complete all those kits. The completed boxes look stunning, and I'm adoring the clay embellies, I haven't tried using that yet but I'm amazed at the finished beauties.
    Have a lovely day, we have a thick frost this morning, and hopefully the sun might shine this afternoon - deep joy !! I am eagerly awaiting the sunny days.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  23. Ooo I want to make your boxes, loving the embellishments. Glad to here you and Hazel had a super day on Friday.
    Happy crafting, Erika. x

  24. Hi Patricia,

    These are lovely, the embellishments look great too. Hope it is all appreciated.

    Long distance for sweets but great for a treat.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  25. Goodness, that is certainly taking you some time to prepare all this Patricia! Hope the ladies all know how much work is involved in all of this! You and Hazel certainly seemed to have a lovely time together, which is good! And I soooo love your embellies, they will look awesome on your boxes! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  26. You did work hard. These little air dry clay flowers look lovely - are they hard to do? Had a quick look around your blog and I am now officially your newest follower.
    Suzie xx