Thursday, 6 February 2014

"A little bit of Stamping & Colouring"

Hello Blog friends, can you believe we galloping rather too quickly towards the "weekend"....again!!!!
Thank you for taking time to come visit me today, I love that you do that.
Nothing much happening here today, was not even much in the mood to do any crafting.  I have loads of kits to make up for the class on Tuesday.  I am not getting a good response from a couple of the ladies and it is making me a bit ...... oh! I don`t know how to describe it.  I will give you an example of their attitude.  A few of the ladies would like to make the "roses" some of the others don`t want to.  The "Rebels" said if they come to the class and only learn how to make "roses" it is a bit of a waste of their money.  They said they would rather come, make a couple of cards, they feel they are getting more about mean!!!   Where does learning new things come in???  I personally would rather learn new things than keep on doing all the usual stuff.  I have agreed to have another day at the Tearoom to show the interested ladies how to make the Roses. 
I am not a stamper, I have loads of stamps, boxes of them actually, I do use them now and again.     I have to say I am in "awe" of those Crafter`s who Stamp and Colour all their wonderful creations.  Some of the colouring is amazing I would love to be able to do similar.   Anyway I have a card today that I have coloured, not great but I enjoyed doing it.  I have added "my signature" to it.  Well I cant make a card and not do that can I ??? see what I mean.......

Base card 6 x 6
Papers free with a magazine
White and Pink card stock
Image stamp free with a magazine, coloured using my Distress Ink Pads
SB Labels Dies
SB Blossom Five for the roses
Crealies Die for the Foliage
Pink and white card cut for the greeting that came with the image
That`s it for today
Thank you for popping by I really appreciate it
Till next time
Patricia  xx


  1. Hello Patricia, NOT those ladies again, just do what you are happy with doing, would give me a right headace!!!, you love making flowers so do them.
    gorgeous card, lovely colouring.
    hugs pam

  2. I totally agree with Pam. If they don't want to come to a class , then that's their choice. You teach what you enjoy. People like that can be a nightmare. I love learning how to do new things, you never get bored. Anyway, your card is beautiful and I don't see anything wrong with your colouring from here. Your far too critical of yourself. By the way, colouring is not my strong point either. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Big sis you need to tell the " Rebels" that you have two new ladies that are wanting to learn how to "roses" so they don't need to come to that class. I bet they won't like that. I would love to come to that class for one. Nothing wrong with your card, your just being critical of your work as usual. See you in the morning. Hazel xxx

  4. such a beautiful card Patricia. The image is delightful, I love your so colouring andgorgeous flower finishes it off perfectly.
    I have to agree with your other comments regarding the 'rebels'. It seems to me that they are ruining these classes for everyone - including you.
    hugs Sue xx

  5. Morning Patricia, These 'rebels' seem to be dictating what everyone else gets to learn, I don't know how you are 'keeping your cool'. I don't know of any other card classes who cater for their ladies, like you do, they always 'state' what class they are teaching and the ladies learn that. These rebels need to get into their heads how lucky they are, having you show them your stunning creations, I know that I would !!
    Your card is lovely, your colouring is gorgeous, and your roses and foliage are stunning. I am trying to do more stamping this year, like you I have boxes and boxes of gorgeous stamps. I am in awe when I watch peeps on C&C colouring and blending, and I would love to have just a 'smidge' of their talent haha, but I will keep on trying haha.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. Morning Patricia,
    You are critical of yourself, the colouring looks lovely to me, do like the stamp.
    As for those rebel ladies I think perhaps you should suggest they find another class, diplomatically of course. I know I would love to be taught how you do the lovely roses.

  7. This is just gorgeous! I love your die cuts you have used and the image is colored to perfection. Love your roses...wish I could take your class. I can't imagine the attitude of some people. I would think it is your class and if they don't want to learn what you are teaching, then they need to move on! Some people!

  8. This is gorgeous Patricia and your colouring looks wonderful to me. Its time those two found someone else to terrorise! Susan xx

  9. Just adorable Patricia and such a gorgeous image


  10. Morning Patricia, I think your card is fab and so is the colouring xx it is like anything, the more you do it the more you will come to like it but as you say your 'signature' as always are absolutely stunning xx did you notice on Sue's video tutorial yesterday that she was wearing yours and Hazels pendant xx still wear mine and absolutely luv it xx have a fab weekend xx GailT xx

  11. Fab card Patricia, pity some people just want 'their money's worth' isn't it? I'd much rather learn something new and get fab results like this card..have a great weekend.xx

  12. Hi Patricia,

    Love your card. Really lovely. Like all the ladies above, I agree with them, you could do without rebels like them. Don't let them drag you down too much. They are not worth it.

    Much love,

    Shirley T. xxx

  13. Hi Patricia, a lovely card and I think you have coloured the image beautifully..such a shame about some of your ladies though, I think we must be very lucky in our class, hugs Carole Z X

  14. oh just love this hun,super image and colouring,how mean are some people anyone would be lucky to be in your class hugs cheryl xx

  15. I think you are being a bit hard on yourself, your colouring on this card is wonderful! Perhaps you should challenge 'those' ladies with a bit of stamping? So sorry they are being difficult, I would be more than happy learning how to do beautiful flowers. Like others have said, they are lucky that you give them a choice - most classes do not, so you are being very generous in my opinion. Hugs, Anne x

  16. Hi Patricia, your card is beautiful! I love your colouring and those layers look so good.

  17. Well, I think you should do more of that stamping and coloring thing 'cuz you're pretty darn good at it. And then adding the signature roses and greenery really makes it fun.

    Sorry about those couple of ladies. There's always someone and it is usually the same someone and you can rarely make them happy. It sounds like you have a compromise for now for those who do want to make the flowers.

  18. I think Hazel has the answer. Suggest they miss the week that you make the roses and then everybody will be happy. The others would probably appreciate a week off for their moaning. Lol! I have this stamp tucked away somewhere - unused!!! Your card looks very pretty, even you think your colouring is not good enough. I must admit I don't do too much because I'm not much good at it either. I am cutting back on buying magazines unless I really want the "free" gift and think I can make good use of it. Wonder how long it will last? Hugs Christine xx

  19. Hi Patricia
    Fabulous card.... Love the layout....
    Hugs Sylvie xxx

  20. Beautiful card! Very creative!!

  21. Gorgeous card Patricia and your "signature" is the perfect finishing touch.

    My friend works in a craft shop and gives lots of classes every week. In one particular class she has several troublemakers. ie people who don't want to do this or that or the next thing. She always says too that some of them have been going to classes for years and have never made any progress in all that time!

    Good luck with the class and I agree you should give them what you want and if they want to miss a week it would be a nice break for the rest of the class!

    Kat xx

  22. Aw Patricia, you are too harsh on your self, your coloured image is just lovely. Beautiful colours and you've got the shading of the jeans and dress really great, that's always difficult to get right. But the more you colour the better you will get at it, and I always think that colouring in is so therapeutic. Perhaps you could do it after the class and loose your self in the colouring.
    Don't worry about the two pest, I would bet they are like this about most things, and I too feel that they want to be in control, so it's nothing that you are doing or not doing. Well done for keeping your cool. Would it matter all that much if you were firm and said that it's flowers and that's that, you don't have to be at the class if you're not happy. Maybe they would do everyone a favour and not come again.
    Anyway, have a really good weekend, hugs Kate X

  23. Morning Patricia (again), Just been on Sue's Blog and you have WON one of her cards, you lucky, lucky girlie, Congratulations.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  24. Hi Patricia,

    This is gorgeous, you have coloured the image in very well, love the flowers too.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  25. Ha ha! You and some of the ladies just don't hit it off Patricia ;-) oh well, just leave them be, just put them in a corner and let them make their same cards all over again, lol! I'd be happy to pay if I could learn how to make your gorgeous roses, who wouldn't!!! Anyway, let's go on to your lovely card now, what a darling couple this is and with such pretty colours, too. Lovely lovely! Hugs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  26. I'm with Ira H. Would love to be able to make such wonderful roses as you show. This is a very pretty card with all the layers & of course those gorgeous flowers. Your coloring looked fine to had some great shading & highlights. Not sure why you think you don't color! TFS & enjoy your wkend. Hugs

  27. Your card is Beautiful Patricia...Love the image & your colouring is fabulous...Now regarding these two ladies I'm with Ira all the way... I would love to attend your class and learn how to make your amazing flowers... their loss me thinks..... Hugs May x x x