Tuesday, 4 February 2014

"A Sad Card"

Hello Blog friends and followers welcome to my little corner of Blogland.  So glad to have you here, thank you for calling in.   If you are here for the first time "welcome" great to have you here.  Hope you pop back another day.
We have had quite nice weather here today, I certainly hope you have had similar.
Seven years ago past December my friend Wilma and I were waiting the arrival of new Grandchildren.  Our second, her first.  Neither of us knew what it was to be, so great excitement when on the 13th December she phoned to tell she was a Granny to a little boy.  We had just had a call telling us we had another Grandson, a brother for Thomas..
Two weeks later Wilma got sad news that Jackson had been born with a very rare Syndrome.  It meant that her little darling was Blind, Deaf and very severely disabled.  Today I got the very sad news that Jackson had died very early this morning.  A blessing for the little boy who is now at peace.  He has suffered so much in his seven years.  Poor Wilma, I popped along to see her this morning, stayed a while, till her son came round, it is his little boy.    Her son and his wife separated when Jackson was a year old.  That was sad, they each blamed one another for what happened.  Test actually proved they both carried the rouge Gene.
My card today is one I took along to Wilma although nothing anyone can say or do that will help at this point in time.  She knows I am at the end of the phone if she needs me.

Sorry it is shocking picture, took it a rush to get out the door.  I will try to post something later or early tomorrow before I go to meet Hazel

The image is from Joanna Sheen`s Eastern Treasures CD
I really like some of the tranquil images.  Only problem is there is often Chinese writing one them 
and I have not a clue what it says........I always try to cut it off

Thank you for popping in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xx


  1. Hello Patricia,
    What a very sad post, so sorry for your friend. I'm sure your she will appreciate your friendship at this time.

  2. Oh Patricia, how very sad. As you say, Jackson is at peace now but so very heartbreaking for the family.

    Your card is lovely - and knowing that you're there for Wilma will mean so much to her.

    Hugs, Di xx

  3. So sorry for your friends loss. You made a beautiful card for her. I am sure she is lucky to have a friend like you at times like this.

  4. So sad Patricia, I'm sure Wilma gains comfort from your friendship. No there isn't much one can say, but your beautiful card says it all really. I hope Wilma and her family find peace, hugs Kate x

  5. Gorgeous card Patricia. I really do know how your friend feels as Iost my grandson in 2010 aged 14months. It is horrible and still think of him every day- xxxxx

  6. Oh Patricia, that is just so sad; what a dreadful loss. You've made your friend a beautiful card.

    My thoughts are with the family. SEnding hugs, Jayne x

  7. I'm so sorry to read such sad news Patricia. Poor Wilma and the family of course. Another star in the sky. I cannot imagine how Wilma will be feeling , but I'll keep her in my prayers. Your card is beautiful and I'm sure it will be appreciated. Hugs Rita xxx

  8. Such a sad occasion. Parents and grandparents shouldn't have to suffer so. The glimpse of your card shows it to be very serene and heartfelt.

    On a much lighter note hubby once read a fiction book about a tattoo artist who would use symbols off a Chinese menu but tell the person it meant "strength" or "wisdom" or whatever. So whenever I see Chinese symbols on something I wonder if they are accurate of if they really say "sweet and sour pork."

  9. I'm so sorry for your friends loss. Heartbreaking news.
    Your card looks perfect.
    Lorraine x

  10. Oh Patricia this is so sad what awful news. Nice card huggles Sue xx

  11. Oh Patricia such a sad sad story the poor little boy must have suffered a great deal he is now at peace, but I know this is not a comfort to his parents. Your card is beautiful and I'm sure she so appreciates your kindness and support. Dee x

  12. Hi Patricia
    So sorry to hear this sad news. As you knew the little fella, I guess that you feel the loss very keenly too.
    Sometimes its the things we don't say that comfort is taken from, if that makes sense. I'm sure that you will be a steadfast friend who knows when to provide a soft shoulder.
    Sad times.
    Ang x

  13. Sorry, forgot to say, the card is delicate and meaningful with a lovely image.
    Did have to smile about the sweet and sour comment.
    Ang x

  14. Oh, I am so sorry to hear your sad news Patricia. I cannot imagine what it must have been like for the poor little boy's family. It does make me realise how lucky I am though.
    Your delicate card is beautiful.
    Take care, sending you hugs
    Sue xx

  15. Oh Patricia, how sad, I hope the family finds comfort in your card.

    I am fine, I would have e-mailed but don't have information.

    Hugs diane

  16. Your card is so lovely and I know your friend will find comfort in it. Just to know you think of her will mean so very much.

  17. hi Patricia, beautiful card for a very sad occassion, cannot imagine what your friend and family are going through, make`s you realise how very lucky we are.
    pam x

  18. what a sad story Patricia - your friend is lucky to have a good friend and she'll need that to help her grieve properly. Big hugs to you and Wilma xx

  19. Hello Patricia
    So sad for your friend... But she will appreciate your beautiful card ...
    Hugs Sylvie xxx

  20. Things like this make you grateful for what you have. Thinking of you and your friend Patricia. As ever, you have a lovely card which I'm sure was appreciated. Jenny x

  21. Morning Patricia, such a very sad post, but your friend is so lucky to have you as a dear friend and I know she will appreciate your support and the lovely card you have made, hugs Carole Z X

  22. Morning Patricia, Such a very sad post today, my heart goes out to Wilma and her Son and Daughter in Law. Jackson is at peace now and being carried on the wings of Angels to Heaven,, he is in my prayers.
    Your sympathy card is beautiful, and I'm sure that Wilma will take some comfort from it.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  23. Good morning Patricia what a sad story the poor little boy, your friend must be devastated. I know there is nothing sadder than loosing a child, Dave lost his son 3 days before his eighteenth birthday and it is something that you never expect to happen. Your card is beautiful and just perfect and I am sure it means a lot to Wilma to have your love and support. Susan x

  24. So sad to read your post beautiful card Patricia i`m sure it will be loved, so thoughtful. Now following
    Hugs Debbie xxx

  25. Morning Patricia, I have only just realised that I missed this blog and on reading it I have to say that at times like these it means a lot to know that you are there for your friends when they need it - really sad news and as you say at least now Jackson is at peace it is harder for everyone left behind but with good friends it does help xx your card is beautiful and perfect for what you want to convey xx off now to view your post today xx take care xx GailT xx

  26. Hi Patricia,
    a lovely card for such a sad occasion. As you say the little boy is at peace now, but hopefully there are nice memories of the few short years he was with your friend.
    I wrote a poem a few years ago for a similar situation, and I hope you don;t mind my sharing it with you.
    We only knew you for a short while,
    but in that short while you made us smile.
    So when we remember you, we will always smile,
    and think of you for a short while.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  27. So sad Patricia but your card is beautiful and I'm sure your friend will be comforted by your thought. Carol x

  28. Bless that is so sad Patricia but a beautiful card I'm sure Wilma will appreciate your support at this sad time.
    Hugs Erika. x

  29. Oh Patricia... this really brings tears to my eyes... to cherish a child so much and then having to give him up again... Poor poor Wilma, she must be devastated, as must be her children... Please give her a big warm hug from me, she could sure do with a little warmth... Your card is so heartfelt, Wilma will feel your sweet support... Take care, hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  30. Beautiful card Patricia, but so sad to hear the news and even sadder to hear that the parents couldn't face this dear little boys plight together. So many lives had to suffer, my heart aches for the whole family.
    Hugs Mau xx