Friday, 28 March 2014

"Etremely Quick Card"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who pops by.  You are all very welcome, I love having you here.  Thank you for all the lovely comments on my Golden Wedding Card.
Once again my week has passed in a flash.  I am reeling with the speed it has gone by.  
I have finished the order for cards, all delivered and customer very happy.  Hate to say it, but I hope that`s the last big order for a while.  Got all the flowers and bits cut out for last Tuesday class now I have a very, very sore left wrist.  My wrist is sore with holding onto the GC while I turn the handle with my right hand,  In the end I had to use my eBosser which I really do not like.  Don`t ask me why, I just don`t like it.  They keep saying how wonderful it cuts, well sorry I find it no better than my GC and nothing as good as my wee Cuttlebug which I LOVE to bits.  However it did get me out of a tight spot.
My card today is so simple, it is all I could manage while the wrist plays up and with what time I have at the moment.
I got the inspiration for the card from Jules ( ) she makes some stunning cards that always look so fresh and pristine.

My card was made from some bits that were lying round.  I used then rather than put them in the Bit Box or the bag for the school
Base card 5 x 5 pre-scored
Spotty paper printed from a CD
Pink stripe Tilda paper
Pink and Lilac card bits
Stamp from Stamps Away 
Scrap of ribbon, only enough for round the card then a knot rather than a bow
Some Pearls from my stash

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx


  1. I'm so sorry you are having problems with your wrist Patricia. I guess when you do a lot of die cutting at once it is bound to happen. I have had mixed reports about the E Bosser so at the moment I am holding back. Fortunately my problem is mainly with my left thumb and wrist and I am right handed, but unfortunately the right side is starting to get worse now.

    Your card might have been very quick but it is delightful none the less. A great way of using up your bits. Have a good weekend. The weather is going to be good - allegedly! - but at the moment the sky is as black as the ace of spades and looks like it will pour any minute. As long as the hail and snow we had yesterday stays away!! Love and hugs Christine xx

  2. Hello Patricia, sorry about your wrist, careful you don't end up with RSI, have to give it a wee rest for a while. I've never fancied the electrical cutters, and after reading about the breakages with the GC, I'm happy to have my BS.

    A quick card but no less gorgeous for that, lovely papers and design.
    That's me on my days off now, plan to be doing not a lot, you take care, hugs Kate x

  3. It might qiuck but its a stunning card ...sorry to hear about your wrist,,after many years of typing my wrist and thumb joints are shot but we soldier on don't we...hope yours feel better soon.


  4. Not familiar with the Ebosser, because I've had my BigShot for a couple of years now and love it! Same as with DH, no need to replace them, lol! Your card looks fab Patricia, the quote is wonderfully centered and you've used such pretty papers, too! Hope your wrist feels better now! Hugs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  5. Your card is gorgeous Patricia. I love the design and beautiful papers.
    I hope your wrist pain eases soon and that you have a good weekend.
    hugs Sue xx

  6. Fab card Patricia, I was going to buy an Ebosser but will stick to my cuttlebug and GC lol. Have a great weekend huggles Sue xx

  7. Hi Patricia, lovely card, very pretty. I agree the e bosser does not cut any better than the GC and its a lot noisier! At the moment though its the only one I have since my GC broke so I'll happily use it.

    Hope your wrist gets better soon.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  8. Oh my, so sorry to hear your wrist is achey from all that cutting. I've seen the EBossers, and decided this is one machine I'll pass on, just for the moment. I like my B.Shot, C/Bug & the GC for the larger dies. Your card is beautiful. Love the bits & pieces you used for the shapes behind the main motif. Great to use up some snippety bits. Hope you took this one over to Pixie's Snippet Playground????It's a perfect entry. Hope your wrist soon feels better and glad you have all the elements ready for your class! TFS & Hugs

  9. Beautiful card Patricia. I do love that sentiment. I have two very weak wrists after having accidents a few years ago. Hopefully yours gets better soon. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs Rita xxx

  10. Hi Patricia
    I'm sure you have weak wrists from carrying all that milk when the boys stay lol! I've never been tempted by the ebosser only because I always think anything electrical has more chance of throwing a wobbly. One of the funniest things was Jodie Johnsons breaking down twice on C & C and now she tends to use a GC lol!
    Anyhoo, wonderful card. The colours are just my thing and love that stamp.
    Hope your wrist feels better soon.
    Ang x

  11. Your card is fab Patricia, love the colour and combination of papers. Sorry to hear yor wrist is hurting, hope it recovers quickly. It must be annoying that the ebosser isn't the bees knees it is supposed to be especially at that price. Does it have a shim missing perhaps. xx Flora

  12. Beautiful card Patricia. Love the colour. Was pleased to see your comment about the ebosser as I have been thinking of one - so I will maybe hold off and just use the GC and the Cuttlebug in the meantime.

  13. Hiya Patricia - I hope the wrist gets better soon - love your card - great focal sentiment - wonderful! Hugs xx

  14. hi Patricia, fabulous card design, love the stamped sentiment.
    sorry about your wrist, know what you are going through. mine is my thumbs and wrists on both hands..right is worst, only pain killers will helps these nothing can be done, had a very bad left shoulder for months, doc at last sent me to physio seems its a frozen shoulder and a trapped nerve, have to have a few more sections to see if he can help.. still keep going.
    hugs pam x

  15. Hi Patricia,
    lovely card great design. I have my E Bosser and love it too bits. I very rarely use my GC now. It only gets used in the middle of the night as it;s quieter than the E Bosser to use at night, when I can't sleep as tonight.
    There was plenty of stalls at the NEC but I did notice some of the big names were missing, maybe they are off to the Ally Pally next month. I am still getting over my journey and all the walking around there. Just trying to catch up on mundane house work, and washing and ironing, after my spell at my sisters.
    So sorry your having trouble with your wrists. I do hope they soon get better.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. Morning Patricia, So glad you got your mammoth order finished and delivery and everyone happy, well apart from your poor wrist that is !! just think about all the lovely money you will have to spend on more craft goodies haha. I hope your wrist gets better soon, I know the feeling too, I broke my left wrist years ago and it wasn't set properly, the shape is absolutely awful, and it has been weak ever since. I would never be able to use it as much as you do with yours. Give it a good rest, and use your Ebosser for the time being. I loved my Ebosser when I got it, but I must admit it has been relegated to a cupboard at present, I'm using my GC and my Artisan at present, and have just bought a Big Shot for when I start to do my quilting, but haven't tried it yet !!
    Your card is lovely, quick and easy but so, so effective, really lovely.
    Have a lovely weekend, I'm off to a craft show at Port Sunlight this morning, can't wait. I double-booked myself with a fundraiser High Tea at Church, but I still volunteered to make my Coffee and Walnut cake for it, and Graham will drop it off at Church today, I ended up having to make two cakes as the first one didn't rise enough, grrrrrr haha, Graham will be taking that to work on Monday, they will be pleased too.
    Have a lovely day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  17. Hi Patricia what a fabulous card love the design, Jules's cards are fab aren't they? Sorry to hear your wrist is bothering you. I had a frozen shoulder for a few years and what a nuisance! Dave kept on at me to go to the drs but I don't do drs unless desperate just persevered! I often wonder about the Ebosser and have never been convinced about its usefulness. I have my Cuttlebug which I love and use all the time and Big Shot Pro for the big stuff and then my Cameo I think that's enough for now! Have a wonderful weekend, Susan xx

  18. A lovely fresh looking card Patricia ,Hope your wrist gets better soon
    Elaine H X

  19. This is a lovely card Patricia , a delightful layout and such pretty papers. Love it.

    As for your wrist - I do hope it gets better although I bought mine because I have loads of trouble with my wrist and often have to wear a splint. I bought the EBosser 'cos I thought it would help, however the plates are soooooooo heavy it makes no difference whatsover and, in fact the slowness of the thing to get through does little to keep me calm! Talk about annoying, oh and mine also has a pressure problem and I can only put things to cut in certain areas, or I have to use various shims. The only reason I keep using it is because it is at the side of me on a little table and my GC is on a shelf just above my workspace and I can't be bother to swap them over ......... yet!!!

    Big hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  20. Hi Patricia, this is a really pretty card, love the papers. I do hope your wrist improves soon...I have never been attracted to the embosser. I already have a cricut in the corner of the craft room, which barely gets used. There is just 'something' about the manual machines, but if it is helping with your wrist at the moment, that's all that matters..sending a big hug, Carole Z X

  21. This is one really beautiful card hun love the papers you have used hope your wrist improves soon hun hugs cheryl xx

  22. I really do sympathise with you on the wrist, I share your pain, not literally, but in spirit as I have a prosthetic one which causes no end of problems! Your card really is beautiful and looks anything but simple.

    My Vagabond broke after just a few months and I am back using the Big Shot, which I love - no more electronic machines for me. Hope your wrist improves quickly. Anne xx

  23. Greetings Patricia what a fabulous card love the design, very fun papers and ribbon.

    Hugs diane

  24. Morning Patricia,
    Sorry yo hear you have a bad wrist, know how you feel I feel onto my bottom last week and it's so painful.
    Love your card this would be great for a man in different colours.
    Have a lovely Mother's Day,

  25. I love your quick card! The sentiment is such a great font and the papers are so pretty.

  26. And here is the girly version of this card. They are both fabulous. I really needed some quick card ideas last night and there was none to be found (in my mind, I wasn't on-line). Funny how the mind fails us when we need it the most.