Saturday, 1 March 2014

"My CuttleBug has Died"

Hello Blog friends, followers and all of you who call in, leave lovely comments but don't have a Blog for me to do the same for you.  
Thank you for being there, it is what makes this Blogging Lark so much fun.
A bit behind, did not get any crafting done while the boys were here.  We love having them here although John prefers when they are not at school the next day.  That way than can "play" by running through the woods at the side of the house playing "Commando's".  They were asking if they can come Saturday to go out on their bikes.  Looks like we will have visitors again over the weekend.
A great sadness fell on our Kitchen on Friday afternoon.  I got out my CuttleBug to finish cutting out all the bits for Tuesday.  Got a few done, no "smoke" today.  The poor wee thing had had enough.........a bit of a bang then the sides fell out and I saw all the "gubbins" inside.  Lots of cogs, tried to put it back together but it was not having any of it.  A new one is on the way as I type , got the confirmation this morning.    When I told John he said Oh! dear, you better just order another I know how much you need it.  I have had that one for approx 10years it has done so much cutting out and embossing.  I just hope the new lasts as long. I do have my Grand Calibur and eBosser I can still work.
The sun is shining although we had a very thick frost this morning.   Spring is on its way though, I decided to do something to welcome it to our house.  When Elaine and I were in Glasgow we saw lovey wicker hearts in Primark for the the grand sum of £1.00 each.  We bought quite a few to use at the Craft Class.  Here is how I decorated one of mine.  It is hanging on my inner Porch door.

Heart from Primark
Various SB Dies for the flowers
SB Foliage Die
Organza ribbon MieFlower

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

  I have "tried and failed" to put this on

Patricia  xxx


  1. Oh dear, Patricia, no Cuttlebug ... I would be bereft without mine and rather hope it doesn't meet the same fate as yours. Love the heart and will be popping into Primark next time I'm in town in the hope of finding one or two ... my daughter loves hearts so one like yours would added to her collection. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

  2. Oh Patricia - disaster! But at least you do have other to fall back on. I have an Epic Six (which I just never liked) on a top shelf here just for such an emercency.

    Your heart really is fabulous - Primark here I come :) Remember that if you used snippets for those lovely flowers you can link into the Playground when it opens again (midnight onwards). I don't min a bit of backlinking - no wonder the place is mayhem at times :)



  3. Ooops, few typos - more haste less speed! xx

  4. So sad about your CB. Love mine and use it all the time, rather than GC. This heart is lovely and a great decoration. xxx

  5. Oh dear Patricia..but at least John was understanding :) Love your wicker heart, it's so pretty. Carol x

  6. I am glad you put the heart up on your blog, I just loved it when you show it to me on Wednesday -so fresh and spring like, and all for a few pennies. Hazel xxx

  7. Hi Patricia, WOW! This is gorgeous, so bright and spring like, I am sure it is taking pride of place in your porch, there for all to see and enjoy. Great bargain at a £1 each too.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  8. I thought your heart was a floral condolence wreath for your sadly departed bug! Lol! Like how you have decorated it. Hugs Christine xx

  9. This is gorgeous Patricia. Such a bargain price, I wish we had a Primark near here. I love your beautiful flowers and pretty ribbon.
    Sorry to hear about your Cuttlebug, it sounds like it had a good life though!
    hugs Sue xx

  10. How sad your beloved Cuttlebug has died Patricia. I think my Grand Calibur May be on its way out too as there is a black oily residue appearing on the sides of my boards. I would interested in how you like your Ebosser. I have a Big shot as well. Love that heat, it's so stunning a would make a great gift. Hugs Rita xxx

  11. Hi Patricia,
    Oh dear, death in the craft room, poor old cuttlebug, but sounds if it has done you proud. They are such great little machines so much easier to handle than G/C. I use mine such a lot.
    I love your heart it's so fresh and pretty, very springlike.

  12. Oh RIP poor cuttlebug, mine passed away last year Patricia and I had to go and buy one immediately even though I've got a Big Shot Pro and Cameo. Your heart wreath is so pretty a perfect way to welcome Spring. Susan xx

  13. The wreath is so pretty - love it. Hope your new cuttlebug arrives soon. I have a Grand calibur too, but would be lost without my little bug!
    Lorraine x

  14. So very pretty, and I bet it is so cheery to see this bright breath of spring when you walk inside your front porch. Boo hoo on your C/B demise. I broke my old one using a Mbossibility some time back. I didn't care for the newer model, and my friend who is a great 'garage saler' had an extra 'old style' one that she sold me for the fantastic price she had paid for it. She prefers the newer style C/B. Glad you were able to quickly replace this one! Hugs & TFS

  15. Your altered heart is Gorgeous...sorry to hear the bug gave up the ghost...lets hope the newbie lasts the course!!! Hugs May x x x

  16. That Heart looks great wished we had a Primark near us that would make a great present Idea for my Ex Neighbour Birthday next week, Sorry about CB , I have a new one but don`t use it that much only when my GB broke ,my Sister has my old one .Melanie

  17. Luv your heart and what a fab welcome for people visiting xx Cuttlebugs are little work horses and unfortunately I don't think there is anything else to match the old version with maybe the exception of the Big Shot but only good for smaller sized die cutting and embossing - my GC gave up the ghost last year but didn't really rate it but managed to purchase it when it was on offer so can't complain too much xx enjoy the rest of your weekend xx GailT xx

  18. beautiful - love the heart - so sorry to hear about your cuttlebug - did you keep the cogs?? They make great embellies - it might seem a bit odd but it would be a great way to honour your old friend xx

  19. Hi Patricia, you do find some lovely bargains, your heart looks fantastic, teach me to go shopping.
    sorry about your bug, glad another is on it`s way.

  20. My sympathies on the loss of your Cuttlebug. Hope your new one comes soon. Lovely wreath. Have a great day.

  21. BANG! My Cuttlebug did the same thing one day when I tried to shove too much through it. Quite interesting all the bits they have inside them, isn't it? I didn't get a new CB though, I didn't like the small platform the newer version has so I got a Big Shot. Oddly enough I use my CB plates way more than I do the Big Shot ones.

    When you said the boys wanted to come over and play in the woods and ride their bikes I wondered if it were warm enough, then I remember that they are kids and kids can't be bothered with weather update. They just play and have fun regardless.

    Love the wired heart. It definitely says spring! I hope the heart encourages spring to make an appearance soon!

  22. Hello again Patricia,
    Sorry I was away so long, I did peek but didn't comment.
    Beautiful project, you are definitely queen of flowers.
    Shame about your machine so sad to lose a faithful friend.
    Happy Sunday, are you going out in the woods on your bike too?
    Maggie x

  23. Hi Patricia, I love your wreath...since you told me you were making one I have been so looking forward to seeing it...your inner porch door is now officially brightened for Spring! I am SO behind that I still have the Valentine's season one on my front door..eek!
    I was so sorry to hear about your cuttlebug - I really think this is such a dependable machine. I think mine is about 5 years old, it was passed to me by a friend, so not sure how long she'd had it. My GC struggles on, also about 5 years but has been taken apart twice by us to to repair and has had two new handles..couldn't do without either though! Carole Z X

  24. hello Patricia.
    i had to laugh when i red this title from your post.
    but we cannot survive without our cuttlebug or other machine, so i will give you a tip.
    the bigshot is also a gorgeous machine and with the bigshot, you can also use the big dies from our TIM HOLZ!
    you use it them without the mulit perpose platform.
    it is a realy lovely machine and i had bought this one after the dead from my cuttlebug and i never will an other machine, or they must come with an other one who had more other possibillities.
    your wreath is gorgeous and lovely to hang on a beautiful spot.
    have a nice sunday and hugs from Ann

  25. Morning Patricia sorry to here the demise of your beloved cuttlebug...Hooray new one is on the way :) xxxx

  26. Hi Patricia
    RIP Cuttlebug.
    I'm just in awe that you have three die cutting machines. I just have my GC and I think it will need to be surgically removed from me at some point.
    Beautiful home decor piece. So bright and Springlike and a bargain to boot. Don't normally venture into Primark (usually resembles a jumble sale I find) but may have to go look.
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  27. Poor Cuttlebug is no more... You have loved and cherished him for over 10 years Patricia... Bet his successor will last at least this long! Oh, I am so glad to have Primark over here as well, just love shopping there (although I wasn't able to go weekdays lately, due to work and weekends are sooooooooo busy!) Love your altered heart,your blooms are the best!! Hugs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  28. I love the heart Patricia. Funny how we all feel we cannot do without our Cuttlebugs no matter which other machines we own.

  29. Hi Patricia, Oh no !!! thankfully you have a lovely hubby who just said to get another !! and as you say, it is now 'winging it's way' to you.
    I love the embellished heart, funnily I got a similar wicker heart from Hobbycraft a few weeks ago, mine cost me £3.99 and I painted it white and covered it in HC Majestic Blooms flowers and foliage and a couple of half rosettes and a banner with 'Thinking of You' stamped on it, it was for my next door neighbour who had gone into hospital for a brainstem tumour op, she was over the moon with it. Yours was a definite bargain, I'm definitely going to be visiting Primark at £1 haha, thanks for the heads up.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  30. I love the heart Patricia makes a pretty decoration. Yes, I know the feeling, my Spellbinder handle just snapped off and that was the end of it.

    Hugs Diane

  31. WOW! this is stunning Patricia, what a wonderful gift.

    Donna x

  32. Lovely creation but oh no how sad the cuttlebug died...that is drastic lol, go get

  33. Hi Patricia, love your wicker heart and the added embellishments, just perfect. As to your machine breaking, boo, hiss.....I know we shouldn't have favourites but we generally do!
    Hugs Erika.

  34. Sorry to hear about your Cuttlebug! Love the beautiful heart, I keep meaning to look out for things like this to decorate - thanks for the reminder and gorgeous inspiration!

  35. Hi Patricia - you're all linked into the Playground now! :)

    Hugs, Di xx

  36. Hi Patricia, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I can see from several of your posts you have a love of making flowers too. A lot of pretty designs. Enjoy your new Cuttlebug. Julie x

  37. This is lovely and bet it looks great on your porch! Sweet little heart!

  38. This is beautiful Patricia, lovely flowers in spring colours!xx

  39. Oh dear . . . poor faithful old Cuttlebug . . . RIP!

    LOVE this heart decoration. Just love it.l
    Hugs, Sarn xxx