Monday, 3 March 2014

"New Cuttlebug has arrived"

Hello Blog friends, followers and those who just pop by for a visit.  Thank you for taking the time to do that I love having you here.
Beautiful day here, cleaning all done, washing out what a difference the sun makes.
Debbie Fisher:- I love your cards BUT!! I am hopeless with "techie" stuff and don`t do Facebook so cant leave comments.....sorry!!!
Delivery van came 11.30 this morning with my new is that for service???   I ordered from Crafter`s Companion and have to say really was not expecting it to arrive till the middle of this week, I am one Happy Bunny.  Out of the box and straight into use.  Not nearly as sturdy as my original one but there you go, things move on.  The other thing is you don`t get a "C" plate, thank goodness I have my old one.  Why is this not supplied??? seems rather silly to me.  You need that for Die Cutting.

Box opened and had to play.................just to make sure it worked!!
Yes!! all OK even though it is not as sturdy it does the job.  Will have to treat it very carefully.  Note self:- do all the Bulk Die Cutting on the Grand Calibur.

Here is the card I made for "Test Purposes"

Gave it some gentle cutting to do
SB Labels .... a few of
SB Blossom Five for the Rose using Tilda paper/card scraps
White Foliage a Crealies Die from Joanna Sheen
Embossed piece from Hazel as well as the MB Frame

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling in I really appreciate you do that
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


  1. Gorgeous card Patricia! And what a lovely product from your new Cuttlebug too. Like you, I suspect that almost everything we buy is less sturdy these days - but here's wishing you many happy hours! Thinking about it, my CB didn't come with a C plate (which annoyed me) so, although it's pink. perhaps mine is a less solid version too. It's going strong though!

  2. Pretty card Patricia...I agree with Di most things you buy these days aren't made the way they used be and don't seem to last at just go careful..lOl..lOl..


  3. Sadly, most everything is made to be disposable these days. Will we be next? Hope not! I have an old Cuttlebug and it sits on my shelf all alone. Also have the Grand Calibur, two Big Shots (one of them is electric) and I'm embarrassed to say I just purchased a eBosser. I guess I'm not into hoarding embossing machines. I use then each for certain things so I don't feel I'm wasteful. The last Big Shot I paid $2.50 for on Bargains like that don't come along very often. The eBosser is a treat for me because I have a very bad right shoulder . Enjoy your new machine! Love your card and think you did a very nice job. .

  4. Hi Patricia, so nice to see you have your new Cuttlebug ... it's the one that looks like a handbag and very nice too. Can't understand why you don't get the C plate as it is absolutely essential, happily my old teal one came with everything but the tan mat which I purchased at the same time. Thinking about it, that's essential too so why not just sell the complete package!!! Your test card is lovely - the flowers are gorgeous. Elizabeth xx

  5. Hi Patricia! Gorgeous card. Glad your Cuttlebug arrived quickly. I think it is funny you didn't get the "C" plate too! Hard to cut without it! Have a great day.
    Donna xx

  6. Glad your new Bug has arrived Patricia and you soon put it to work with this lovely card. We live in a throw-away society now. Things are not intended to last, whether we are talking about craft stuff or washing machines!! It makes me a bit cross but there's no point is there? Hugs Christine xx

  7. Your test card is lovely, hope you get many hours out of you Bug.

    Wilma x x x

  8. Ha ha! Bet you screamed for joy, lol! No wonder you wanted to test your new friend first! You are right about quality though, things just don't seem to last a lifetime anymore, but hey, as long as you are able to make all the cards you want with it? This one's a real beauty, so keep going my friend ;-) Enjoy your evening, hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  9. A gorgeous 'test' card!! Love the pretty flowers.
    Enjoy your new bug
    Lorraine x

  10. Really? They don't send you a C plate? That's just insanity. Your new Cuttlebug looks all shiny and happy. I love your tester card. Yep, the new Cuttlebug seems to be working up to your standards!

  11. Glad you are happy with your new machine even though its a 'light weight'. Things ain't wot they used to be Patricia!!!!! Lovely inauguration piece.
    Maggie x

  12. So glad your CB arrived in good time Patricia. Lovely card you have made whilst testing too. Hugs Rita.xxxx

  13. Gorgeous card Patricia and gorgeous shiny Cuttlebug. xxx

  14. Pretty good service to get your bug so quickly. Enjoy using it. Love the card, looks like the bug passed it's test.
    Janice W

  15. Beautiful card Patricia. Enjoy your new CB!! x

  16. fast service indeed!!!! I'll stick to my Big Shot, Grand Calibur and Ebosser, LOL, I think I have to have em all LOL. YOur card is as gorgeous as ever!

  17. Hi Patricia
    Happy girlie again! Did have to laugh when you said this isn't as sturdy as the last one, bearing in mind the last one fell to bits lol! You will have to be gentle with it chuck. No putting your pasta dough through this one lol!
    Your test has passed with flying colours. Lovely, lovely, lovely!
    Ang x

  18. Beautiful card it`s passed it test, I thought mine came with all the plates ,but maybe wrong it was a couple of years ago .Melanie

  19. You've put your new bug to good use Patricia...your card is beautiful, so elegant. Carol x

  20. That was good service! It seems a shame it's not a sturdy as your old one and the C plate wasn't supplied either.
    Anyway, your card is gorgeous. I love your elegant design and it's so lovely to see one of your stunning flowers again.
    hugs Sue xx

  21. Beautiful card as always and luvly to see your fab flower xx luv the emboss background too xx glad you didn't have to wait for your CB too long - I've ordered things from CC and have to agree that their delivery time is pretty amazing xx GailT xx

  22. so glad you got your new cuttlebug Patricia - even without the C plate - I always find the service very good at crafters companion. I didn't have such luck with the running shoes but ordered some online in the end! I'm full of admiration for your marathon running - I only ever did one - and then I said never again xx

  23. beautiful card Patricia, see you have put your new machine to good use, love that MB frame and you beautiful rose.

  24. Hi Patricia, congrats on getting your new machine. I've had my original one for a few years now and it's still going strong - it came with all plates too. If I was you I would be complaining to Crafter's Companion, it couldn't hurt, it's so ridiculous not to come with everything that's required.

    What I couldn't understand (when I saw this new model) is why have the handle the way it is, I love that mine sits down flush with the body. Oh well we have to move on I guess - good luck with it.

  25. Great card Patricia. It is a lovely feeling when we get something new. Strange about the C plate but lucky for you that you already had one. Good luck with your new bug.

  26. I am a "Cuttlebug" girl too. I love mine. it is the old one but still works perfectly. congrats on yours!!!

  27. Yay! Glad you have your new cuttlebug and I am sure it will serve you as well as your old one; when we were up at Stitches a few weeks ago, I saw some by different designers such as Kirstie Allsopp, in different colours...still prefer the original though. Love your card! Hugs Carole Z X

  28. Hi Patricia wow that was quick. I have ordered from Crafter's Companion before and they have taken weeks and weeks plus many phone calls! Your card is gorgeous Patricia very elegant. Susan xx

  29. Morning Patricia, Congratulations, you did really well. I still have the original CB, although it hasn't been used for ages, it was my first diecutting machine, then I got the Vagabond, then the Grand Calibur, then another GC when the original's handle broke, then I got the Ebosser, and recently have got the new Big Shot !!! Like Glenda above, I think I'm a hoarder of die-cutting machines haha.
    I, too, can't understand why you didn't get a 'C' plate with your new CB, they should provide everything we need for die-cutting and embossing in one complete package !!
    Loving your tester card, as always, it is stunning.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  30. Morning Patricia,
    Looks shiny and new, how long will that last? Madness that you din't get a C plate I would get in touch with C/C to see if it's a mistake. Mine came with all the plates.
    Love your test card, very pretty and very you. Love it.

  31. Happy post is the best...Looks to me it's done a great job on your card the die-cuts & embossing are is crazy that you have to buy plates for these machines my GC I had to buy the raspberry plate separate... you would think it would all come as a package?? I suppose they have to make extra pennies somehow!!
    Have fun....Hugs May x x

  32. Great to see you've got your new toy up and running. Great card, loving the touch of colour with mainly white. Great floral arrangement too.
    Hugs Erika. x

  33. Hi Patricia,
    so glad you have your new cuttlebug.
    You have created a very beautiful creation with it. Simply stunningly beautiful.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  34. Hi Patricia,

    Wow! That did come with some speed! Good job you have kept your old plates, they do come in handy. I would get in touch with CC though to see if its an oversight.

    Beautiful card, love the design and colours. Great embossing too.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  35. Another beautiful card, I love the arrangement in the corner - your flower is gorgeous!

  36. Beautiful card Patricia, love the gorgeous design.

    Donna x

  37. Beautiful, delicate card Patricia in lovely colours! Glad your cuttlebug arrived quickly, I gave the pink one from a few years ago and the GC. Use them both as have some of the sizzix dies!xx

  38. Glad to see you're fully operational again. Must admit I use two machines now depending on the task. Love your elegant card Patricia. Jenny x