Wednesday, 12 March 2014

"No card today"

Hello Blog friends, followers and all who call into my little corner of Blogland.  
Thank you for doing that, I love having you here, I do like to read all your lovely comments.  For all who pop in, leave lovely comments and don`t have a Blog where I can return the favour I thank you.
Did not meet Hazel today she is full of the cold and feels a bit miserable.
So busy day here at the Ranch.  The sun is shining and showing up how dirty the windows are. Got a lot of them done till I ran out of Battery Power in the Window Vac so still have a few more to do.  Tell you what!!! wooden floors are great but you don`t half see the dust on them even though they were vacuumed yesterday. 
John decided to tidy up some books ... yes! he still reads books even though I bought him a Kindle for Christmas a year past, he prefers to turn the pages. Bags of books ready for the Charity Shop.
A few people have commented how lucky our boys are when they are here.  They have a wonderful "playground" they also have similar at there own house but you know how it is............!!!!! 
Here are a few pictures of where they play:-

They are so safe we can hear and see then at all times

First place the head for is the "burn" down the bank in the above picture

Or just riding their bikes up and down the drive.  This is also where they play Commando's, much better hiding place when the leaves are on the trees

No card today will have no time to play.

Thank your for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time 

Patricia  xxx


  1. Oh it looks lovely down the lane today, to think when I was last out at yours it was very cold, windy and miserable. The boys are lucky to have that playground!!! Window cleaning tell me about it I will have to tackle ours when I have more energy. Enjoy the rest of your day big sis don't over do it. Hazel xxx

  2. What a wonderful playground on your have just reminded me about my windows...will try to get round to them at the weekend...they look so dirty when the sun hits them yikes....Hugs May x x x

  3. looks like a fabulous playground to me Patricia - I always think my girls are lucky to have our garden - but its nothing compared with that - take it easy! Hugs Rachel x

  4. I think that is why Darren's children like to be here too. They have a few acres where they can wander to their heart's content and as you say, we don't have to worry about them at all. No burn or stream I'm afraid but you can't have everything. And it is less than a mile for them to walk to the playground near the village where they have all sorts of things for kids. They do seem to love the zip wire the best. I must admit - that I have tried it out myself. Wheeeeee!! And there is also a little brook there where they always somehow managed to get wet.! John too on occasions! Lol! Fortunately I cleaned all my windows about 10 days ago and i must admit felt very pleased with myself. Once the sun starts to shine it really shows them up doesn't it? Enjoy the rest of the day. Hugs Christine xx

    PS thanks for your note.

  5. When I was growing up a favorite place to visit was my cousins house...he had a creek running right through his front yard. Many an hour was spent playing in that creek! Great memories!

  6. Hi Patricia,
    What a lovely playground for the grandchildren, when our two girls were small we would go the the woods or the local beach, always had such fun.

  7. Lovely play area. Nice to see the pics. xxx

  8. Hi Patricia, I hope Hazel feels better soon. Great photos, looks like a perfect place for boys to play, my two would love it. A stick in hand and then a little imagination!
    Have a super day, hugs Erika.

  9. Hi Patricia,

    Looks a great place for walking as well as playing. I love my window vac couldn't do without it, we have a 22 X 12 conservatory so its handy for all those windows inside and out lol!

    Sorry about my post I scheduled it saying had a great evening as I knew we would have but of course did not predict it being cancelled as Chris Packham was stuck in none moving traffic in Chelmsford lol! Could not leave it like that could I? They are hoping to reschedule at some point i the year so we will keep our tickets and go then.

    Take care

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. Hi Patricia I did all my windows yesterday too and I agree about the wood floors too!!! lol no wonder the boys like coming over a great place for them to play:) fab pictures...huggles Sue xx

  11. Fabulous pictures Patricia, what a wonderful ranch. My windows are so dirty but once it stops raining for a while they will get the cleaning they deserve.

  12. Hi Patricia
    Would not be without my Karcher. One of the best things we've ever bought. Great for getting rid of condensation too, especially on the bathroom tiles and mirror.
    Lovely sunny day you had there. What a beautiful place for the boys to grow up in.
    Here's to more sunny days for you all.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  13. Hi Patricia,
    your place certainly looks really a fab place for 2 youngsters to play in.
    They are very lucky to have a Grandmother and Grandfather with such a wonderful and safe place for them to play.
    Oh how I do hate those mundane chores one has to do. lol. I would much rather be
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  14. Hello Patricia, your photos show a great place for Rober, Thomas and Grandad to play in, being safe is so important. The lane must be lovely when the leaves are on the trees.
    My windows are a disgrace, I'll have to get Alistair on the job, hugs Kate x

  15. hi Patricia, love my window vac too, fantastic playground for your boys.

  16. hi Patricia.
    what a lovey post from you and beautiful pictures.
    this is a fantastic playground for your boys and i love to take a peek.
    hugs from Ann

  17. Thanks for the lovely pictures of the area where you live. Loved that you called it a 'burn'. Where I live, it would be called a 'creek' (pronounced crick by lots of folks. If one was being refined, we'd say it was a brook! It's lovely and I can see why your boys love to visit. TFS & Hugs

  18. Lovely photos bring back memories the sort of places I used to wander in my youth. Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving such a kind comment on my very first attempt to make that style of card.
    Margaret M

  19. Oh hun what beautiul photos reminds me of when my children were tiny and how they would play in the fields were we live being innthe country and living in a farm yard you can imagine the fun we had great post hun hugs cheryl xx

  20. Morning Patricia, Tell me about it !! the sunshine is fab-u-lous, but oh how it shows up all that dust etc haha. I have a multi fuel stove in the front room, and yesterday the sun was streaming through the back windows (we have windows back and front of the room) and there was a layer of dust on the tv cabinet, but I looked the other way as today is my 'everything cleaned day' haha. I have already stripped the bed, re-made it, and the first batch of bedding waiting to be hung outside. Although we have fog at the moment !!!
    Your two grandsons have a beautiful playground, no wonder they love coming to yours, how brilliant that their imaginations can run riot in a beautiful and safe environment.
    Enjoy your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  21. Hi Patricia fab photos reminds me of where I grew up in New England we had a huge woods with waterfalls and used to play all day that was in the days when it was safe to do so! Susan x

  22. Had to smile at your window story, ours are shocking now the sun is shining and you have reminded me to charge up the window vac.... Your pictures are beautiful, no wonder the boys have such fun. Anne x

  23. When I was a kid I love played outside. There was a whole posse of us and we'd play for hours on end. It was such a huge shock to move to Arizona where outside is so inhospitable. No grass, everything has stickers, it's dusty and gritty and a little bit too warm.

  24. Fabulous playground, such a fab place for both kids and grown up kids ;-) I can totally understand your John, btw, Patricia, for I need to feel books, too. I'm very keen on new gadgets and stuff, but books? I need to sniff them and be able to properly turn the pages, lol! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  25. Gorgeous photos Patricia..reminds me of all the outside exploring when I was a kid - a whole group of us friends and our dogs would stay out all day in the Summer, it was glorious! We have so many books in our house that we said 'no more' at least for a while, about a year ago. I use the iPad and Tom his kindle..he loves books even more than me, but he has really taken to the kindle..trouble is we still keep getting given books as presses! lol Carole Z XX