Sunday, 30 March 2014

"Same but different & New Arrivals"

Welcome everyone!! Hope all is good with you if not here are a few (((((hugs))))) to help.
Miserable weather here and still quite cold.  We had 5s & 6 degrees here in North East Scotland yesterday, they were getting in the high "teens" down fair is that????
John and I went over to Kinross, Fife yesterday to a Craft Fair.  It was one of the best I have been to in a long time.  Lots and lots of beautiful Hand Crafted things.  I am sick of going to Fairs and finding "Bought In Stuff" both when visiting as well as participating.  Hazel and I have given up doing Craft Fairs for that very reason.  The other thing that gets me is, you approach a Stall and the Stall Holder is sitting, some never lift their heads to acknowledge you are rude.  I passed 4 stalls yesterday before any one even said Good Morning.  When I did get a Good Morning I thanked the lady and told her she was the first to greet us. 
End of moan..............!!  I am actually in a very good mood this morning.
We are off along to J & As later, so fun time there with the boys.  Robert has "promised" to let us here his latest pieces on his DRUMS!!!! Where did I put those Earplugs.  He is actually very good it is just the noise level.  Good job they have no real close neighbours.
My card today is the mans version of the last one I posted

Base craft Kraft Card cut to 6 x 6
Paper printed from a Rob Adams CD
Stamp from Stamps Away

Here are our new arrivals.  They belong to our neighbour and are in a little field over our back garden fence.  As soon as they hear our back door opening they run over.  Very tame, the mums are very trusting and let us pat the lambs, they are so soft and cuddly.

We have the most wonderful neighbours that give us endless pleasure and no problems
John wonders why I never eat lamb............can you blame me???

That`s it for today 
Thank you for taking time to call by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxxx


  1. Great male card Patricia. The lambs are so cute - a lovely sign of spring. Enjoy your recital!! - Thank goodness my grandson has not discovered drums - yet.

  2. Good Morning Patricia. Great male card. What a beautiful spring scene. I don't eat lamb either for that same reason. Enjoy your Day with the boys. Happy Mothers Day too. Hugs Rita xxx.

  3. Amazing how different two cards can be with the same stamp. This makes a great male card. Snap! I'm not a lamb eater for that reason too. Mind you I still occasionally eat beef and we have cows next door too - and sometimes even closer! Lol! Luckily we are having good weather again toady and I am outside again, even though my shoulder is letting me know I did too much yesterday! Hugs Christine xx

  4. A lovely card Patricia, great for a Man.

    Love the piccies of the Lambs, the are so sweet.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Hi Patricia,
    fab mans version of this card. A great idea to do one of each.
    love those super pics of the new arrivals.
    I never eat lamb either,but the men all seem to love it.
    My DH always says when passing sheep in a field mint sauce. Now how awful it that.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  6. Oh dear Big sis, guess what I bought at the butchers yesterday - yes lamb chops - my thinking if we didn't buy meat of any kind they just wouldn't be around for us to see, we have sheep in the field across from us again great to watch the little ones skipping about. Your card is great goes to show that different backing papers can change the look. Hazel xx

  7. Your card is fabulous Patricia, I love the papers and stylish design.
    The sheep and lambs are totally adorable. I am a vegetarian and can totally understand why you don't eat lamb.
    I wish I could send you some of your sunshine! I hope you enjoy the rest of the day.
    hugs Sue xx

  8. great card Patricia and love the photos - I don't eat lamb either!!! I couldn't! Big Hugs rachel xx

  9. Good Afternoon Patricia, great male card, love your papers andlayout.

    Lovely photos, of mum and her babies, Spring is here, even if it doesn't seem like it. I've resigned myself to being a meat eater although I love cows and sheep, tried to be a veggie, didn't work, have a lovely Sunday, hope your ears hold up, hugs Kate x

  10. Love your card Patricia...those little lambs are so sweet and we have a glorious Spring day here lovely warm sunshine


  11. Hi There Patricia, Love your male card, it's brilliant! A sentiment that sums it all up perfectly :D Cute lambs, I can't face lamb either :D Hugs Gay x

  12. I'm aways reading your posts with such pleasure Patricia, you're always so spontaneous and speak your mind, I so like that about you! To be honest I never go to craft fairs, don't want to pay an entrance fee for something that's not going to please me anyway, lol! But I'm glad you went to one which you liked though. And gosh, I so love your new neighbours, they're sooooooo sweet! I'm like you, I never eat lamb for the same reason, how could we! Your card looks wonderful, the centre stamp really is so pretty! So sorry temperatures are so low, so here's a sunny hug from me to you, ok? Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  13. I hear you on the craft the USA we see the same thing. Craft shows to me, mean "hand made" - and ours have become more jewelry (not handmade!) or soaps/scent (again not handmade) - and I've stopped going to a lot of them because of that. Same attitude that you described too. Loved the card. Perfect for a guy and I liked those colors too. Nice to have that one ready for when you need a masculine card. TFS the sweet little lamb photos. The babies are adorable. Happy Mother's Day and Hugs

  14. A lovely card Patricia and the little lambs look adorable! hugs, Marlies

  15. Hi Patricia, been awol recently from the blog scene due to lack of time looking after our new puppy, but she's worth it... Lovely cards recently, and I totally agree about craft fairs and stallholders having the wrong attitude to customers....moan moan... Hope you've had a lovely mothers day x

  16. Oh we have some new baby lambs in the fields near us they look so cute running around:) fab card Patricia and glad you had a good time at the craft fair..huggles Sue xx

  17. Hi Patricia
    You're a hardy posse up north. Us southern softies need the heat lol!
    Great version of your card in masculine colours. I do like that stamp.
    I too don't eat lamb but in fairness its mainly due to not liking the taste. I couldn't be veggie as I like chicken and bacon too much.
    The lambs do look sooooo cute, though the bigger one looks a bit sheepish. . . . . Sorry, couldn't resist.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  18. fantastic male card Patricia, really is a great stamp, love the colours and design.
    hope you had it warmer today, we have had two beautiful days (sorry)
    pam x

  19. Good evening Patricia, love the colours for your card, works beautifully. I haven't eaten lamb for years but mainly as it is so fatty nowadays. Great photos. xx Flora

  20. Great masculibe card Patricia. The lambs are so cute. How fun to have them in your back yard. Have a great day.

  21. Morning Patricia, Awwwwwwwwwwwww !! these baby lambs are so, so cute, how wonderful to have all this 'new life' at the end of your garden. I don't eat any red meat or turkey, or anything that resembles what it 'used to be', I have been the same since a child, and I used to always ask my Mum 'what was this before it was on my plate ?' she always told me 'fibs' haha. I was vegetarian for quite a while, it was the smell of bacon that got me eating that again, but couldn't possibly eat anything that looked like what it was !! haha, silly I know but that's me !!
    I hope your day was great, mine was.
    Your masculine card is great, ideal for a quick but effective card.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  22. Morning Patricia, oh I am a sucker for baby lambs (aren't we all?):) I love your guy card..perfect! I know what you mean about craft fairs: I too used to do a lot of them(now I wonder how I even had time!), but there were more and more stalls creeping in where items weren't hand-made, even one of those card Companies that sells direct by doing 'parties' in homes. Their excuse was they were selling for charity, but the fairs were for charity anyway (and not the same one). I do a few a year now, both for the same organiser who is very careful who he lets in. Same about talking to people: sometimes I take some stamped images and colouring, but I always greet everyone; last time I was hoarse at the end of the day..anyway, it would be boring otherwise! Hugs Carole Z X

  23. Hi Patricia fabulous masculine card so very hard not to embellish these isn't it? Fab pictures of your little neighbours too. Susan xx

  24. I love the male version too - fab papers again! Absolutely gorgeous photos of the lambs, thanks for sharing them with us.

  25. Hi Patricia
    Fabulous card.... Love the bold message....
    Hugs Sylvie xx

  26. Morning Patricia,
    Love the man, card too. lambs are so cute.

  27. Lovely card Patricia, the papers and layout are beautiful.
    I agree about Craft fairs 100% I sometimes wonder how they get any business ...they certainly don't encourage you to buy.
    Hugs Mau xx
    lambs are gorgeous..if you see a black one...its ME! xx

  28. Aww....lambs! I'm sure they make nice neighbors, no loud parties. That's a nice manly card. Lots of places don't acknowledge you are there now. It seems courtesy is getting rare.

  29. Cute lambs! and a fabulous card Patricia. Jenny x