Friday, 6 June 2014

"Oldie for Friday No 4"

Hi there folks,
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate that you do that.
Hopefully I have managed to keep up with you all.  If not I will get back on tack when we return home next week.
Here is my submission for the Oldie on Friday ........  !!
This is the very fist card I ever Blogged back on 6th June 2012.  I remember that day for the frustration I went though trying to start my Blog, I am not good on the computer.  However, for some reason a thing popped up saying ....Start a Blog.  I clicked on and after some real hair pulling and a few choice words I got it.
The first comment I got was from Carol, CM Designs then Flora from craftylark one from a friend Debbie who I  first came across through looking at Blogs before I started mine, she encouraged me to start.  Debbie and I have met although I seem to have lost touch with her since the New Year.  Things changed in her life so I suppose there are greater prorities than Blogging.  Can I just thank everyone who has stuck by me through the years.  Without you it would not be so much fun, I also love to look and see what you guys are up to.
Anyway here is the card:-

Can`t really give any details other than I used 2 Doilies
WOC for the Roses,  I have cut then wrapped the wire stems round a cocktail stick to make the twists
American Seam Binding and some Bakers Twine

That`s it for today
Till next time 
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it 

Patricia   xx


  1. Beautiful card Patricia. It's always a pleasure to visit your lovely blog too. Here's to many more years of blogging. Much to hot to craft today here on the Ayrshire coast. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Great to look down memory lane Patricia and this is so pretty! Susan x

  3. Gorgeous card Patricia lovely design and colours blog is always a joy to visit


  4. Beautiful card Flora, love the revisit! I love visiting your blog, hearing your news and seeing of course, your beautiful cards, hugs Carole Z X

  5. Hello Patricia, I too love visiting your blog always something marvellous to see. This is a lovely card, and I love the chocolate shades, hugs Kate x

  6. Nice to see some of the earlier cards you created and posted - obviously not the early ones you made -since I wasn't a follower from the very beginning. Lovely card. Hugs Christine xx

  7. Evening Patricia, You say you aren't very good on the computer, but your 'scheduling' is brilliant, every one has appeared beautifully, don't put yourself down re: the computer haha !!
    Your card is lovely, the colours are gorgeous.
    I hope your holiday is refreshing you, and I know you will all be having a fabulous time.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. Fabulous card Patricia. So pretty
    Lorraine x

  9. Hi Patricia
    Crickey, I definitely ought to keep my oldies to my self if this is what yours look like lol! Its beautiful! Ah, I remember when I first started blogging, I threatened to play Frisbee with my laptop! Happy days!
    Now Blogger can be a pain not letting me follow or comment on certain blogs at times (Debs Artliff sadly being the latest one, sorry) but I have made some wonderful friends doing this and long may we all continue.
    Enjoy your last few days in Dalyan chuck.
    Ang x

  10. a great first blogged card \patricia - i remember my early days - I didn't blog very often but it soon became a way of life xx

  11. Beautiful card Patricia!! Love the colors!

  12. The card is lovely Patricia and it is always nice to look back at how we used to make cards .... but some of the ones I made in the early days I wouldn't lay claim too ... xx

  13. this card has 'elegant' written all over it, beautiful colours too. I'm a little like you Patricia, I started looking at other crafters blogs, but one in particular Eileen Godwin and she encouraged and helped me get my blog up and running. What would we do without good crafty mates to give help along the way x

  14. Morning Patricia,
    Wow if this is one of your early card, it's beautiful. I cringe when I think back to my early efforts.

  15. Wow! Patricia, this is fabulous, love it all and the colours are beautiful.

    Love the use of the doileys.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  16. I have to say that this is an amazing first card - luv it xx (fortunately I don't have any photos of mine as they were quite literally 'lick and stick' cards) I only started taking photos so I could look back for inspiration when I had a crafty block - which is quite frequently - so that has enabled me to post some older cards for the Friday oldie blog xx Your cards are still as amazing as this one and your PC skills are obviously improving too as your posts have been scheduled and worked (something I still haven't done but will defo have a practice run) sometime!! Enjoy the rest of your 'jollies' xx GailT xx

  17. hi Patricia, beautiful first blog card.. love the layout and colours.

  18. First card, wow amazing Patricia, you are one great crafter.xxxx

  19. We must have started blogging around the same time Patricia, but I can say, hand on heart, that I never produced a stunning card like yours when I first started my blog - your card is gorgeous! Thank you for your visit, I hope you are enjoying the heat there! Anne xx

  20. Hi Patricia and thank you for joining me on share an oldie, love your design, great doilies and fab floral arrangement as always.
    Just seen some lovely pics of your hols on Hazels blog, looks a lovely place.
    Enjoy, hugs Erika. x

  21. I absolutely love doilies and you have used them in such a wonderful way on your card here Patricia, love those gorgeous flowers, but then again, don't I always? ;-) Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  22. Gorgeous card Patricia, love the very beautiful colours and fab design.

    Donna x

  23. Gorgeous creation sweetie, hugs Pops x

  24. Hi Patricia what a great card Its lovely. I hopeyou are enjoying your selfs out there is the weather good. Weve had massive thunder storms today. Chat later Debs xx

  25. Hi Patricia, was just over at Hazel's - enjoying some marvelous pictures of where you ladies are traveling, and apparently having a grand time (and I'm so thrilled for you to be able to do so!). Love this card, it's your usual lovely style. I'm so glad you started a blog, and that I found it. Always enjoy seeing the lovely flowers you make to decorate your wonderful cards. Hope to get back into the groove with visiting again more frequently. Have fun on your trip. Be safe. Hugs & TFS