Friday, 20 June 2014

"Oldie on Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and casual passers by.  Thank you for stopping here to see what I get up to, I love that you do that. I really love to read all your lovely comments, makes Blogging all worth while.  If you have not visited before please leave a comment so that I can then link back to pay you a visit.
Erika across at started the "Oldie on Friday" a few weeks ago, it does not have to be cards.  Anything that you have done in the past be a few months or years ago.  Please pop it on and let us see, just for a bit of fun.
Erika is in hospital at the moment after an operation. I am sending her a load of (((((hugs))))) in hope that they help.  I think she is more worried about how her hubby and boys will keep the house than she is about herself. 
When I lived the summers out in Dalyan, Turkey I had to have something to do in my spare time.  Supplies of card, papers, toppers etc:- were in very short supply and having them sent over cost a fortune.  Thinking cap on and I decided on Cross Stitch, something I had never done before.   Aida was hard to get so I took some designs and magazines out with me.   DMC threads were approx 80p each, I did notice when Hazel and I were there a couple of weeks ago they were up to just over £1 ....  how much are there here now???
I am not into pictures or ornaments (too much to dust) very minimalist here at the Ranch.   
All my Cross Stitch pieces are safely rolled up and in a cupboard.  I brought some out to photograph them. 
Here is my offering for this Friday:-

And another

 Not that good but Hey! Ho! it passed hours sitting in the shade of our wonderful Grape strewn Terrace.  
I did a lot of small designs, I had some of them framed and gave as little gifts to friends and neighbours out there.
Both of these should be back stitched to finish them off.
The fact I will never use them I think I will pass on that  .......  its a thing I hated doing anyway

Ok that`s my offering, how about yours!!!
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next 

Patricia xxx


  1. Ahh stunning cards Patricia, just oh so beautiful...having a little rest from washing and cleaning house, gosh been at it all day...just got the sheets and doona covers out and it rains, take them off and into the dryer and the sun comes out again...give up...nearly done then can craft...cheers, ♥aNNie Fabulous creation, love this sweet image and colours used...super card...
    ♥aNNie The Journey is the Start

  2. Hi Patricia your cross stitch projects are beautiful. I started out cross stitching but only very small things nothing as big as this that I actually finished! Susan x

  3. Gosh Big Sis, you had forgotten you could cross stitch, then again give me a craft you can't do??? Love these two. See you in a couple hours for our catch up. Hazel xx

  4. Beautiful projects Patricia I had to give up due to arthritis and that's when card making started many years ago
    Have a lovely weekend


  5. They are lovely Patricia, love the lady one, xxx

  6. what a beautiful projects Patricia and your stitchwork is so pretty.
    it looks vintage and i love it.
    have a nice weekend and greetings from Ann

  7. Morning Patricia,
    Very pretty.

  8. Morning Patricia, Fabulous, fabulous cross stitch here, I tried it once, and it's still on the 'stretcher' haha, but I absolutely love seeing people's cross stitching, and the samplers always look gorgeous.
    I wish that I was 'minimalist', I'm at the other end of the scale haha I 'need' to de-clutter, but alas both my hubby and I are both 'hoarders' of 'stuff'' and I find it really hard to get rid hahaha.
    Have a fabulous weekend.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. OHH sweetie these are just gorgeous!! hugs Pops x x

  10. Good Morning Patricia. These beautiful cross stitch creations should be in a frame. I still love to do my cross stitch sitting in the garden or in the winter nights. I have a map of Islay on the frame at the moment and need to get it finished. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  11. these really are stunning Patricia - just beautiful xx You've got so many talents! Have a great weekend x

  12. Gorgeous, you need to have those matted and framed, gorgeous work of art!!!!!

  13. These are gorgeous Patricia, so pretty. They shouldn't be sat in a draw...definitely mounted, framed and on a wall!
    Lorraine x

  14. Fabulous pieces of art Patricia, you should definitely use them. In my case cross stitch was well named. Enjoy them. Flora xx

  15. Two fab offerings and they are very good - I started a sampler many moons ago when we lived in a cottage and it is rolled up in the attic somewhere - we live in a modern house now so wouldn't really go but don't think I would have the impetus to finish it off now xx enjoy your weekend and fingers crossed for some more of this lovely weather xx GailT xx

  16. Oooh Patricia, what beautiful pieces these are...stunning! The should be displayed. Hugs Carole Z X

  17. Wow, these are incredible - absolutely stunning and I'm so glad you shared them with us.

  18. Beautiful cross stitch Patricia. Thanks for joining me today. I'm home now but still a little sore, feet up chilling out.
    Happy crafting hugs Erika. X

  19. Hello Patricia your cross stiched pictures are absolutely gorgeous, you can't keep them rolled up in a cupboard, they should be out on show. I used to do cross stitching, but find it difficult now with the aching fingers. You have shed loads of crafty talents, hugs Kate x

  20. Hi Patricia
    Wow, wow and for good measure, WOW! These are too fantastic to resigned to a cupboard. They're wonderful. One of my friends has done a couple of pieces for me, which I have framed. Know what you mean about the dusting but for fabulous, I can live with it.
    Have a great weekend chuck.
    Ang x

  21. These are too pretty and too much time spent to hide in a cupboard. Beautiful!

  22. Oh Patricia, this really brings back happy memories! I've spent hours and hours doing cross stitches, too. And I've kept all my pieces hidden as well, they adorned our walls long enough ;-) Yours are truly fabulous, such beautiful patterns and colours. Don't you think it's funny how hobbies are changing, too? Have a great weekend, hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  23. Hi Patricia,

    WOW!!! STUNNING, absolutely stunning, if you think these are not that good I wonder what your best work is like as these are marvelous, a lot better than mine lol! maybe I shall post a picture of one of mine I did many years ago in remembrance of my parents, will have to wait till Friday though lol!!

    Great pieces of work to be treasured forever. i started another cross stitch for my Daughter Christmas before last, there are 20 pages to follow I have still only completed 1!!! I was hoping she would have had it last Christmas but sadly doesn't look like she will have it this year either, I just don't seem to find the time to actually sit and do any, I will have to give it a good go in my summer holidays I think, they said it would only take 5-6 weeks to finish lol! 5-6 years more like!

    Take care,

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  24. I did quite a lot of cross stitch at one time and I also did a few long stitch pieces which were interesting. I had two that I did for my baby nieces framed, but the rest are just in the cupboard. Should do something with them I suppose. But your pieces are so lovely and also must evoke memories of your happy times in Turkey. Hugs Christine xx.

  25. Hi Patricia, Goodness gracious me they're fantastic you clever lady!!! Hugs Gay x

  26. Hi Patricia sorry I missed this one ive not been too well but this is absolutely stunning. xx

    Debs x

  27. Hi Patricia, how beautiful these are! your very talented i couldn't do it!