Wednesday, 16 July 2014

"Another Christmas Card"

Good morning Blog friends, followers and anyone who just happens by my Blog.  You are very welcome I love having visits.  If this is your first time please leave a wee message so I know you called.  If you have an active Blog I can get back to see what you do.
Pouring rain here today, so dull, so horrible to look out.  However we are well, happy and busy so there`s the bonus.
John is up in the attic at his Model Railway .... he is on a BIG clean up.  We had a young man (James) here late yesterday afternoon to get rid of a Wasp Nest!!!!  John had a couple of wasps flying about a few times.  He just used the spray on them, however Sunday evening there were loads, he was stung on the back of his neck.  That was it!! on the phone, James dealt with it very quickly and cleanly.  As you can imagine there are corpses all over the place.  On the rails, in wagons, all over the floor which have been vacuumed up, all this is curtailing his "playtime"   Just told him to think how I feel having to do that all over the whole house most days (not the corpse bit).   How much "playtime" am I missing?? end of conversation.
I have been making a few Christmas Cards.  For people who do not know each other and will never be in the houses where my cards end up I "Batch Make"  I was an a roll and have done a fair few, I am rather please with myself.
Here is another "one off" I made with another new Sue Wilson Die.

Base card approx 8 x 6 PMD Hammered Card
Hammered card pierced round the edge 
Red Card from the Papeterie Aberdeen
SW Austrian Collection  -  Background Die
SB Poinsettia Die
Freebe Stamp from Creativity Magazine

That`s it for today
Thank you very much for calling by, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


  1. Love this Patricia, so've got me hankering after some of those dies! Lovely sunshine in Lincolnshire! Carol x

  2. Now you have gone and done it! I'm hooked on Sue Wilson dies because of your beautiful cards! Stop! I'm living on a budget! But this is gorgeous to be sure!

  3. Another stunning card. Big sis. Oh I am so jealous of you getting " playtime". Hazel xx

  4. Nope no yarn Patricia. What could it be?!
    LOVE this card, oh I so need these dies. That is a beautiful Christmas card, just perfect in everyway and right up my street.

    Hugs Erika. x

  5. Sorry Patricia I just had to smile at your story. Not the bit where poor John was stung but the 'playtime' bit. :) Love this card - so elegant and rich looking. I have a very few Sue Wilson dies but I'm so so tempted when I see cards like this to go buy some more. :) x Edna x

  6. lovely card Patricia - so elegant and beautiful! -your story about the wasps nest gave me a chuckle although not the stingy bit - ouch!

  7. Hello Patricia, stunning card, love the die and your design too.
    Poor John getting stung, hate wasps, one stung me up my skirt ages ago. Know what you mean about the playing time though, made me laugh, have a good day, hugs Kate x

  8. Beautiful, Christmas is in the air!!

  9. Hi Patricia, Those nasty wasps are a real pain, we found a nest last year, not fun :(
    Your card is beautiful, I'm loving your red and white theme :D x

  10. Wasps are a real pain, glad you've dealt with yours :D Gorgeous Christmas card, love the red and white theme :D Gay x

  11. I think the Austrian collection might be my favourite set. This card looks great. So crisp and clean. We had a nest under the roof tiles last year, horrid things! When John replaced the roof he found the remnants of the nest and you've got to admire the workmanship - or should that be waspmanship! Hugs Christine xx

  12. Gorgeous card Patricia. Never had wasps thank goodness but am tortured with birds nesting in the eves and they keep making holes to get in - so next week I have all new eves etc. being fitted before the next batch of freeloaders take up residence. They make such an awful mess.

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous card Patricia, this is one of the dies on my list, it is fab, so elegant. Love the colour Red you have used.

    Its nice when you can make a quick batch all the same, so quick and easy.

    Oh Dear, hope John is okay? Wasps nests are awful, we had one in the sleepers just outside our back door last year, we left it to start with then one evening they got spooked by the security light and my oh my, I have never seen so many wasps all together it was frightening, I had to open the door to let my poor cat in thankfully she never got stung but I then got on the phone straight away for someone to come in to get rid of them, this year we have a bees nest or had! I think Mr spider has made a web over their hole, it is some web I can tell you lol!

    Isn't it great when Men cannot get any play time, moan, moan, moan lol! Great answer from you lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  14. Gorgeous card Patricia, these Sue Wilson dies are taking over I think. The ones She showed on her blog over the last few days are quite stunning, xxxx

  15. Beautiful Patricia, so simple yet elegant, a brilliant design xx

  16. You and Ang certainly have me in love with Sue Wilson Dies. Hard to come by in the States unless you buy on ebay! But I am anxiously awaiting my order. Gorgeous card! Have a great day!

  17. Glad you got rid of those nasty wasps Patricia, they're such an agony! What isn't, is your gorgeous and very elegant card, it's more than perfect for Christmas!!! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  18. This is stunning Patricia. I love the background die with the deep red background and gorgeous poinsettia too.
    Hugs Sue xx

  19. Evening Patricia wow another stunning card I'm so jealous as I can't play with mine till I get home. Today as been really hot here and they say its going to be even hotter tomorrow. Debs xc

  20. A fabulous Christmas card. The background die looks brilliant and I love the poinsettia.
    Lorraine x

  21. Another beauty that has me drooling over these dies. They are beginning to be available in a few designs over my's hard to not want 'em all. This one is so lovely the way you've used it. That wasp sting could be real serious, so glad you got it handled professionally. Good thing your DH has something productive to do on a rainy day! TFS & Hugs

  22. Hi Patricia
    Love both Christmas cards, I have the poinsettia dies, and they are fab.
    We had a bee's nest in the front cupboard of the caravan where the gas bottles are kept. Paul being Paul thought he would get rid of them. He did it, but I have never heard a man scream quite like a girl before. ( That's my man ).
    Anyway, again your cards are beautiful, and what lucky people are going to get your cards for Christmas. Look forward to more of your designs.
    Tina XX

  23. hi Patricia, beautiful Christmas card..
    Been beautiful weather here in hot..still hot at 11.30 pm..will not sleep in this..
    Terrified of wasps..HATE them..poor you..
    pam x

  24. Hi Patricia, Gorgeous Christmas card, Love the new dies...Yikes a wasp nest... we had one many years ago We were cleaning them up for days after......We are having very hot sunshine... too hot for me the car is like an oven... it's at this time of year I wish I was retired (lol) Hugs May x x

  25. Hi Patricia, these new dies are fabulous aren't they..I love your gorgeous Christmas card that you've made with one of them too! Wasp nest...horrible! Glad it got sorted my Tom would love to get into model railways, but at the moment no where to set one up! Hugs Carole Z X

  26. Hi Patricia another stunning Christmas card these new dies of yours are so gorgeous! I had a wasp nest a few years back but it was outside luckily in a chimney pot I use for a plant pot! Soon dealt with by someone who knew what they were doing but no corpses for to me vacuum up! Susan x

  27. Oh NO! Did I really miss this....sorry lol, it's a stunner...lovely colours too

  28. Stunning card and luvin the die set xx simple but extremely elegant xx GailT xx

  29. Meant to say this yesterday-what a fantastic christmas card. I'm getting very tempted by Sue's new dies.


  30. Hi Patricia
    Late as having fun with Blogger again.
    Poor John. We had a nest in the garden a couple of years ago which was fine until they started getting cross when I hung out the washing. So, I sprayed it with this amazing stuff from B&Q and it just disintegrated and killed the wasps.
    Mind you, me and Mr Duck were dressed like arctic explorers in 30deg heat to protect ourselves lol!
    Anyhoo, your card is super. Love that new die and fab poinsettia.
    Ang x

  31. Another incredibly beautiful, elegant design - perfect! Sorry to hear about your wasp nest problems - I hate the horrible things!

  32. That workshop has clearly inspired you Patricia. Love it! Jenny x