Wednesday, 9 July 2014

"Full Picture"

Hello Blog friends, a quick post from me today.
Busy, busy here at the Ranch.  Yesterday I started on a "tidy up" of craft stuff.    Man! Oh! Man! where did all that stuff come from.   I never bought it, I am certain I never bought it!!!!!
I went looking for "thick" card to cut some Gift Bags with the Die Hazel lent me.  You know how it is........!!!!  I ended up with boxes and boxes of card and paper plus other stuff scattered all over the place.
All tidy now with a really big bag for the school.  Had to put it out into the store so that I did not feel guilty every time I looked at it.
Thank you for the lovely comments on my "bronze effect lady" ......  here she in her entirety

Just to let you know I am not so clever as to have created her from a "lump" of Clay
The ceramic pieces I made were done in Moulds.  Pour liquid clay in, let it set, remove from the mould.  The piece is cleaned of all ragged edges then fired in a Kiln for a few hours.  You can then decorate as you wish.  I have quite a few that are just glazed white.  I like the very few ornaments I have round the house to be plain and simple.
That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx


  1. A lovely bust Patricia she looks very striking. Now I wonder if you can come down here and have a clear out for me, I'll hire the skip!! Susan x

  2. Love your 'lady' Patricia! I had a clear out last week and like you could not understand where it all came from..and now I've tidied I can't find anything! Hugs Carole Z X

  3. Morning Patricia, Your 'lady' is fabulous, and a definite credit to you, she looks so beautiful.
    Isn't it awful when you want to find some item and have everything upside down trying to find it !! you see all these things that you definitely never, ever, bought hahaha. Like Carole above, when I have a tidy up, I can never find anything !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. Morning Patricia

    However your lovely lady was made she she is beautiful and you should be very proud of her!

    Your tidy up mission made me smile. I bet we all do that!!

    I am trying hard to use up some of the really old paper from my collection. After all how can you justify having anything new if you have all the old lying around?!?!? LOL!!

    Hope you are having a good week.

    Love Jules xx

  5. Still so gorgeous Patricia. xxxx

  6. Morning Patricia,
    You lady is beautiful. I had a clear out a while ago and my unwanted stash went to the local Brownies, I'm sure they enjoyed playing with it.

  7. She's absolutely gorgeous Patricis


  8. Lovely lady. I have mini clearouts quite regularly & pass on stuff to my Mother in Law who is in a couple of craft groups. I really need to paint my craft room as we've been in the house 5 years and thats the one room thats not been decorated-why did we wait until it was sooooo full??!! Might wait til hubby is away then start on it.


  9. She looks gorgeous Patricia. My room needs a good clear out, I haven't done it for 3 years....don't even know where to start now!! lol
    Lorraine x

  10. Good Morning Patricia, your Lady is so beautiful and elegant, no wonder you're proud of her, she looks easy to dust too.
    I was'nt having a tidy up, but looking through stuff I'd bought yonks ago and not used and thinking this has to stop!! I must use these thing instead of buy always new, how long will I keep to that I wonder, have a great day, hugs Kate x

  11. Absolutely gorgeous creation, Patricia she is just so a this...
    The Journey is the Start

  12. Hi Patricia, yes this is a bit different hey? Looks good.
    Thankyou so much for responding to my 'rant' the other day, was feeling a bit fed up and just let loose but glad I got it off my chest so to speak.

    I'll take on board your suggestion to use my blog as part diary of my comings and goings etc. thankyou for that.

    Cheers for now

  13. Very pretty piece! You should be proud of this and show it off!

  14. Lovely piece Patricia whether its from a mould or not its still a lot of work.

    Good on ya for clearing out your craft room, I think I need another clear out, my problem is a small desk so not enough room and I can never find anything but then it could be as I have far too much stash lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  15. its a stunning piece patricia - however its made!! Hugs rachel x

  16. no matter how you did it, this is gorgeous!!!!

  17. Great ceramic piece'd so love browsing my garage...full of moulds! Yep ceramics was a hobby before card making. I made a chess set along the same sort of lines...will have to did it out and photograph it to share with you.

    Happy crafting, hugs Erika. x

  18. Another great creation!! Hugs!

  19. Stunning piece you created Patricia, I did a BIT of a clear out, my card bits where overflowing..

  20. Hi Patricia
    Mould or not, she's a beauty. You're a talented gal!
    Mr D was in Kinross today but forgot to pop by for a coffee lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  21. Ha ha ha! Tidying up is like a treasure hunt, isn't it! You always end up thinking, hey, this might come in handy, too ;-) Your bust looks amazing and is a great decoration! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  22. What a beautiful Bust Patricia, something that I would love to do....I hope I can live to 150 to fit all this Wish list in....ha-ha
    Been having a peek at what i have missed too...LOVE the pencils ...start using gal you will love them. My collection is growing but its so slow at buying them a couple t a time :o(
    Hugs Mau xx

  23. Gorgeous - luv it xx GailT xx

  24. Very elegant Patricia. However easy you say it was it came out beautifully and that does take care and talent. Jenny x