Friday, 4 July 2014

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and all who pop in for a visit.  Thank you for joining me on my Journey through Blogland.  Its a great place is it not?? You can learn so much just by popping on to other Blogs.  If you leave a comment and have an active Blog I can look and see what you do. 
Now folks I am having BIG problems.........well computer ones anyway!!
Two years ago when Hazel got her iPad I had never even thought about having one.  After being on holiday and seeing what she was doing other than reading her books, that was it.  I had to have one, Santa brought me one that Christmas, that was 18 months ago.  Well yesterday my iPad stopped connecting with the computer.....I am so missing it.  I have tried all the things Hazel and Thomas have suggested.  John Jnr who is more in to these things was working yesterday, has the boys away somewhere today.  He is off through to his office in Glasgow tomorrow.  So here I am still in Limbo!!! all because of a little piece of Technology and me being rather dim about these things.
Anyway if I have not commented or do not do so for a while please forgive me.  The computer is in the office and John is often working in there.  I promise I will get back to normal service A.S.A.P.
Here is my "Oldie for Friday"

The Ceramic Lady was made about 12 years ago.  I liked the method we used to decorate her.
She really does look like Bronze but of course she is Ceramic and breakable.  I love her and would be very disappointed if she got broken.
The box was done only about 18 months ago, made for a friend who does a lot of Sewing.  There are a few sewing things on the top as well as lots of my usual Roses.
Have a wonderful weekend if I don`t get a chance to personally wish you that.

That`s it for today folks
Thank you for always calling in I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx

Saturday morning!!!!  I am not able to comment on lots of Blogs especially the Google Account ones.
My comment just vanishes into cybre space!!!!!  I am not ignoring you and I am looking in on your wonderful posts.
Oh!! how I am missing you all.............goodness knows when I will get back.  My computer man is on holiday for two weeks...Aaaaaa!!!!!


  1. Morning Patricia,
    One word to describe your box,FABULOUS, and your lady.
    Hope you get your iPad sorted.

  2. Morning Patricia, Your 'lady' and your 'box' are both stunning !! I am so enthralled with your ceramics, I would love to be able to create something so beautiful, until then I will amaze myself with my Nao ceramics haha, those students are brilliant !!
    I hope you get your iPad sorted, isn't it awful when technology lets you down, and we have to rely on others to sort it for us haha. I am saving up for an ipad myself, my laptop let me down all last weekend it wouldn't connect, I tried everything, so I am now wanting something to replace my ailing laptop and an ipad looks great, I have already printed off the instructions on how to print from an ipad, I just need the money to get one now hahahahahaha !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  3. Oh sis. iPad withdrawal getting you down still??? It's a horrible thing isn't it??? Still love those boxes that you did as gifts. Hope you get iPad help soon, miss messaging you. Hazel xxx

  4. She is a very beautiful lady Patricia and until I read that she is ceramic actually though she was bronze!! Such a pretty box too. Hope the ipad is sorted soon!! xx

  5. A gorgeous box and the ceramic lady is stunning.
    Hope the ipad is sorted soon.
    Lorraine x

  6. A fabulous box Patricia, love the colours and all the details, re your iPad, do you mean when you connect it via USB? I haven't connected mine in a long long time as it updates remotely...if this is the problem (and you've probably tried this, try rebooting it by pressing the home button and hold button( top righthand corner) at the same time to restart it(by holding down the hold button when the screen goes dark) Otherwise, are you using the latest version of iOS & iTunes? Otherwise, if you can get to an Apple store at all, they should be able to sort it for you...hope this is some help. Hugs Carole Z X

  7. two wonderful makes Patricia - still can't believe these ceramics are hand made - another amazing piece and it does look like a bronze - lovely box too! Hope the computer gets sorted soon! Hugs rachel x

  8. Two stunning creations - luv the both xx hope you get your technology sorted soon - I know it's wrong but it is like losing a limb and so frustrating xx have a fab weekend xx GailT xx ps my scheduled post has not worked yet but maybe it is a time thing - otherwise I have failed miserably xx

  9. Hi Patricia wow I love your lady and the box in wonderful with the roses on. ButI must say the lady is gorgeous aand she does look like a real bronze. If it was mine I would be deverstated if it got broken. I hope you have it in a safe place. I hope you will be soon up and running with your iPad. I'm having trouble leaving comments on Hazels blog it just keeps freezing but everyone else's is fine. I will try and keep in touch while on holiday signal permitting. Have a lovely weekend. Debs xx

  10. I love the box and the figure looks so professional.
    I have joined in to day with your Oldie Friday. xxx

  11. LOVE this gorgeous creation, colours are just beautiful...xx
    The Journey is the Start

  12. Fabulous box Patricia. Hope you get help with your iPad soon. Hugs Rita xxx

  13. Hi Patricia
    Your bronze look bust is amazing (steady!) and is that an ice cream tub you have decorated for the box? Yet another crafty womble in our midst. You do recycle very well. . . . . .I'm sure if John sat still long enough. . . . . . . . . . .lol!
    Hope normal technical service will be resumed shortly.
    Ang x

  14. Beautiful box and the lady looks fab Patricia. Hope normal service can resume soon and you and your iPad will be on speaking terms again. LOL :) x Edna

  15. These are both gorgeous Patricia. I can understand why you love the ceramic woman, she is gorgeous. The box is very pretty too, lovely decorated.

    Hope you sort your IPod out soon.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  16. Stunning box & Gorgeous ceramic lady...WOW... I hope your iPad is sorted soon....Hugs May x x

  17. hello Patricia, I hope your up and running withyour Ipad soon. I don't know anything about them as I have a Samsung Tablet, sorry.
    I remember this box, it's so beautiful and such a lovely gift. Love your lady, quite beautiful. Hve a lovely weekend, hugs Kate x

  18. Hi Patricia two fabulous projects! Do you make the sculpture from clay? You are so talented!! Gosh I am on my second I Pad I just love it, it goes everywhere with me. I am sat at my desk now with two pcs!! I have got my new MAC which I am on now but I can't get rid of my trusty VAIO until I have fathomed out how to use this!! Honestly we are two people in the house with 3 desktop computers and 2 I Pads!!!! And they say pensioners aren't making use of pcs!!! Have a great weekend I hope you manage to re-connect! Susan xx

  19. hi Patricia, I also remember this beautiful gift box, such a lovely keepsake.
    hope your sorted soon..

  20. You are one talented lady Patricia! Papers, ceramics, stamps, colours, they don't hold any secrets from you, she's fabulous! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  21. ANother fabuloous creation Patricia and love your embellishments on your beautiful box


  22. Your ceramic lady is absolutely beautiful and I love the pretty box too with all the lovely blooms!

  23. Love the box.It's "sew" pretty......
    Gorgeous ceramic lady.She does look bronze. xx

  24. what a fabulous creation Patricia.
    the ceramiek lady is divine and i love the preety box.
    hugs to you.

  25. Hi Patricia, love both your box and statue. I used to do ceramics too. Got a garage full of moulds that haven't been touched in years!
    Sorry to hear you've had computer problems...we do miss them when they don't work properly.

    Hugs Erika. x

  26. Just beautiful!! Love the flowers!!