Friday, 11 July 2014

"Oldie for Friday"

Hello Blog friend and followers, great to have you here.  Wow! what about the weather???  We have had two fantastic days, very warm as well.  I get so much done when the sun shines.
Well folks Hazel and I are off this evening up to Aberdeen.  Staying overnight Friday and Saturday, up smart on Saturday for a Workshop with Sue Wilson & Julia Watts.  We were like a couple of kids counting down the days now it is the hours.  I was born in Aberdeen, Hazel was born in Dundee although we did spend a lot of time at school and working in Aberdeen.   We will pop into the centre to have a look at what is on offer, probably do that Saturday afternoon.  Sunday Sue & Julia are doing demos most of the day from what I can gather.  
Once Hazel was old enough she was off to Germany to be a Nanny .....  all these years later and she is still doing the same job, obviously with different children!!!   Don`t know how she has the patience but she loves it.
Right here is my Oldie for Friday:-

Just a few rolls of lace that I had managed to accumulate 
That must have been a "tidy up time" I did that lot ages ago.

Must take a picture of the collection to date ..... no! maybe not it is rather scary to say the least
Just a few more of those baskets ..... full.

That`s it for today folks
Will let you know how we get on, must remember my camera.  Hazel will take pictures with her Phone I am sure.  I cant get my phone pictures to transfer to the computer.......just another little problem for stupid old me!!
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx



  1. Hope you enjoy your crafty day with Sue & Julia.


  2. Your lace looks so pretty Patricia.
    I hope that you and Hazel both have a wonderful weekend, it sounds like you will!
    hugs Sue xx

  3. I love lace, this looks gorgeous, xxx

  4. Morning Patricia, I am so envious, you and Hazel will have a fabulous time in Aberdeen and the best treat of all will be watching Sue and Julia, what could be better than that !!!!
    Your lace basket looks lovely, but would love to see your up-to-date baskets piccies hahaha.
    Enjoy your weekend, you will have a fabulous time, have a safe journey there and back.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. Good Morning Patricia, what a lovely collection of lace, really pretty patterns.
    Have a wonderful time in Aberdeen with Hazel, it will be fab meeting Sue and Julia and seeing them create in person, hugs Kate x

  6. Morning Patricia,
    Lovely lace. Hope you have a great time in Aberdeen, you are so lucky to be having a workshop with Sue and Julia, so jealous.

  7. Hope you enjoy your workshop! Sounds like such fun! Love all this lovely lace. I would love to get my hands on that!

  8. Hi Patricia, have a super weekend with Sue, I know you will because she is a lovely lady. I was hoping to sneak over but other plans have been made in my absence and we are having a beach BBQ with friends tomorrow!
    Love all your lace, very strokeable.....(you know what I mean!)

    Hugs Erika. x

  9. Forgot to say thanks for joining me on sharing an oldie!

    Happy crafting, Erika. x

  10. Oh no Patricia you don't want to show how much lace etc you have, it will take to long to photo as I don't think it would all fit in the one photo. See you later. Hazel xxx

  11. all that lace looks amazing - I am so envious of your crafty weekend ahead - sounds fantastic! Have a really wonderful time - I just know you will! Big Hugs Rachel x

  12. I was raised in Aberdeen..........Maryland LOL, looks yummy!!!!

  13. Hope you have a wonderful weekend the pair of you. Jenny xxx

  14. A fabulous collection of gorgeous lace.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lorraine x

  15. Hope you have loads of fun with your friends Patricia! What a splendid idea to stash your lace like this, you should see my box ;-) I've got a few lovely spools, but the other miles and miles of lace are just lying in a box (but as long as I still know where I keep things, I guess it's ok, right?) Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  16. Hi Patricia, love your lace spools! Have a fab workshop with the two Queens of Craft; we had a great day with Julia when she was with us a few weeks ago and to have Sue along as well will be perfect...enjoy! Hugs Carole Z X

  17. your lace spools.Lucky you.Enjoy Sue Wilson.She's at my local craft shop on Tuesday.I can't make it though as it's school hols and no one to look after my son.don't think he'd appreciate a few hours in the craft shop. xx

  18. Some gorgeous lace Patricia. Have a wonderful time in Abkerdeen. Susan x

  19. hi Patricia, love the look of that lace...would love to see your up to date stash....
    have a wonderful weekend...I`m of to Doncaster "Summer crafting" show...tomorrow..will be hectic..

  20. Hi Patricia, these Lace are lovely, I remember going to the lace center in Nottingham opposite Robin Hood they were doing demonstrations on how to make lace, it looked very complicated but beautiful.

    Have a great time tomorrow, but I am sure that goes without saying lol! The new dies look fabulous.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  21. Hi Patricia
    Now, if I knew I could just photograph my old stash rather than show my bad old cards . . . . . . .lol!
    My mobile has gone off for repair so having to use an old one.
    Have a great weekend with Sue.
    Ang x

  22. Like the look of your old stash - I am like this with ribbon - I very rarely use it but still can't stop buying it!!! have an amazing weekend and can't wait to see any of your 'makes' xx GailT xx

  23. What a beautiful collection of lace Patricia I think lace looks so,pretty on cards and projects