Tuesday, 22 July 2014

"Re-cycling again"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any one has popped by for a visit.  I love having you here, I also loving visiting your Blogs.
Busy day here yesterday doing all the normal house things.  Got all the washing done, dried, ironed and put away before lunch.  Absolutely brilliant just my kind of day.  Once all that`s done I can relax and play.  Actually did not do any playing had a few other things to do.
However I do have a card to show you.  I made the Gilded base for this and threw it in the re-cycling box.  John spotted it and asked why I was doing that.  To me it just was not right!!!  John asked why I was not doing something with the bits that looked ok.
When we were in Aberdeen at Sue & Julia`s workshops we used Gilding Flakes.  Something I had not done before.  Had all the gear but never used it .... you know the scene!!!
My first effort at home was not quite right, I managed to get a crease in the Double Sided Sticky Sheet.  I thought you might not see it once the Gilding Flakes were applied .... wrong!!!
However sitting down looking at what John had taken out of the re-cycling here is what I made:-

Base card 6 x 6 white card
Black card
Teal card
Creative Expressions mask
Gilding Flakes
Die cut banner and a stamp embossed in gold

I chopped the piece I had made a mess of into 4 pieces 
Mounted them onto the Teal card ..... not wasted after all
Popped it in my box it might get used at some point

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by and for all the lovely comments you leave on my work.  I really appreciate that you take time to do that
Till next time

Patricia   xxx


  1. What a brilliant " oopsie daisy" card Patricia. I have lots of those in my bits box but sadly my "significant other" isn't quite so good as your John is at noticing potential!! xx

  2. Bear in mind Patricia a none card maker wouldn't see anything wrong with your card, you have made a card out of what you put in the bin into a lovely card. Hazel,xxx

  3. This is gorgeous Patricia, I am so pleased that John gave you such good advice as your finishes card is wonderful. The colours and design are so beautiful.
    Hugs Sue xx

  4. Wow this is pretty good, great card from recycling stuff.xx

    The Journey is the Start

  5. Looks very pretty Patricia, not my colours but very nice. You know me with recycling,it's a must. xxxx

  6. We'll rescued Patricia! Pretty card.xx

  7. Morning Patricia,
    Very nice finished card, even if it started life in the discarded box.

  8. Morning Patricia, Well done, John !! and Well done, Patricia !! You have made a 'beauty' out of 'recycling', it is lovely.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. I'm always amazed at what you can do with little bits and pieces that you have tossed aside. This is so pretty! Well done!

  10. Such a good job John spotted your gilding you had thrown away....what a lovely card you have had with it Patricia...


  11. An amazing card made with 'rubbish' luv it and the teal and black work brilliantly with the gilding xx glad John got you to re-cycle xx GailT xx

  12. I haven't ventured into the world of gilding flakes either for the same reason but have been tempted a couple of times. Love your card Patricia and a good job hubby retrieved it!
    Hugs Erika. x

  13. A gorgeous card Patricia. I love the effect of the guilding flakes.
    Woo hoo..Only 40 mins until school's out!!....not that I'm counting!
    Lorraine x

  14. Pretty card...great job with recyling!

  15. I have never used gilding flakes but this looks great Patricia. John has a good eye. Hugs Christine xx

  16. Hi Patricia,

    Beautiful card, love it, fancy keeping those bits in your box lol! I love gilding flakes but have run out of adhesive sheets, keep meaning to get more but you know how it is.

    I slept quite well thank you my dear lol! Seriously I know I sound mad, its only whilst I have been living here, never used to be like it, probably something to do with all the stabbings that go on around here, still hopefully one day we will get out of here. Windows and doors are left open practically all day if I am here its just night time!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  17. Well what a fantastic save :D I love this Patricia, I'll bet it really shines in the light :D xx

  18. Hiya patricia -i love your gilding flakes - brilliant! Germany is great - very warm but beautiful! Hugs rachel x

  19. That just looks like leaded glass, so pretty! How wonderful that you have such a supportive husband when it comes down to card making, he certainly was right in not allowing you to throw those fine pieces away ;-) Have a lovely evening, hugs Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  20. Love this Patricia its gorgeous huggles Sue xx

  21. Hi Patricia
    Bizarrely, have done a similar format with my Neroli pad so will save that for a future date lol!
    Well done John for spotting the potential. You'll make a crafter of him yet! Would've been a shame if this had ended up in the bin.
    In case you didn't try it, if you get a crease in a sticky sheet again, try burnishing it flat with a bone folder.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  22. Hello Patricia, I think your card is stunning, my sort of colours for a start, and I love your die. Glad John made you retrieve it, hugs Kate x

  23. hi Patricia, your card looks beautiful to me, well done John spotting retrieving it .

  24. HI Patricia, well retrieved! Love the gilding flakes behind the die..beautiful! hugs Carole Z X

  25. I'm glad you persevered with this as it looks beautiful Patricia. Jenny x

  26. This is beautiful!! Love the background!!!

  27. Wow, this looks amazing! I've just bought some gilding flakes but haven't been brave enough to use them yet. This is such an inspirational card!