Sunday, 6 July 2014

Why do I do this???

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who has just popped by.  Great to have you here, if you have time please leave a comment I love read them all.  The people who have an active Blog I always try get back to, to see what you do.
I have had terrible computer problems since Thursday.  Oh! My! Word! how I have missed you all.  It seems such a silly thing to say BUT I never, ever, thought I would depend so much on a little piece of technology.  My iPad stopped talking to my PC .... disaster.  I have come so dependant on this little bit of kit, sitting in the lounge, feet up keeping in touch with you all.  However all sorted, I had a lovely young chap come to the house this afternoon, all fixed within 10 mins.  He charges by the hour, he spent the rest of the time checking over and clearing up all the "junk" that seems to have accumulated on my PC ........ me pressing buttons no doubt!!!

I know I am not the only one that does this kind of thing!!!   You buy or are given a gift of something you really like but never wanted to spend the money on.  Last year I mentioned that I would like to try colouring with pencils.   I had lots of pens ..... Promarkers, Copics, and Specrtum Noirs never seemed to get anywhere with them, maybe I should try Pencils.  I did say it was expensive for really good one so I would wait till a Birthday or Christmas.  John and Audrey brought these home for me as a gift when they were in the States last year:-

As you can see 150 beautiful colours
They are still all in the box ....  unused!!!
There is yet another layer of different shades of grey through to browns and black under the blues and greens, I could not get a good picture of them all.
I feel a little guilty but I just can`t bring myself to start using them.  I don`t want to spoil them .... silly I know

That`s it for today, hopefully I will get round you all later 
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate you calling in
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


  1. Hello Patricia, pleased you managed get your PC/IPad sorted out, such a pain when these go wrong.

    What a fantastic collection of pencils, I'd kill for them. Try and do a wee bit of colouring every day, just to get used to using them, and you might get the colouring bug. I really prefer pencils to the ink markers as they give such a sutle look, but each to their own, and what you do wigh your creations is alway wonderful, hugs Kate x

  2. Wow Patricia you lucky, lucky girl!! I "get" what you mean about not wanting to spoil them but you must, apparently they are fab to work with!! Glad your techy issues have been sorted out!! xx

  3. Now, now big sis that's not what you are meant to do. Now start using them!!! If you need replacements by the time you go to the states in October you can buy them. I am so glad you have your iPad back speaking. Hazel xxx

  4. I must admit too, Patricia that they do look mighty pretty all lined up in their box. xxxx

  5. Gorgeous set of pencils. Really you must use them and show us your work! Have a great day!

  6. Wow Patricia what a lucky girl having all those wonderful really ought to yes them ...
    I know what you mean about computers I would be totally list without mine AND my iPad....


  7. So glad you got the electronics all sorted away. That's so very aggravating. What a wonderful (and large!) gift set you received - these pencils are wonderful, and can't wait to see your artistry in using them. That's a very nice selection of colors in that set so you will have such fun! TFS & Hugs.

  8. Hi Patricia,

    So glad your technology has been sorted. What a fabulous gift, so sad you have not used them, think of all the wonderful creations you could be doing on top of what you already do. So many colours to choose from too. I shall look forward to seeing what you create with them.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. I relate 100% to your tale. Not that I own those pencils, or marker pens (I do have a handful of much loved Neocolor II watersoluble crayons) but I relate to you not wanting to use them as you might spoil them. I know this tale only too well when it comes to beautiful lace and vintage buttons but I made myself the promise to start using them instead of only looking at them! I say to you Patricia, dive in and immerse yourself in colour and give yourself permission to have fun with them - you know you want to lol.

  10. Evening Patricia wow you lucky thing. I'm sorry its late but the signal is rubbish here. But I do know what you mean about not using things I'm like that with papers and card. I will try and keep in touch while I'm away . take care xx

    Debs xx

  11. Oh Patricia....Prisma color pencils are supposed to be brilliant...It's such a shame for them to be sitting in that box really should use them and colouring is so therapeutic too!! Can't wait to see what you do!!
    Lorraine x

  12. Oh girl! Break into those bad boys and enjoy! You won't be sorry!

  13. Oh my goodness! Those pencils look amazing, I think you should give them a go.
    Glad you have got your iPad back up and running.
    hugs Sue xx

  14. Oh Patricia you silly goose, use those Prismas girl, they are a wonderful medium to colour with and are all I use these days. Just be super careful not to drop them or the leads will break as the cores are soft wax based.

    I removed mine from the tin as it was difficult to access them without too much fiddling; I have mine standing upright in plastic containers that once held fruit. Also did you know you can actually buy them as single pencils (if you ever run out of a colour) and you can also buy a special sharpener to use with them - now John and Audrey would definitely want you to use them now they bought them for you - so go on, get some hear? lol


  15. hi Patricia, glad your all sorted...up and running..
    wow those pencils look amazing..not got any myself, heard that they are the best..good luck...

  16. your pencils look amazing Patricia and I'm so glad to hear that the computer is sorted now - I know what you mean about missing everyone - I have a holiday coming up abroad at the end of the month and feel in two minds about the aspect of not being able to blog for a week - I know it will be good for me and my girls - but I sure am going to miss it! Big Hugs rachel x

  17. Hi Patricia
    What a shame that these beauties are not being used. Its taking that first step that's the hardest bit. I'm the same with pretty paper pads but once I've used the first sheet, its fine.
    Glad the iPad is sorted.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  18. Hi Patricia. Glad you got everything sorted out. Like you I have all the Promarkers and quite a few Spectrum Noir and numerous pencils, but Annie has Prisms and thinks they are the very best. Me , I'm still rubbish at colouring. Going to do some tutorials whilst on holiday. Enjoy them I say. Hugs Rita xxx

  19. Patricia you are so lucky to have this set, I was laughing just to have 24 of these but not good at using them...need the skill....looking forward to your next card using the pencils....I am never sure whether to use water or gamsol blender with stumps or what, do you..
    aNNie The Journey is the Start

  20. Hi Patricia, glad you are all sorted with the IPad...what a lovely set of pencils you have to play with! I love colouring, tried out most of the markers but always back to my old favourite Promarkers, my dad used them before me and I still swear by them. For pencils I have really become quite passionate about by Inktense set and am building up a collection! Have fun, Carole Z X

  21. ...forgot to add...have fun and start to use them!!!! :) Carole Z X

  22. I understand the technology issues-I do everything from my iphone. The pencils look amazing-my crafty friend & I set each other challenges or we would both just buy things and never use them so perhaps thats what you need to do?


  23. Morning Patricia,
    Glad you got the iPad sorted I'm hopeless with technology too so know how frustrating it can be. Lovely pencils they look so pretty all lined up, but you must use them.

  24. Hi Patricia,
    Lovely set of colours! Try colouring a simple image first to test them. Sure they will be great!x

  25. Hi Patricia, So, so glad you now have your ipad/computer speaking to each other again. I know what it's like when they go wrong, you do feel lost without them !!
    What a fantastic present they brought you back from the USA, all those fabulous colours to play with, but I also know what you mean about not wanting to 'spoil' them, we all have a crafting problem similar to that, mine is my Anna Griffin papers, I just want to 'stroke' them haha, aren't we funny.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  26. So glad you got your PC problems sorted, will be such a relief! Your pencil set looks amazing, I think that you will use them soon (and if you don't, then you just have a lovely box to look at, lol!) Have fun colouring though! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  27. Know what you mean about not spoiling them but that is what they are for and once you start with one colour you will no doubt be bitten by the bug!! I was glad I was sat down when I started to read about the shades of colour 'shades of grey' you had me worried for a mo!!!!!! lol xx GailT xx

  28. So pleased you got ypur pc sprted Patricia! I got a new one for my birthday and am transferring all the files over and it takes 40+ hours in which time I can't use either so I am using Dave's for this but I hate it! Wow what I wouldn't give to have those Prismas you lucky girl! Susan x

  29. Oh Patricia don't be afraid of the pencils they are a wonderful medium to work with and a Lot more forging than the pens. Prismacolors are really easy to blend and I am sure that you will love the results xx

  30. Ooh these are gorgeous, would love to see you use them!