Wednesday, 6 August 2014

"Bra Planters"

Good morning Blog friends, hope you are all well.  Thank you for calling by to see what I have been up to.  To all who pop in and do not have a Blog that I return the favour, I thank you.   I really love that you take time to call in.
Have to tell you about my adventure yesterday:-
Boys arrived to be with us for a couple of hours.  Mum working Dad had to be at his Perth Office for a quick meeting.  I asked the boys if they had anything in mind for the time they would be with us.  Right away Robert said "Granny could you and I please go on a bus ride".  Robert had never been on a bus in this country.  With living rather remote neither J & A or ourselves live near a bus route, cars are an absolute must.  Coming out of our gates we are 3 miles either to the left or right before we see a Bus Stop or a Shop.
I phoned a friend to find out bus times, we had 20mins to get ready to be along to Coupar Angus to get a bus.  (they are only every hour) We left Grandpa and Thomas who were going to do some gardening.  We made it in time and headed towards Perth on a Single Decker Bus, great excitement.  Had a walk round some shops Robert spotted the window of "The Works" full of Loom Bands and had to spend some of his money.  We had a drink, some cake then headed for the bus back.  Wow! Granny it is a Double Decker, can we please go upstairs.  All empty upstairs,  the front seat was the place to be.  I really wish I could have bottled and kept, the excitement and the facial expressions of enjoyment  .......  all on a BUS!!!
We got off the bus and Robert spotted this:-

Bra Planters:-
Coupar Angus is all decorated for the entry into Britain in Bloom
They won it for this area last year and have really gone to town, hoping to win again.  There are wonderful hanging basket displays, fantastic window boxes plus lots of wonderful floral displays everywhere and this ........ Bras on hangers filled with plants.
What a novel idea and so pretty

Did not had time to paper craft yesterday I was finishing this

With being very busy during the day latterly and not in the mood for Paper Crafting when we get back.   I needed something to do with my hands in the evenings
I found some balls of wool, decided to put them to good use
I made this with thoughts of an old lady in the village.  I noticed one day I was visiting that her blanket was a bit "tatty" I hope she will like this one to replace it.  I know the one she has might hold memories but if it gets too bad there will be no memories to hold on to.

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time when I will tell you about Robert`s socks..........!!!!!

Patricia   xxx


  1. Well big sis I did wonder about your title when I saw it on my list this morning??? Did you and Robert not go looking for the matching "pant". Planters??? Someone has a sence of humour any way! You have been busy with that blanket, it would take me ages to even get started. Robert will be wanting you to go on more bus journeys. Hazel xxx

  2. Such a great tale Patricia, I once took my children on a bus as a 'treat' strange how times change isn't it? Love the bra planters what a novel idea. Your crochet blanket for the lady in the village is lovely I am sure she will treasure it. Susan x

  3. Hi Patricia, love those planters, fab idea.
    My boy used to love going to Southport on the bus, we would make an afternoon of it and go to the pictures aswell.
    Lovely blanket, I,m sure the lady will appreciate it. xxx

  4. HAD to find out about bra planters - what a great idea! The bus trip sounds such fun too. My boys are scarred for life having ridden the service bus to school (ropey drivers, fast roads, unreliable buses... ) but it sounds like you had a great experience. And how thoughtful of you to just 'whip up a blanket' for the lady in the village. I'm sure she'll be very touched by your incredible kindness. Have a good day. Jenny xxx

  5. I remember many happy bus trips shared with my Grandma into Bristol. We once spotted a budgie on the pavement next to the labour exchange and Grandma had to stop me jumping off the bus to get it!!
    Love your blanket, what a thoughtful thing to do. The "boulder holder" planters are brilliant too, well spotted!! xx

  6. Morning Patricia, What fantastic piccies, the bra planters are a novel idea, but look great, and your crochet blanket, did you make that in one evening ?? I'm so impressed, and your lady will love it.
    So glad that Robert enjoyed his trips on the buses, it is amazing that such a simple thing would evoke such enjoyment, brilliant !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. Wow - I did wonder what creation you had come up with when I saw the title Bra Planters - what a fab idea and so effective xx luv the blanket you have made and this will hold new memories for her - I am sure she will be over the moon with it xx GailT xx

  8. It sounds like you had a lovely time yesterday.
    The bra planters look fabulous! Your blanket is so beautiful and such a thoughtful gift.
    hugs Sue xx

  9. Good Morning Patricia, how lovely that Robert wanted to go with you on a bus ride, how times have changed, bus was once the only way to travel, it was the train that was the treat.
    Fabulous planters, a real sense of humour.
    Lovely blanket, loving the colours, I'm sure it will be treasured too.
    Have a great day, hugs Kate x

  10. It sounds like you had a lovely time. My children love getting the bus to town. We used to catch a bus to the next village just to feed the ducks on the village pond!
    gorgeous knitting, love the colours.
    Lorraine x

  11. Morning Patricia,
    What a novel idea for plants, bet that makes a lot of people smile.
    Sounds like Robert enjoyed his bus ride, such a small thing to make him happy but he must love spending time with Granny.
    Love your blanket.

  12. sounds like an exciting bus ride for sure, I love the Bra Planters, who would have ever thought?, and your blanket and cap are adorable!!!!! Don't forget it's voting time at HC, hope you vote for me....

  13. Good Morning Patricia. Love that great story of Robert and you going on the Bus ride. It was years before our children went on a bus too and then a train. Love those planters and how kind of you to do that gorgeous shawl for the old lady. I bet she will be thrilled with it. I do love your chosen colours ,so nice and bright. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxxx

  14. Ha Ha your blog post heading had me curious and the planters are so unique !!!!!

  15. Hi Patricia, I think my youngest would love a bus ride too. I'm with you a car is so much more convenient when you live in the country.
    Loving the bra planters too, what a novel idea.
    A beautiful blanket too, great colour combo, I'm sure the old lady will love it.

    Happy crafting, hugs Erika. x

  16. Hi Patricia
    Did wonder too, when I saw the title of this lol! I suppose you could say nice pair of begonias hahaha!
    I'm sure Robert wouldn't fancy a trip on a bus in the Midlands. Not a pleasant experience here I'm afraid.
    What a lovely lady you are (well, I know that anyway) for thinking of your friend with the blanket. I'm sure it will create new and happy memories for her.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  17. what a great story Patricia - my Penny always asks her nana to go on a bus with her when she visits - so funny - when I was a child I rode everywhere on buses and a car ride was a big treat! Love the bra planters too - so clever! Gorgeous blanket! Is there no end to your skills! Hugs rachel xx

  18. It sounds like the bus trip with your grandson was fun! Love the blanket, great colors!!

  19. Hi Patricia, Kids!!, they are amazing, so honest :D Great bus journey that you shared, it will live long in your grandson's memory too, total magic, I loved the bras LOL :D Your blanket is beautiful and will cherished just as much as the previous one because you cared to make it, what a star you are :D Hugs Gay xx

  20. What a treat to share your bus adventure with you & your grandson. I would be just as excited as I imagine he was. It's such a delight to view the 'simple things' through a child's eye, and hope to recapture a bit of that from our own childhood. Never heard of 'bra planters', so that was amazing (and pretty too). So beautiful with the flowers against the gray blocks. I would love to see that village and your bus stop has such an intriguing name too. Your blanket is lovely, with the blue & yellow. How kind of you to do that for this lady. TFS such a lovely bit of your life with us. Hugs

  21. I used to love bus rides when I was little, your story brought back memories. I don't drive so if I'm on my own I have to use them, not so much fun now!! Loved the bra planters, good fun! Hugs Carole Z X

  22. I love going on a bus ride with children.. it's an adventure for them (as well as Grandma's) ... as most Children are transported by cars these days.. Love the Bra planters what a fabulous idea....I adore you crochet blanket... O I so wish I could make something like that....Hugs May x x

  23. Hi Patricia...thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I read your title!! Your bus trip sounds wonderful, I can't believe it's only two weeks until the kids are back at school. Love your blanket, I used to crochet a lot but it's ages since I picked up a hook. Carol x

  24. Hi Patricia, what unusual novel window baskets, I bet they get quite a few laughs, such fun x

  25. hi Patricia, what a lovely story to not think you would enjoy a ride in South Yorkshire.. novel planters..
    The lady will treasure your blanket.

  26. Gorgeous blanket Patricia, love the boob planters...awesome.xx♥aNNie

    The Journey is the Start

  27. Aww what a beautiful story of the Bus Ride i took every step with you , I remember my Grandson at about the age of 7 wanting to go on a Train for the first time, he can remember it too ,he is now 27 such lovely memories .
    Beautiful novel planters they must bring many a smile.
    What a lovely idea for you to make the blanket , Lady will love it im sure .

    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  28. hi Patricia.
    first of all i like the box with roses very much from your previous post.
    so elegant and beautiful!
    and i have enjoyed the story from the bus ride, and it was if i was there too on this trip.
    have a nice week my friend and hugs to you.

  29. Those are the best and most precious moments, lovely innocent outings, thanks for sharing your lovely story with us Patricia, I enjoyed every minute of the ride today ;-) And those bra planters, wowzers, what a fab idea!! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner