Sunday, 24 August 2014

"Four from one Sheet"

Hello Blog friends, followers and passers by.  Hope you are all well, thank you so much for calling in to see what I have on offer.  I love to have you here and to read all your lovely comments. I have to apologise for being away from Blogging for a couple of weeks. I have not even been doing that much commenting either.   I am so sorry,  No real excuse .... I think I have been missing all the fun days either at home or away now the boys are back to school.   The cleaning regime at the Ranch had been sadly neglected for almost 6 weeks.  I really had to knuckle down and get things back on track.  John said that he could not understand "why" when we had not been in the house that much ....... RIGHT!!! it was the Housecleaning Fairy that had kept things going.......!!!!!  I had been doing the washing, ironing, cleaning of bathrooms and general tidying up.  However even with not being in much where on earth did all the "dust and fluffy stuff" come from, now tell me that!!!
Welcome to my Blog Margaret Bowe .... I have a feeling this is Margaretcorgieowner thank you for becoming a follower.  I have just noticed I have 144 followers.  I feel that I might have to gather a few things together and have a little "give away" when I reach the 150.
A couple of months ago I made a bit of a mistake with an order from C&C.  I don`t watch this much, I was Channel Hopping when I spotted animals being shown.  There was a CD and a kit on offer.  I thought I jotted down the number for the CD which might have been handy for the classes.  When the goods arrived it was the kit ..... silly me.  However I kept it anyway to use at the classes that are starting again on Tuesday.  I have made "4 cards from 1 sheet" I know a few of the ladies will say some of the images are too small to make cards with, here is what I came up with just to give them ideas.

The kit is by Pollyanna Pickering from C&C
A sheet of A3 PMD card
Some bits and pieces from my Bit Box

That`s it for today, I will be back again soon
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate your loyalty while I have been a very bad Blogger
Till next time

Patricia   xxx


  1. Lovely to see you back Patricia....why do husbands think if youre not home it doesn't get dirty? MIne is exactly the same....bless em...
    Love you animals image Patricia and your cards are gorgeous


  2. A lovely collection of cards Patricia, love the image. It's hard to believe the kids are back at school already! Carol x

  3. A beautiful set of cards.

    Sarah x

  4. Hi Patricia,
    glad to have you back.
    Yes isn't awful how time seems to fly while your away from the blog.
    One day suddenly turns into a week, but it's jolly nice to have a break at sometime especially with your Grandsons.
    You can tell that house work fairy to visit me. lol.
    I'm sure the men folk think there is one, mine says there's nothing wrong the house looks fine to me.
    Well all I can say is what pair of glasses did he put on this morning. lol.
    Now after all that your cards are fab, and isn't it great to get it all out of one sheet of toppers.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. Hi Patricia its amazing what that house cleaning fairy gets up too isn't it??? lol same as the laundry fairy and all the other ones we seem to have around the house!! The cards are fab so many out of one sheet..lots of huggles Sue xx

  6. Hello Patricia. Love your cards. I'm. Sure the ladies you teach will love them too. Like you I had lots of things that needed attention. Hugs Rita xxx

  7. Nice to see you Patricia, glad you've had a fun summer with your Grandsons...just as it should be!! I do love the Pollyanna Pickering work,(I have the British Wildlife CD rom which is lovely) and your super batch of cards look fabulous, such an array of different card designs.xx

  8. Beautiful cards Patricia, Pollyanna Pickering does some wonderful drawings, love her wildlife ones.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  9. Hi Patricia
    Welcome back. We've kept it warm for you lol!
    We do the PP Wildlife kits at work and I have to say,they are very nice. You've made a lovely set with your kit.
    I've told you before, dust doesn't get any worse after 5 years lol!
    Have a great evening.
    Ang x

  10. Lovely selection of cards Patricia. Our lot start going back next week - part time if you don't mind! The full days start the week after. It's been a long summer but enjoyable too. Next thing on the list is a visit from relatives from London so another busy week ahead. I'm sure your ladies will be well impressed with the variety of cards that can be made from one sheet. I know I am! :)

  11. What a super selection of cards Patricia just a pity the dog was not a corgi lol it just goes to show a little can go a long way.
    Thank you so much for your lovely welcome and yes you guessed right it was me!
    Margaret corgi owner

  12. Such a gorgeous collection of cards Patricia. I love the cute images and fabulous designs.
    hugs Sue xx

  13. Hi Patricia, good to see you back again! Sometimes I don't know where the days go they whizz by so fast! Lovely cards from your kit. C and C are quite good at returning things I am sure they would have refunded you if you had asked. Hugs Susan x

  14. Four lovely cards and a clean house - I'd say that was pretty successful Patricia! Fancy doing mine now?!! lol Jenny x

  15. Gorgeous cards and a fab kit for craft classes xx hope you have caught up now and have time for some 'you time' xx GailT xx

  16. hi Patricia, lovely to see you back..
    Beautiful selection of cards, love the dog images..
    hope you have caught up with dreaded HW....

  17. Beautiful cards, lovely colours and design and those cuties are just so beautiful. off to do some housework too....♥aNNie
    The Journey is the Start

  18. Beautiful cards ,love the colors chosen and the design's.
    Elaine H X

  19. Morning Patricia,
    Very pretty cards. The housework fairy in my home is my husband, now hes retired he does most of the housework and makes a much better job of it than me. I cook and iron and do the odd bit of dusting. I must add that before he retired he didn't lift a finger.

  20. Hello Patricia, love your cars and I'm sure your ladies will really enjoy using these cute images, hugs Carole Z X

  21. Hi Patricia, Welcome back !! I'm loving your very pretty cards, your class will adore these.
    I'll bet you are shattered with all the cleaning, etc etc etc, it is amazing where it all comes from, although when we have brilliant sunshine in the room, you can see all the dust falling !!!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  22. Hello Patricia, lovely to have you back with this collection of lovely wee cards. I think the images are gorgeous, well I do love animals. I'm sure your class will like using them.
    Well done for knuckling down and getting the cleaning done, I should be making a start here, hugs Kate x

  23. You have created 4 adorable cards, and any dog lover is going to covet these cards! The images are just the right size for the way you've used them on these cards. Great way to adapt your (possible?) mistake. It probably wasn't really a mistake, just your subconscious at work! TFS & Hugs.

  24. Beautiful cards with this lovely kit! The images are definitely not too small with your gorgeous designs!

  25. Lovely selection of cards for your classes Patricia. I'm with you I don't know where the time goes just now.
    Hugs Erika. x