Friday, 8 August 2014

"Oldie for Friday!

Good morning Blog friends, followers and passers by .... like nattyboots &  margaretcorgiowner who have left me lovely comments.  They do not have a Blog so that I can return the favour, I do love that you visit me.   Thank you all for calling by, hope you like what you see and call again soon.
Before I show you my "Oldie for Friday" I have to tell you the story about Robert, age 7 & his Socks!!!!
Picture the scene!! we are on the bus.  He is dressed very nicely with smart long/shorts, a bright blue T/shirt that made his blue eyes sparkle. Nice summer shoes and his socks  .... one blue like his T/shirt the other yellow pushed down round the top of his shoes.  I know things for kids are very different these days BUT  odd socks!!! .... "Robert are those socks a pair?" ... "think so Granny"  He bent down pulled up the blue one which came quite far up his leg, then the yellow one, it only came up past his ankle.  "Now Robert even I can see they are NOT a pair, what do you think"  "Well Granny I can tell you this, I have another pair exactly the same in my drawer"  Now there`s logic for you .... obviously one pair was Thomas`s and the other his.  I have heard about sharing but...!!!

My Oldie for Friday:-

A Bouquet of Paper Flowers:-
I got the idea for these in a magazine 
Just folded paper 
I made it with a longish ribbon so that it could be hung up
Thomas & Robert presented this to my youngest sister when she got married 2 years ago
Box made for transporting .
Audrey wanted something other than a Horseshoe

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


  1. Lovely paper flowers & even nicer tale about the socks!!


  2. Grand idea for the wedding, what a lovely keepsake.
    Re socks - my son is now 35 and since he has lived on his own and now with his grilfriend, he has worn odd socks. When i was there I always washed and paired and put away, soft MUM. xxx

  3. This is gorgeous Patricia and what a nice idea to give it at a wedding! My son is 38 and still wearing odd socks, I think men never grow up! Susan x

  4. I think odd socks are all the rage with teenage boys here. Seems like Robert is keeping up with the latest trends. Lovely flowers. A nice keepsake from the wedding.

  5. Out of the mouths of babes!! Declan was nearly three when he saw a calf born for the first time. He stood watching patiently while the event took place then looked up at Martin and said " How did he get up there Daddy?!" I left Daddy to do the explaining!! Such a pretty bouquet Patricia xx

  6. Morning Patricia, A lovely tale with Robert and his socks, my hubby has made the statement more than once, haha !!
    'A bouquet of paper flowers' is absolutely stunning !! I would love a tutorial on this, Patricia, if you have the time. They are absolutely gorgeous, and stunning colours that complement perfectly.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. Your paper flowers are stunning Patricia. Such a lovely idea.
    Thanks for making me smile with your story about Robert's socks!
    hugs Sue xx

  8. Hahaha i laughed my socks off , a typical boy and so clever i might add , don't we just love these grandchildren ? they help to keep us young .
    Loving your paper flowers Patricia .
    I pop by most days for a quick look at your lovely projects and pin them but i don't always have the time to reply however i will try harder
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  9. Such a pretty display of flowers Patricia. I think it is always nice to have something other than the obligatory horseshoe. I decorated a wooden spoon when my nephew got married a few years ago. Might pop that in one Friday and join you in your oldies. Hugs Christine xx

  10. Morning Patricia,
    Robert's socks made me smile. Your flowers are stunning.

  11. Gosh it seems so long ago that the boys gave this to Debbie and Andrew, time goes so quickly, to think in just over a week the children will be back at school. Hazel xx

  12. The story about the socks just made me smile. My grandson is 16 now standing head and shoulders over me and now he just grins at me when I ask a question like that! Love those pretty flowers!

  13. I have seeing this flowers and I wnated to make did such a wonderful job!!! very pretty

  14. I have seen these but never tried one, you have done an amazing job, such gorgeous flowers!!!!!!

  15. Beautiful art piece Patricia. The flowers are stunning. Love the story about Robert's socks. Hugs Rita xxx

  16. Hi Patricia, loving your paper flowers, great colour combo there.
    LOL at your story of the socks, my youngest is a fan of odd socks too and has all manner of combinations, it drives me crazy as I always have a huge pile of socks in my ironing pile waiting to be matched up.

    Have a great time in Perth with the girls tomorrow and a super weekend, hugs Erika. x

  17. Absolutely gorgeous flower creations,loving the colour combo.xx.♥aNNie

    The Journey is the Start

  18. Hi Patricia
    What a glorious bouquet. A smashing keepsake.
    Aren't children funny. When my nephew was about 3, he dug a hole in his Gran's flower bed and when quizzed as to where the hole had come from, he replied "well, I just moved the dirt and there it was" classic! Can't argue with that logic can you hahaha!
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  19. This is gorgeous Patricia what a lovely keepsake and the socks made me giggle ..have a great weekend huggles Sue xx

  20. this is just beautiful Patricia - and the story is so funny - love it xx

  21. Gorgeous project and so different too - luv it xx I just luv kids logic - when our daughter was little she was always dancing and cartwheeling etc and we told her to try and stand on her head - after looking at us both long and hard (and you could fair hear the cogs whirring)! she announced how could she possibly stand on her head when it was joined to her body!!!! needless to say it made us laugh xx enjoy the weekend xx GailT xx

  22. Hi Patricia,
    now my side is hurting from laughing at Roberts logic.
    A very clever and good reply I would say.
    I always remember my Dad saying one day, as we were talking about my sister as she never buys one of anything,( just in case),
    and then my Dad said that darn Justin gets in every where. Well we all creased up laughing, as he didn't very often come out with little ditties like that.
    Now on to your really superb Oldie for Friday.
    What a very fab gift for a wedding, and your creation of them is superb.
    Lovely colours also.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  23. Lovely story about the socks Patricia, children come away with the funniest things.
    Beautiful flowers, what a treasured gift.
    See ya tomorrow, hugs Kate x

  24. This is gorgeous Patricia. I love the pretty flowers and pastel colours.
    My daughter loves wearing odd socks!
    Lorraine x

  25. Hi Patricia, well your tale gave me a laugh..odd socks...
    Beautiful floral arrangement, love the colours and those flowers..

  26. Hi Patricia, I loved your tale of the socks - I remember going through a phase as a teenager where we would deliberately wear bright, odd socks with our jeans! I'd forgotten it, so thanks for the memory jog! This is a gorgeous oldie Patricia, I forgot to take part this week! Hugs Carole Z X

  27. Your story really made me smile Patricia somethig I need right now ..thank you...fabulous flowers on your the colours


  28. Hi Patricia, Just giggling over here, I love the sock story and Roberts logic, he's right of course LOL Brilliant flowers and such a lovely gift, well done you :D xx

  29. Gorgeous bouquet of flowers Patricia. I love the colours.

    I'm still smiling about the socks. I'm sure Oliver could do that too!

    Kat xx

  30. Hi Patricia what beautiful flowers. Love the sock story. Jack is nearly 21 and he buys socks with coloured toes and heels if I ask him to pair them up says no need everyone wears odd socks it must be the in thing. Debs xx

  31. Thanks Patricia for the morning laugh about Robert's socks. Wow love the beautiful flower, I will have to look on the web for instructions.

    Hugs Diane

  32. Your Thomas has a great sense of humour! Love kids like that! At least he has a lot of imagination to say the least, lol! Your flower bouquet looks so pretty! Makes a fab decoration. Have a lovely Sunday, hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  33. Beautiful flowers! Love the colours you used for them too. Such a funny story about the socks!