Monday, 8 September 2014

Happy Birthday Roses

Hello Blog friend, followers and poppers by. Hope you are all well and had as nice weather as we have had today.  Sun shone till almost 5pm also nice and warm.  Had lunch outside, afternoon tea with Isobel also outside.. Washing all dried, ironed and put away.   
Now the down side of my day......!!!!
Because we live so far from shops we obviously fill the Freezers (2) and keep the fridge well stock (boys have to be fed).....LOL!!!  I divide my loaves of bread into packets of 4 slices and freeze.   This morning I went to get out some bread ....... it was soft!!!  Checked the fridge, the light was on but it certainly was not cold either.  I thought we must have had a power cut overnight, but no.   The blooming thing had the light on but nothing going.  Thankfully that freezer just had things like bread, rolls, pizza, fish fingers, homemade pies and apple tarts.  Fridge/freezer was approx 10 years old and had done well.  Mad dash up to Blairgowrie, new one bought, delivered, installed and now switched on.  It had to be left for 4 hours after installation for the gas to settle before being switched on.   We think the gas might have leaked out of the old one. Lots had to be thrown in the bin, fed to the sheep, birds, couple of apple tarts were taken along to J & As they will use them for pudding at tea tonight and possible again tomorrow.    Thank goodness all the meat is stored in the other freezer.
So that was my day but Hey! Ho! compared with what some are going through at the moment our problem was nothing.  Just darned inconvenient.
Here is my card for today, flowers were requested for this one:-

Base card 5 x 7 Centura style card
Piece of blue pearl cardstock embossed with SB Paisley Folder
Paper for flowers/flourish downloaded from MCS Floriogrphy CD
SB Blossom Five for the Roses
Flourish I think is a Cheery Lynn Die it is a pink/purple Die
Stamped Happy Birthday

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


  1. Another very pretty card Patricia. Nothing worse than fridge/freezer problems, glad you could get sorted so quickly though. Carol x

  2. wow, Patricia.
    such an elegant card and these flowers are awesome.
    a very nice job you did with making them and i like the glitter on them.
    hugs to you.

  3. Beautiful card Patricia. Similar thing happened to us a few years back too. So tired I cannot sleep. Hugs Rita xxx

  4. Beautiful card Patricia. Blue is my favourite colour.

  5. SUPER STUNNING and very creative, love the gorgeous details and the beautiful display of flowers , love it...xxxThe Journey is the Start

  6. Hi Patricia,

    Gorgeous card, loved yesterdays little bundle too.

    My you have had a good day lol! Its funny you mention about the gas in Fridges I said to y hubby the other day each time I go to our fridge it smells of gas but the freezer part is still working!!! Maybe I should take the meat out and put it in the little freezer just in case lol! Its not very old though but then i don't think it matters these days with appliances. The main oven in our stove went on Sunday when I was trying to cook roast potatoes, luckily we have a top oven too lol!
    Have a nice day and take care

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. Another lovely card. Shame about your freezer but as you say, not bad compared to some problems.


  8. This is gorgeous Patricia, I love the blue embossing and stunning flowers.
    hugs Sue xx

  9. Morning Patricia, You certainly did well with your freezer expedition, in my part of the country I would still be waiting for the delivery haha, unless picking up oneself. So glad you got it all sorted, they always go at a inconvenient time, but thankfully not much was wasted with yours.
    A lovely card, complemented by your gorgeous flowers.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. Hey Ho indeed bloomin electrics , but could have been the meat freezer ,so lucky it wasn't .
    Last week i was cooking a roast and the glass oven door just crashed to the floor ,gosh it was such an almighty crash /crunch , was so scared for a few seconds until i found what it was .
    Anyway on to your card, it is really lovely , your flowers are beautiful as always and the embossing really stands out , well done .
    Elaine H X

  11. Morning Patricia,
    Why is that these things always happen when you don't need the it. Good job you were able to get it sorted so quickly.

    Love your very pretty card.

  12. Gorgeous card. Glad you gt freezer stuff sorted, pain in the butt, xxx

  13. Beautiful card and luv the colours together and at the risk of repeating myself (which I do often) beautiful roses xx glad you sorted your freezer out - the other up side of the day is you got it sorted out in the same day - to pick/deliver/install in the same day is nothing short of amazing - we would have picked one asked when it could be delivered and after the sucking in of cheeks and shake of head I'm sure it would have been at least a few days at best - and I'm sure it made the food recipients day - two legged and four legged variety xx GailT xx

  14. So sorry about your freezer! It's never easy to have to throw away food! Love your creation...I enlarged it so I could get a better look at your flowers. Amazing!

  15. bummer bout the frig, but it would have been worse I guess, your card is priceless, those flowers are show pieces!!!!!

  16. Hi Patricia,
    oooooooooooo I spy your lovely roses.
    Beautiful card and very superb roses too.
    Love that embossing folder.
    So glad you didn't loose much, with your fridge-freezer malfunction.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  17. Hi Patricia, gorgeous card as usual, love that shade of blue and the embossing. Beautiful blooms.
    Thank goddness you didn't loose too much food and have got the new freezer so quickly, have a good day, hugs Kate x

  18. Hi Patricia another beautiful card, great flowers and embossing.
    Shame to hear about your freezer but atleast you noticed it quite quickly and it wasn't the meat. We no longer have a chest freezer for that reason, it can be a pain with only a small one but I only really notice when we have visitors or at Christmas.

    Hugs Erika. x

  19. Hello Patricia, a really beautiful card so elegant looking with the rich embossing your roses are stunning.
    Sorry to hear of your problems, I know just how you feel, and there is not a lot you can do with half thawed cooked food, at least if the food is raw you can cook and re-freeze. I had the same problem last year and came to my rescue they give an excellent service at good prices.
    Margaret corgi owner

  20. A gorgeous card Patricia. Beautiful flowers and embossing.
    I had to throw everything out of our freezer last week....hubby left the door open!! doh!
    Lorraine x

  21. hoooo... poor you.. always happens when you least expect it.. as you say so inconvenient...
    Beautiful card Patricia, love the colours and your fabulous roses..
    hugs pam

  22. Hi Patricia, These things always happen when we least expect it... this has happened to me twice....YIKES.. the wildlife thought it was their Christmas..being fed so much lol....Your card is gorgeous, Love the flowers & fantastic embossing...Hugs May x x

  23. Gorgeous card Patricia, lovely colours and of course your roses...glad you got your freezer sorted quickly, hugs Carole Z X

  24. WOW what a fantastic embossed background !! It literally shimmers even in the photo
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  25. gorgeous card Patricia. love the flowers - fab colours x

    thank you for the kind words about my cat Lucky xxx

  26. Hi Patricia, another beauty of a card. Love the embossing and I still drool over your flowers! I keep my deep freeze, spare fridge, washer and drier outside in our wash house so they don't tend to last that long and its such an inconvenience when they go! The Deep freeze probably lasts the longest which is good as its always full!! Its good you got it replaced so quick. Our washer went a few months back, by 1:00 the repairman had been told us it couldn't be repaired and we had gone out, got another, had it delivered and first lot of washing in!!! Susan x

  27. Hi Patricia
    Beautiful card. The blue pearl card is striking with the embossing.
    Shame about the freezer as its sad when food gets spoiled but I'm sure the nibbles that did get passed around were appreciated.
    Hope this comment finally goes through. . . . .this is 3rd attempt lol!
    Ang x

  28. Beautiful, beautiful, Patricia! Love that glossy paper and of course your amazing flowers, they're gorgeous as always! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  29. Poor you! I've only had that happen once - once was quite enough thank you very much! As you say luckily the meat etc was in the other one. I love the blue of this card. It looks so rich and works so well with the brown. Hugs Christine xx

  30. Absolutely gorgeous, your flowers look stunning and the flourish is beautiful!