Friday, 19 September 2014

"Some Real Oldies for Friday"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any poppers by.  Hope you are all well, if not I send a few hugs in hope they might help.
Sorry I have been  missing over the past few days.  It`s a wee bit hectic here at the moment.
I have been trying to keep up with my commenting, just have not had any time for playing.  If I have missed any of your Post I will get there I promise.

I have a few Real Oldies for you today.
Right!!! I might as well tell you before Hazel "lets the cat out of the bag again"...............!!!
Today is our Golden Wedding I have a few photos to show you:-

John & I outside the Church .... not a Prison!!!!!

No big wedding, we were not a well off family.  However, did that really matter when we are still together and happy today.  In the photo above is Dad with Jackie 21months, Mum, Me & Hazel.

I met John when I was still at school, I was 15 John was almost 21.  With the age gap you can imagine mum & dad were not too happy.  They really could not do or say too much.....they were married at the same ages.   John`s family lived in the same street so they were known to Mum & Dad I think that helped a little.  We got engaged on my 17th birthday, John told them he would not marry me till I was 18. (In Scotland you can marry at 16)  I was 18 one week and married the next.   

Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia   xxx


  1. Patricia this is lovely....your photos are a delight to view, the black and white always looks lovely and I would have loved to have seen the church.xxThe Journey is the Start

  2. BIG Happy Anniversary Wishes to you and John.
    Your photos are so beautiful and I loved hearing all about you. It's good to know that you are still so happy together after all these years.
    I hope you enjoy your special day.
    hugs Sue xx

  3. Now would I have done that??? Oh YES!!! But as I said earlier congratulations to you both. Great you had photos still in such good conditions - so many get lost or damaged over the 50 years.
    Enjoy your day. Hazel xxx

  4. Congratulations! I love seeing old photos esp of happy occasions. Have a lovely day.


  5. Well good morning Patricia and big big big congratulations to you and John. Its quite an achievement these days my first marriage only lasted 10 years I got married in 1971 and have similar looking photos! I have a brother 17 years younger than me and sister 6 years younger so similar family situation too! Your photos are fabulous Patricia and you should both be proud of your special achievement. Hope you are going to do something nice to celebrate!! Susan xx

  6. Morning Patricia,
    Huge congratulations to you both. Loved your photos, I too got married at 18 and my husband was 22, we celebrated our golden wedding in 2011. Have a great day.

  7. Many congratulations Patricua to you both it's certainly an achievement these days..lovely wedding photos ..hopefully you'll have a lovely celebration


  8. Congratulations to both of you. Like you, I met my husband when we were at school, and have our 40th anniversary this year. Some of us picked well although we were young.
    Have a great day
    Janice W

  9. Huge congratulations to you both Patricia. A commitment of this length takes hard work, compromise and a whole lotta love - no mean feat these days. I hope you enjoy many more happy years together. Much love, Jenny x

  10. Congratulations to you both on your Golden Wedding Day. I think compromise is the answer with lots of tolerance thrown in. Have a Wonderful Day and I'll see you both tomorrow. Hugs Rita xxx

  11. Congratulations on this great occasion! Fabulous picture! Your story is almost identical to my sisters - she was 15 when she met her 21 year old husband, engaged at 17 but married at 19. And that was in 1967 so they haven't quite caught up with you yet! Hope you have a wonderful celebration! Hugs Christine xx

  12. Morning Patricia, Hearty Congratulations to you and John on this fabulous Anniversary. What a fantastic achievement, and these brilliant pictures show what a great day you all had so many years ago.
    A Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary to you both.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  13. Aww how lovely
    Huge Congratulations to you both, We had our 50 th last year celebrating with a Downton Abby Bash , it was wonderful but i will never wear the dress again, i don't think { big sigh } I will confess you sound a lot like myself , We met when i just left School ,the age gap is the same , i married at 17 we had not got much but we worked hard and saved { no credit cards in those days } to get a lovely home together before starting our family ,
    and we are just as happy now with 3 strapping sons and 3 lovely grandchildren , would i have changed anything ?
    No not one thing ,i am blessed .
    I could go on but enough of my chatter .
    Have a Lovely weekend
    Elaine H X

  14. Congratulations to you both certainly don't look old enough! I hope you have a lovely day. Carol x

  15. Your post mirrors a post I did back in January when we also had our 50th anniversary, I also met Tom when I was 15 and we are still together and happy. Your dress mirrors mine as well, take a look back on my blog for 4th January.
    You looked so lovely both of you.

  16. Happy Half Century Patricia!! Couldn't be happier for you both and hope you have a truly wonderful day!! You looked amazing on your special day and funnily enough my Mum's wedding dress was very similar to yours xx

  17. Very many congratulations to you both, I do hope you have a wonderful day with some lovely surprises thrown in to make it extra special. Your photographs are wonderful and money is not everything, health and happiness are much more important and these cannot be bought Patricia.
    Your story is almost the same as mine, except we have three more years to go until we reach the 50!
    The gift of love and happiness is such a special thing and I wish you both lots of both, have a super weekend.
    Margaret corgi owner xx

  18. Good Morning Patricia and a very Happy Anniversary to you and John.
    Congratulations on your Golden Wedding.
    I love your photos, what a handsome Groom and beautiful Bride, I love wedding photos, especially black and white ones. Thanks for sharing them. Johns hair is fantastic, by the way. We won't be able to to your "Oldie" this week, Big Hugs for a wonderful day, kate x

  19. Happy Anniversary to you both, I hope you have a wonderful day. The photo's look fabulous and I'm sure you'll have many more happy years together.
    Lorraine x

  20. beautiful love story and picture, congratulations!!!!!

  21. Hi Patricia
    Doh! Thought it was tomorrow, pesky calendar! Hope both of you have a wonderful anniversary today. You both look so young and happy on the pics and my, you look like your Dad!
    You don't need to throw thousands at a wedding to have a wonderful day and a happy marriage. . . . . .you have certainly proved that.
    Only another 39 years to go for me and Mr Duck lol!
    Here's to the next 50 for you and John!
    Ang x

  22. Have a wonderful day Patricia ..congratulations to the both of wedding was simple too and it was's to the next one your Diamond!!! lots of hugglesssssss Sue xxxxxxx

  23. Congratulations to the both of you Patricia, gosh 50 years, wow. What fun pictures and thanks for sharing them.

    Hugs Diane

  24. Happy 50th Anniversary to you both. And he still gives you his heart(heart shaped potato). Lovely photos.

  25. Congratulations Patricia on your Golden Wedding anniversary and great pictures to share with us. You look lovely in your wedding pictures and so young! Bless.
    I hope hubby is spoiling your rotten tonight or maybe a meal out somewhere nice?
    Have a super weekend and thanks for joining me on sharing an oldie.

    Hugs Erika. x

  26. BIG CONGRATULATIONS Patricia to you and your husband, what an achievement. Stunning photos, love Black & White and you do look so much like your Dad.

    I was married for 24 years to my first Husband 9.5 with this one lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  27. Hi Patricia and John.
    Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary for today.
    Oh dam I've missed making you a card again, now that's a slap on the wrist for me missing your Birthday and your Anniversary.
    Love you super photos of your wedding, they are so lovely.
    Now you are the second blogger who has an Anniversary today, as it's Carole Z too.
    I do hope you are enjoying your day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  28. Wow - what lovely photos and a big CONGRATS to you both xx you obviously take after your Dad xx thanks for sharing them and enjoy any celebrations you may have planned and if not just have a lovely weekend xx GailT xx

  29. HI Patricia, I saw your comment on my blog so popped over to say Happy Anniversary...and it's your Golden one too,! I hope you are having a wonderful day!! Loved looking at your photos, lots of hugs Carole Z X

  30. Hi Patricia congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Oh you looked beautiful and it shows age doesn't matter. George is quiet a bit older than me and we've been married 22yrs at Christmas. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Xx

    Debs xx

  31. Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary Patricia, my your dress is so like mine, my late mum made mine and all my bridesmaids(4).. when we meet both 15..engage 17..married is our Golden next year and we are both 70!!! so some celebrating to do..
    hope you had a wonderful day..
    much love pam x

  32. Many congratulations to you both Patricia. How very lucky you are to have all those years together. Beautiful photographs.

  33. Many, many congratulations Patricia. It was lovely to see your photos and read a bit of your story. Hope you had a lovely celebration. x

  34. Happy wedding anniversary to you and John, dear Patricia! I think it's absolutely splendid to be able to have so many years together! Here's to many many more years of happiness for you both, love your wedding photos, so sweet! Did you have a wonderful day? Sure hope you did! Hugs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  35. Hi Patricia.
    Many Many Congratulations Patricia on your golden wedding anniversary. I hope you and John had a lovely day together yesterday, sorry I didn't see it on the actual day, but I send you both happy thoughts. Love the photo's.

    Tina XX

  36. Patricia, Wonderful Happy 50th Anniversary to you & John. I certainly enjoyed seeing the pictures. You were a beautiful couple & it was lovely to see your family in the pictures as well. Not many of us can say we've lasted this long, as today's couples seem to think the promises made, don't apply when the going gets rough. And I think it does - for all of us. Even at 51 yrs, we still have our days when irritations occur. You work through it. You & John are to be highly complimented on your milestone celebration and that you raised a lovely family and can now enjoy 2 lively grandsons! Best wishes for many more happy years together. Hugs to you both.

  37. Congratulations on your Golden Wedding Anniversary, I hope you had a really special day! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos with us, you look so beautiful.

  38. Happy Anniversary Patricia and John. Congratulations fir makung it last! Have a great day!