Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Roberts Wall Art

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who has called by to see what I have been up to .... (not  lot these past few days) Welcome, to my little corner of Blogland. 
I have to apologise for being missing again, you know something, general housekeeping and "stuff" can be a right pain at times.  I don`t go out to work BUT where oh! where does all my time go???  We do not have the boys so much after school since John Jnr has taken up his new post.  I should have lots more "free" time, I must waste it some way but do not know how!!!   We still see the boys mostly at the weekends while they are at school.  However John really liked picking them up, we enjoyed having them here for tea a couple of times some weeks.   The food and milk supplies now last so much longer .....  LOL!!!
I mentioned that I sometimes use "Free" Digi downloads for colouring rather than buying stamps.
Stephanie Cotterill has asked where I get them...... I have to confess when I am looking in on Blogs where a "free" Digi image I like is mentioned I pop in and download it.  Here the bad part I never take note of where it came from  ...  naughty me!!   I know and I promise I will take note in future.  Stephanie if you contact me on I can have a chat with you.
Right I will show you what Robert and I got up to this weekend past:-

He did not want to make cards but wanted to "craft"
We used up the last of a Kitchen Roll clearing up something when he asked "what can we use this for" .... the cardboard insert.....???  I often keep bits and pieces like this, it is amazing the things they make from "bits" there were another 2 in their box.   Thinking caps on and this is what we came up with.
We cut the inserts into 1" pieces, stuck them together like flowers.   I suggested popping them on Kebab Sticks, Robert had the idea of sticking them all together.  "We have to paint them Granny!!!!  Another messy job needing cleared up.  Then of course he needed something to cover the holes in the middle.  Pearls for my stash were used for that.
After a lot of messy fun I now have a nice piece of "Wall Art" hanging in my kitchen.

That`s it for today folks off to see if I can make something to show you soon.
Thank you so much for your visit, much appreciated
Till next time

Patricia xx


  1. And I just put three rolls into the re-cycle bin but what a fabulous idea, guess you could also use the toilet rolls too and make small this idea.

    The Journey is the Start

  2. What a great recycling project, love it. I have seen similar projects on Pinterest and have added to my would like to have a go at list. I think it looks lovely. I know what you mean about where do the days go too, time seems to fly just now but I guess the dark mornings and nights don't help.
    Happy crafting, hugs Erika. x

  3. Such a great idea and brilliant recycling they look great


  4. Great recycling - now a nice piece of wall art. Still can't get my photos to up load. So I won't be posting for a few more days. Hazel x

  5. What a super idea, if you don't mind I shall use this idea with my little grandson he too loves crafting and if it keeps him away from Minecraft all the better!
    Many thanks Patricia
    Margaret corgi owner

  6. Sounds like Robert has very much been touched by the crafty wand, and what a clever chap to think of such a brilliant idea!! xx

  7. Isn't that a fab looking project! Great creation that has a story to tell! And you and Robert must have had made this with so much fun. Worth every minute of it! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  8. Awww what a fun time Patricia and fab project as well huggles Sue xxx

  9. How clever and creative, it sounds like this was fun to make, even if it was a bit messy!
    hugs Sue xx

  10. Hello Patricia, these are just lovely, well done to Robert, and they will look fabulous put on a wall. Messy but good fun I'm sure, hugs Kate x

  11. Wow - I would never have guessed what this was made from - it is fab xx what a talented young grandson you have (I wonder where he gets that from) xx GailT xx

  12. Great recycling Patricia (and Robert), these look wonderful. Carol x

  13. Wonderful idea Patricia very inventive and sounds like such a fun thing to do with your Grandson. Susan x

  14. Robert seems to be a chip off the - - - block with his creativity and craft ,and a lovely project too ,well done Robert .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  15. Morning Patricia,
    Sound like you and Robert have great fun together crafting.

  16. Well I can just imagine you both with thinking caps on and messed up in paint!!!
    Brilliant project..

  17. this is so inventive - I love it - will show this to my Penny - she loves inner tubes and toilet rolls! Fab xx

  18. Hi Patricia
    Sorry I'm late my friend but busy, busy week.
    You have a talented young crafter there but like I've said before, its in his genes lol!
    I use the innards from tin foil to make my ribbon spools. Just my bit to save the Planet lol!
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  19. What a beautiful project - it looks like creativity runs in the family!

  20. Sorry to be on catch up again `:( what a fab project, looks like you and Robert had fun!Hugs Carole Z X