Monday, 8 December 2014

Oh! No! I see the Snow!!!

Hello Blog friends, followers and everyone who visits.  Just to let you know without you guys I would not bother posting.  It is your comments on my Blog that make it all worth while.  I send a BIG Thank You from the bottom of my heart.
Well folks winter has reached us here.  There is a thick covering of snow on the hills I see out of the Kitchen windows which face directly North!!!!    There was a light dusting on the ones out the front yesterday and this morning, that has gone for now.  The sun is shining, the shy is blue, it all looks wonderful but I am still not a lover of it.
I got lots of cards finished yesterday, John posted the ones that were small enough to go in the box on his way to collect the paper this morning. .  I have to confess, I was naughty, I cheated a bit this year.  I usually do all the inserts on the computer however time was running away from me and I just "stamped" them.
I still have all the cards for the neighbours still to do.  That`s the only thing about living in a tiny village, you have to make a card for almost everyone.  
Phoned Elaine this morning, she`s not good. Will not say exactly what she says she feels like, you can just imagine!!!  Does not want any visitors, will leave it today but not taking no for an answer tomorrow. 
Took a rest from Card Making and did this:-

An Altered Coffee Jar!!!
Just noticed that bottom piece of twin needs sorting. Funny how you always see the mistakes when its too late, however you get the idea. I have mounted the floral piece on card and used Velcro Dots to attach it to the Jar.  I will be using it as a vase, don`t want all the paper flowers to get soaked when I am washing out the jar.
I know I should have been doing other things BUT!!! when I saw the empty jar waiting to go into the Glass Recycling I had one of those "light bulb moments" that just had to be worked on.

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for stopping to see what I have been up to, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx


  1. This is gorgeous Patricia, glad you saved it from the recycle box. xxxx

  2. I have been thinking of you Scottish lassies since seeing the weather report last night. Stay warm!! What a fab coffee jar, perfectly complimentary coffee colours too xx

  3. Plenty snow on the hills around Fort William too now. Yesterday was a strange one with a snow fall while we had thunder and lightening.
    Love the vase, just waiting for a bunch of flowers now.
    Janice W

  4. Love your jar Patricia. Like you I have had r to resort to stamping some of the insides of my cards. I simply ran out of time. Next year I am determined to add the insert at the same time as the card is made. John was very excited when I told him about your snow. But there is no way he is well enough to do any climbing yet, so he will just have to admire it from afar! Hugs Christine xx

  5. Brilliant recycle big sis. As always your flowers are gorgeous. Hazel xxx

  6. Hi Patricia. This is a lovely idea. Where do all you ladies find your idea's. I do admire you all.
    Snow also on the tips of the moores in Lancashire, hibernation is now well and truely on !
    Hugs to all.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  7. Fabulous recycling Patricia and great idea to mount the flowers so they can be removed. We had snow at the races yesterday! Carol x

  8. This is stunning Patricia what a super idea, thank you so much.
    Yes we have a good covering of snow on the fells here in the Lake District too. All my winter supplies are in stock so hey ho if it snows we wont go hungry, long life milk in the garage, yeast and plenty of flour in the cupboard etc and the freezer is full to bursting, I don't venture out when the white stuff is about!
    It could be Elaine is suffering from shock after her accident too and that is delaying her recovery. I do so hope she is soon making some progress, but surely someone from the medical profession will be keeping an eye on her, at least I hope they are.
    Margaret xx

  9. A wonderful idea Patricia, it looks lovely. We have had lots of hail storms but no snow. We don't really get that much here. Stay cosy, Susan x

  10. Hi Patricia, Oh no, snowwwwww, great on christmas cards !!!! haha.
    We have had hail and that was bad enough, I'm waiting from Summer, I really loathe Winter haha.
    My heart goes out to Elaine, I can understand how she is feeling like that, but she has a fabulous friend in you.
    A lovely altered jar, surprising how a coffee jar can be changed, really lovely.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. Gorgeous! Love your altered jar Patricia, sorry to hear Elaine is still feeling poorly following her accident, hugs Carole Z xx

  12. Sorry to hear Elaine is feeling under the weather. Hope she's improved when you see her tomorrow. Love that altered jar and the beautiful collection of blooms. It tried to snow here today but just got soggy. Jenny x

  13. Beautiful project Patricia, sorry to here Elaine`s not feeling good, really hope she improves soon..
    Hugs pam

  14. Hello Patricia, Love your altered coffee jar, beautifully done.
    Sorry to hear Elaine is still not good, when you do see her Please give her my love, hugs Kate x

  15. Hi Patricia
    Wouldn't it be great if you could buy coffee in jars already done like this lol?
    Brilliant recycling. We will all be at it now. Love it!
    Poor Elaine. Hope she hasn't been trying to overdo things.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  16. Evening Patricia what a lovely idea it makes a great gift. Love the flowers.
    Take care

    Debs xxx

  17. Fab project - luv it and will definitely have to have a go at doing something similar (after Christmas) xx and as always your flowers are great xx GailT xx

  18. Snow you can keep it. Although we get snow on the mountain it doesn't fall on the city. That is not correct it does about once every 60 plus years. We have experienced once over night absolute chaos. The next day no buses ran people didn't get to work and it was all gone by the afternoon.
    Love your recycled jar. Very few flowers I can take inside allergies
    so have to admire them in the garden.
    Margaret M

  19. Morning Patricia,
    What a pretty jar, love it, but I don't love the snow you can keep it there.

  20. We only see snow here once in awhile. I love to see it and always enjoy watching it fall and lay on the ground and trees. This jar is so pretty and very creative! Well done girl. Sorry to be so late.

  21. Love your converted coffee jar Patricia. It is so pretty...and how I would love to be able to look out of my window and see snow on the hills instead of bush fire smoke in the distance.....guess it is your winter and our wild summer weather, heat, wind, rain, hail....still
    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  22. What a super idea Patricia. I love the natural look you have given it too. Very smart indeed. Hugs Rita xxx

  23. Your coffee jar has given you pleasure more than once, Patricia, that's for sure! Love how you altered it, your flowers are the best! Please please don't allow the snow to cross the Canal, would you, lol! I already detest the darkness during the day! (but I love candles ;-) Take care, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  24. Hi Patricia

    Such a brilliant idea, I can imagine a whole shelf full with buttons and beads in, I will be saving my jars now.

    Poor Elaine, I hope she gets the help she needs. Hugs X

    Tina XX

  25. Had to smile when I read your comment about seeing the 'boo-boo' in the photo. Happens to me constantly. (Yours is not that noticeable at all though). What a very pretty way to save a recycle item, and make it useful once again. Love that gorgeous flower. I'd just as soon not have the white stuff either. Pretty to look at, and I'm always pleased we don't have to go out in it too. TFS & Hugs.

  26. What a fun idea Patricia, it turned out wonderful.

    Hugs diane

  27. wow snow Patricia - I know its december but I'm not ready for that yet. Your altered jar is beautiful - love it. Big hugs rachel x

  28. Sometimes it is just nice to do something totally different Patricia. I love your altered coffee jar, the flowers are perfect, thanks muchly for my card too, it's fab.
    Hugs and happy crafting, Erika. x

  29. Totally gorgeous, I love the rustic feel and natural tones of this! Such a beautiful creation - your flowers are fab!
    So sorry to hear that Elaine is not doing so good. Please tell her that your blogging friends are thinking of her x

  30. This is a great altered jar! What a great idea! Hugs!