Sunday, 18 January 2015

"I don`t have a Craft Room"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any visitors.  Welcome to my little corner of Blogland where all is calm and the sun is shining brightly.  Hope you are all well and enjoying some sunshine, it fairly lifts the spirits.
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last Post.  A few comment on my Tidy Bits Box and saying I must have a tidy Craft Room.  I don`t have a Craft Room, I craft in the kitchen.   My kitchen is a good size, I have a very long work surface which I use for crafting.  I also have 2 overhead cupboards, 2 drawers and 2 base cupboards.  As you all well know that`s not nearly enough room for Crafty things!!!  I have lots dotted other places so I thought I would show you........!!
Very picture heavy, you might need a choccy biscuit and a coffee ... here we go:-

We have a large hall where this sideboard sits, it contains lots of A3 card.
Drawers full of envelopes, the little drawers at the side hold all my "back up" Cosmic shimmer Glue, double sided tape.  I always have lots of back up stock for use with the Craft Classes
Oh! the top 3 small drawers do not have any crafty things in them, nor the bottom Big drawer......pretty good what!!!

Upper kitchen cupboard

 Drawer No1 seem to have lost the picture of No2
Base cupboard
Utility Room
Utility room again
Still the Utility Room where I keep my GC neatly in the bag on the floor
Now for the other bits.  I had a corner in the Guest Bedroom that had a long tall chest of drawers.  I found another place for then to fit in these units bought in IKEA:-
Covered over with curtain matching the window ones.  Bet visitors get a surprise when they open that curtain!!!
My "Lace" I do keep it quite neat as it also resides in the Guest room
 This is the bundle I am working on at the moment. I like the kitchen left tidy I will clear everything away when I am finished

Oh! how I would LOVE a "Craft Room" ........ wakey!! wakey!! folks that`s it
Thank you you for popping in I really appreciate it
Off to create something to show you tomorrow
Patricia  xxx

Oh! Steph if you pop in ......  I really don`t know how I would do embossing a "frame".  Cut first or emboss first .......  I think it would need a bit of experimenting.


  1. Thanks for sharing your crafty spaces with us Patricia!x

  2. Afternoon Patricia WOW you are so organised ive got a craftroom I say a craftroom but at the minute I have two I had my dining room and i'm in the middle of transferring it all into the spare room so my house just looks like a craft wharehouse but once ive done it it should look better. so when I have visitors they'll not come face to face with my craft. You dnt think you have as much until you start to move it. I hope I can be as organized as good as you when its done.
    Take care in this icy weather.

    Hugs Debs xxx

  3. oh gosh,hun you are well organised,it looks,great hun,love all the storage hugs Cherylxxx

  4. Gosh you are so neat and tidy but now we know why lol! i would forget where everything was if I had things dotted around the place, maybe I will show my craft space one day lol! I too do not have a room but I do have a corner in my Son's bedroom bless him, I use his desk, well its mine now!!!
    Thank you for showing us.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Now folks my big sister keeps her craft stuff like this at all times, she is very tidy and organised, not like me at all. Yes she has tidy ups and clear outs but no I could go over tomorrow or any time and it's like what it is now. Even when we were young ( we didn't have a lot of things weren't allowed to have things we didn't use they were passed on to those who had nothing). Patricia side of the bedroom was always tidier than mine. I need to go tidy up my mess I have made in my spare room after this. Hazel xxx

  6. Love seeing your crafty spaces Patricia, you're so organised...we do amass so much stuff don't we! This reminds me I started off with just the red hamper basket which is on the shelf unit in my room atm!! Carol x

  7. Oh, so tidy!
    I do have a small craftroom, but I also do patchwork, and make bags, and at the moment it looks like a tornado swept through it. I do try to make it all tidy, but my mind wanders off and starts to match up papers or fabrics......but I enjoy it
    .My boxes of fabrics, threads and papers fill my space...but I could find room for more.
    Janice W

  8. A place for everything and everything in it's place, you clever girl! Everything looks fantastic, the rest of us can dream and try and follow your wonderful example.
    Margaret corgi owner

  9. Well you certainly have tidy craft areas Patricia. Must sort out mine since i haven't really cleared up since the marathon that was Christmas!! Hugs Christine xx

  10. Your crafty stash is very well organised Patricia. I have a craft room which is our attic that my husband converted for me. The only problem is that because it is the attic all the walls are sloping so all my stash has to mainly underneath the worktops - not that I am complaining I love it! Susan x

  11. Good Afternoon Patricia. I never doubt you would be a tidy crafter, so no surprise there. I will take oictures of mine plus I have a walk-in cupboard that is filled with crafty stuff and the attic too has some of other crafts too. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xxxx

  12. Wow, we all squeeze bits in wherever we can !!!!

  13. Wow Patricia you are so tidy but then I suppose you have to be - I used to have to tidy away after each project which meant I tried to finish it off in one go and vey often worked on it until the early hours - not good when you have to get up and go to work but when our daughter left home we converted her room so at least now I can close the door on my mess and have work in progress - so much less pressure!! I know I am very lucky so I do try and keep it tidy but getting more into 'messy' crafting with paint etc so it isn't always easy xx enjoy what is left do the weekend xx GailT xx PS about the frame if you want to keep the plain embossed edge on your frame you need to die cut first then put into your emboss folder (with the die cut frame still in the die) but don't close it as you will cut into it with the die-cut and also make sure that the cut side is not facing the emboss folder as again it will cut into the folder - you may have to use a shim of card depending on which machine you have - I hope that helps both you and Steph xx G xx

  14. I definitely think you have the right idea Patricia. Using your kitchen ensures you put everything away - oh how I wish I could be disciplined. Well done you! Hugs, Anne xx

  15. So neat and tidy Patricia my craft room was like that once! LOL huggles Sue xxx

  16. Patricia, enjoyed the craft tour. You may have your 'stash' in different locales, but you certainly do have it all tidily arranged! Mine is spread all over 2 fairly large basement rooms, and is a real mess. Bet you can put your hands right on anything you need. Having to pick up after oneself, might be a positive thing, yes????TFS & Happy Sunday.

  17. You are so organised Patricia. I don't have a craft room either, just a corner of the dining room with lots of shelves and boxes. I do all my crafting on the dining table so have to pack away everyday before I can get dinner! My stuff if no-where near as tidy as yours so I won't be showing any photos!
    Thank you for sharing your photos.
    hugs Sue xx

  18. Wow Patricia what a fabulously organised stash you have thanks for sharing xx

  19. Hi Patricia
    No, you don't have a craft room, you have a craft house hahaha! I did wonder how you managed to fit all your stash into a couple of kitchen cupboards.
    I'm in the smallest bedroom so I can shut the door on any half done projects but I do allow Mr D to use the desk occasionally lol!
    About the embossing/cutting frame question, if I have understood the question properly, I would cut then emboss as you may squash your embossing if you did that first, then cut, if that makes sense.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  20. You may not have an 'official' craft room Patricia, but you are very well organised. Everything looks neat and tidy and the way I see it? Who needs a craftroom if you can create cards like you can? Btw, the kitchen is more comfy and cozy, too ;-) Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  21. hi Patricia, you really are organised, looks really net and tidy.

  22. Hi Patricia

    You put me to shame. I have places where things should be kept ,and try my hardest to put them back when I have finished but it doesn't always happen until I have finished my next project, or when the floor looks a bit like the weather you are having at the moment.

    Tina XX

  23. Hi Patricia, Thank you for showing us your beautifully organised crafting goodies, you are so well disciplined, but obviously when you craft in your kitchen you have to be. I 'take off my hat' to you, I converted the middle bedroom to my craft room, it is quite well organised, but when I am crafting my 'stuff' is everywhere, literally. I usually try to tidy away when the frenzy is over, but I love that I can walk away from the mess and shut the door on it hahaha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  24. I don't have a "craft room" either....I am currently set up in my hubby's shop which he so generously allowed me to have a small space after using an enclosed back porch that had no heat or ac. The shop has everything except a bathroom, lol. I have my supplies stored in plastic boxes, containers, paper boxes, an old stereo cabinet which are shoved under the table that I use to craft on. In my dreams to have a separate craft room.

  25. wonderful tour Patricia - you may not have a craft room but you certainly have lots of crafty goodies and they seem very tidy to me! I have a craft attic and its everywhere!!!! Big hugs Rachel xx

  26. Great tour Patricia... I agree with Rachel, you may not have a room but you have some great goodies.

  27. Hello Patricia, looks as if you are able to have a good amount of craft stuff and it all looks so tidy, It's amazing what we crafters can do with space, hugs kate x

  28. I wouldn't dare show you my untidy craft room but I couldn't work in a tidy room I wouldn't know where anything was!!!!!.
    Margaret M

  29. Thanks for sharing your photos of your crafty stash. In our last house I has crates on wheels under the spare bed for my craft stuff-I was much more organised then. Now I am very lucky to have the box room all to myself & oh boy-is it full!!!!!


  30. Hi hazel,
    You are very tidy. Thanks for sharing your crafty organisation! I try to be tidy but Christmas can overwhelm me if I don't tidy away after each project. I have a place for everything but it may not necessarily be in its place! All present and correct at the moment with today's box for children's crafting all prepped and ready to go? I craft mainly in a room which was my younger son's bedroom but has become a craft room. Still has a single bed which comes in handy occasionally . Only teddy is on that today!!
    Love Myra x

  31. Now that's what I call brilliant organisation. Well done you : )
    Have a good day.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  32. LOL Patricia, all beautifully organised, you don't want a craft room, I'd show you a picture of mine but you'd have to go and lie down, the mess!
    If you have a room it is a given fact that you just shut the door and walk away from the mess.....I do it all the time, but soon I shall not be able to get in it.
    Your arrangement means you tidy as you go, a much better idea.

    Hugs Erika. x

  33. Wow how well organised you are...actually you are better off not having a craft room, that's when it all starts getting out of control, hugs Carole Z X

  34. I loved seeing all your crafty storage - especially the beautiful lace box! I don't have a craft room either (hopefully one day!) and my stash gets so out of hand.