Tuesday, 13 January 2015

"It has arrived"

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who has popped in for a wee look see!!!
Thank you for all your kind comments on Roberts Calendar, I told him and he is "fair chuffed" as we say!!!
I have time to do this Post  ...  the Card Class was cancelled today because of this:-

It came so quickly, so much in such a short time.
I went out at 6.45 along to J&As to do a "swap over" as we call it.  John to start at 8am, Audrey was Night Shift last night she finishes at 8am.  I get the boys up, fed and take them to school.  Audrey usually gets in before we leave but not this morning.  Dundee was grid locked because of the snow.
When I left my house, the car needed defrosted.  The sky was full of stars it was beautiful, however the roads were rather icy.  Its only 8 miles along the road to their house, no frost there weird.....  When I opened the curtains in the boys room when I woke them I could hardly believe what I was seeing.  The snow was falling, OK not too heavy at that point. 
Anyway got them along to school and headed home  ....  down it came.  I could hardly see where I was going.  I got to a very bad curve on our little back road, I am always very careful at this bit. I have had a skid there in the past.  I just managed to make out a car in the ditch, right upside down.   I parked where it was safe and went back, I could not see in any of the windows, I shouted, no sounds not even tapping.  Phoned the police who said they would be there right away.  I shouted and listened again but nothing and there was absolutely no way I could get down to the car without doing myself some damage.  The snow was getting so bad I had to get home just another mile but man!!! it was a long slow mile.  I phoned the police who told me the person driving was OK,  only had minor injuries....thank goodness. Now I don`t know whether this had happened earlier and had already been dealt with or what.  Usually the Police put a Police Aware Tape up or a sign.
Anyway the person is safe that`s the main thing.

Right folks I do need a quite day after all that.  Might have a little "playtime" later
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time, stay safe & warm

Patricia   xxx


  1. Oh we haven't got that amount of snow thank goodness, Tammy saying it's the same in Perth. Looks lovely but only when you can stay in. Hazel xx

  2. LOVE the snow Patricia, what a picture. Here it is hot, wet, humid and my straight hair has gone wavy....xx

  3. It's a lovely day down here Patricia...although I think the school kids would like to see the snow! Glad you got home safely, no fun driving in a whiteout! Carol x

  4. Hi Patricia
    Blimey, you be careful my friend. It was good that you were looking out as sometimes we get complacent when driving the same route time after time.
    We are due the snow this evening so I'm expecting to leave work tonight with a pile of white outside!
    Mr D is Scotland bound tomorrow too so I shall be worrying about him.
    Stay in the warm chuck!
    Ang x

  5. Oh my goodness, what an eventful morning you had! So glad you got home safely.
    Take care, hugs Sue xx

  6. Oh Gosh Patricia, you be careful, good job you noticed the other car could have been far worse. We have been forecast snow tomorrow, I am dreading it, I love to see it and play in it but driving and walking NO! I have a 30 min journey to work along long windy roads that is once we get out of the housing area! We are bound to get it soon but it has been a beautiful day today, quite sunny in fact, calm before the storm as they say lol!

    Take care and stay in the warm.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. Oh my goodness Patricia what an exciting day! It looks very pretty in the picture and is lovely if you don't have to go out in it! I remember once leaving work after a night shift, going 5 miles an hour out of the car park when I went into a skid and skidded right onto the main road into oncoming traffic. I narrowly missed a huge articulated lorry but went into another car. Luckily no one was injured but since then I don't do snow driving!! And that's from someone who used to drive in New England winters! At least there we had the proper equipment for cars like snow tires and studs. Stay safe and don't go out, stay in crafting!! Susan xx

  8. Well you've certainly had an eventful morning Patricia but happily everyone was ok and you got home safe and sound


  9. Far too cold for me and to have to drive in it no thanks. You must have been glad to get home. Did the boys get home from school OK.
    It has been pouring with rain all night here our best rain for ages the garden will love it. Still warm and muggy though and a bit of a pain with the tennis.

  10. Patricia, I enjoyed your snowy photo, but it's much nicer to see the stuff, than to have it! Your morning was harrowing, and gosh, you must have been so frightened at the overturned car. Glad that you got to learn no one was injured, but how fortunate for them, you happened along, could call for help. I'm glad you didn't have any traffic problems yourself, and that you got home safely. You should take a time to distress, cause I can just guess your nerves were shot when you finally got back home! TFS & Hugs. Stay cozy.

  11. Well Patricia I think your guardian angel was with you this morning, life is not dull to say the least at your house! The main thing you were careful and stayed safe and the other motorist was not seriously injured.
    Please do take care in the morning, better to be five minutes late in this world than five minutes early in the next.
    Margaret corgi owner

  12. Goodness me Patricia! I just continued to read your posts and saw this snow photo! And then I read your story, phew, quite the adventure that must have been! Glad you got home ship shape again! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  13. Sorry you couldn't show off your butterflies today, but this snow has covered quite an area. We went from Fort William to Inverness and back today, lots of snow all the journey. It looked very pretty in many places, and the dog loved playing in it, but it made driving rather slow.
    Stay safe and warm
    Janice W

  14. Hi Patricia, What a day you have had, I must admit it was heartening to read that the upturned car driver was not hurt too much. The 'snowy' piccie looks lovely, but only if you don't have to go out in it !!! I don't like the stuff at all, and we are due to get it tonight/tomorrow, yuck.
    We will have to wait until next time to hear what your class thought about their project !!!
    Take care and stay warm and indoors if you can.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. What a beautiful photo - would make a lovely Christmas card scene!! Anyway the main thing is you are safe and sound and no one was hurt in the upturned car - its lovely to look at but not to be out and about in xx take care and keep warm xx GailT xx

  16. Hello Patricia, a beautiful scene, if you don't have to go anywhere. What an awful thing to see first thing in the morning, but that goodness the driver wan't too badly hurt. Please be careful when out and about.
    We have a lot of snow lying and more to come, it will be a day at home tomorrow, take care, hugs Kate x

  17. The snow looks beautiful - from inside the house! That was quite an experience, thank goodness the driver was OK and that you got home safely too. Keep safe and warm! Hugs, Anne xx

  18. Hi Patricia, glad everyone is safe and sound.. what a morning you had..shame about the class, least it did not go ahead and you all got stuck there..
    lovely photo.. if your inside..
    Take care Pam.

  19. Lots of huggles Patricia thank goodness you got home safely and the driver was ok. It was the same here tonight ..no snow..then an absolute blizzard! I had to let Ollie out to play in it because he loves it LOL Sue xxxxxxxxxx

  20. oh my Patricia - what a beautiful picture but what a dreadful experience - so glad the driver is okay! Big hugs. Rachel xx

  21. Oh Patricia it looks so nice but when you have to go out that's when I don't like it.
    The forecast for us is snow tomorrow or tomorrow evening.
    Stay in and keep warm. xxx

    Debs xx

  22. Hi Patricia

    It looks so beautiful, and I love the look of it and have always looked forward to having lots of snow, but now the kids have moved out I now panic at the forecast, because I'm not there to drive them around.

    I'm so glad the person in that car was not badly hurt, how scarey for them.

    Take care of yourself

    Tina XX

  23. Hi Patricia,
    Gorgeous view, it's ok if you can just sit and look at, but not if like you, you have to venture out, we are supposed to get some tonight but only a little, girls get excited as they hope that school will close! Haha!
    I hope you enjoyed your quiet day after your very adventurous morning, you deserved some peace and quiet after you Good Samaritan deed, I bet you were worried sick until the police called!
    I will check back tomorrow to see the results of your "playtime"!
    Warm hugs
    Sandra xxxxx

  24. Oh goodness Patricia, I'm glad the person was ok and I hope you enjoyed your quiet day. Your photo shows a beautiful scene, but I really really dislike snow..we had a smattering last night, but that's all...a few miles out into the hills near us and the roads were closed! It's raining now...hugs Carole Z X

  25. Morning Patricia,
    Well that was an eventful journey, pleased the driver was ok. Love snow scene but I hate it, so just you keep it up there, don't want it in Kent.

  26. Cold and snowing here this morning...........stay safe and warm...

  27. Shame about your class Patricia but it can be re run when the weather is better.
    The accident you found sounds nasty, least you stopped and phoned the police. It is nice to hear later that the person was ok too.
    Very icy on the local roads here but main ones not bad. Oh the joys!

    Hugs Erika. x