Saturday, 10 January 2015

Roberts calendar & My Annie Sloan Pieces

Hello Blog friends, followers and poppers by.  Welcome to my little corner of the wonderful world of Blogland.  Great to have you here, hope you like what you see and call back again soon.
I do hope you are all safe and have not had any damage done to your properties. 
Did not sleep again last night, don`t like the wind.  Sat up, kept the fire going all night which was actually good thing.  We had a power cut at 2.45am so no heating would come on.   Power back on approx 10.15 so not too bad.
Will give you little laugh (well thought it was funny at the time) 
We are all prepared for "Powers Cuts" candles strategically placed with lighters at the side of each set. We have a gas hob and a little whistling kettle at the ready.
There I was sitting wrapped cozy in my Slanket .... (a big blanket with sleeves so your arms are free).  Feet up, fire blazing, telly on comfy as could be ....  ping!!! lights went out.  Well the chair is electric so there was me all wrapped up and could not get my feet down.  Try unwrapping yourself with your feet in the air.  Then of course "smarty pants" never thought about keeping a torch at hand did she????  Eventually got untangled, got my feet going then had to find my way to the lounge door. I knew where the torch was but how many electric switches did I press on the way???   When I finally got organised I sat down and had a laugh to myself.
Right enough waffle:-
Here is Roberts Calendar, I mentioned he had made one and a few asked to see it.

Not a fantastic picture it was sent from him to me. However it lets you see what he did.  Not bad for a first attempt with Distress Inks.  I showed him what to do and left him to it.  I gave him very little help, I know he is MY grandson but I am very proud of his efforts.

Now my Annie Sloaning:-  Sorry I had a few of you confused because I did not explain that Annie Sloan is a maker of Chalk Paint.  It is magic stuff, you can paint over old "brown furniture" without having to sand it down.  Just slap the paint on, once dry you wax it and there you go.  Here is what i was doing:-

From this to:-

This and this:-

I did sand them back a little doing a bit of distressing, not too much though.
If you look at the top of the second one you can see the lovely sheen you can get after you wax the pieces and buff them up.
They were two chests that sat out in the garage doing nothing.  They are now in place either side of the the bed in the guest room.  The only thing is the Headboard will HAVE to be done.  Not a problem for me but John is not too keen on it being done.  He is off out to meet his friend on Monday ... guess what I will be doing!!!!

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time 
Stay safe and warn, remember to keep a "torch" at hand in case you get a power cut!!!

Patricia   xxx


  1. Now that made me chuckle Patricia I could just picture it! Robert's calendar is wonderful, he is certainly a dab hand with those distress inks! Your transformation of the drawers is marvellous - who'd have thought it! Stay safe and warm, Susan x

  2. Your post make me smile Patricia....Roberts calendar is great and such beautiful colours he your Annie Sloan work ..brilliants transformation....I have the same bedside cabinets and headboard...mmm wonder if my DH would let me do this.....will let you know..


  3. What a wonderful piece of inky fabulousness from Robert...move over Grandma!! Your post did make me smile, particularly you stuck in the electric chair and owning a slanket myself know from experience that they can sometimes be quite difficult to move in anyway!! Love your furniture renovation, the sheen is wonderful xx

  4. Oh Patricia, that vision of you on the chair with your feet up in the air is so funny lol! Yes do keep a torch near by in future, though saying that we have torches around but none work lol!!!

    Love your furniture, looks fabulous and your grandsons calender is ace, love how bright and vibrant it is, bet that takes pride of place on the wall.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Well big sis. I can see you have one little boy that is going to do wonderful things with colour and crafting as he gets older. Your chests of drawers are looking good, and you are so right that head board needs doing. Once it's done John will agree. Hazel xxx

  6. Gorgeous cabinet Patricia, well done you. Lovely calender by Robert too, xxx

  7. Robert's calendar is gorgeous! And your cabinet came out beautiful

  8. Thanks for the giggle, I have also had candles ready but power has stayed on.
    I like the re-modeled furniture.You may have converted some of us. Ask them for a discount next time you buy the paint for advertising use.
    You are a good teacher, Robert's craft projects are lovely. I know my grannies taught me a lot of crafts, knitting, crochet and embroidery. Loved the times we spent doing them.
    Janice W

  9. Hi Patricia,
    What a clever grandson you have he has done a brilliant job for a first attempt. Your cabinet looks gorgeous
    Hugs Lynda xx

  10. You did make me giggle! Roberts Calendar is fab! As for your Annie Sloaned furniture, love it! As I said yesterday, I would Annie Sloan everything if I could get away with it, my craft desk is my pride and joy. I had her workbook for Christmas so now I need to fill it up with projects! hugs Carole Z X

  11. Thanks for making me smile Patricia! I hope you have a better night tonight!
    Robert's calendar is stunning, I really love the colours. Your chest of drawers looks fabulous too.
    hugs Sue xx

  12. Hi Patricia, Robert's calendar is fabulous, his colours are wonderful and the blending just great, love the dragonfly too. A very artistic boy, must take after his Gran.
    Great chuckle about you trying to get out of the chair, I remember another seat you were trying to get out of.....remember Birmingham.
    Keep cosy and safe, Hugs Kate x

  13. Fab calendar by Robert ! love the colours...still chuckling from visions of you in the chair LOL and those drawers are absolutely fab huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Ha ha ... have a picture in my mind of you wrapped in your slanket with your feet in the air!!
    Roberts calendar looks fabulous.
    Lorraine x

  15. Is there no end to your talents first a comedian you did make me laugh, then a wrestler followed by an explorer, and all from your own home! Lets face it Patricia if you can free yourself from the back of Mrs Duck's car getting out of you super sounding chair should be child's play! So pleased you did not do yourself a mischief. Wow those drawers look super you really have made a great job of them.
    I do think you have one rather talented grandson with a really good eye for colour, very well done to him a great calendar.
    We have had more of the gales, rain and even some snow down here and more snow is forecast for tonight I love seeing the white stuff on the fells but that is the limit can't stand everything else that goes with it. The wind was so strong last night it blew one of the corgis over! I do so hope you get a really good sleep tonight, bless you, you must be exhausted.
    Take care
    Margaret corgi owner

  16. Hi Patricia, You always make me chuckle, I now have a mental picture haha. I keep my fire going through the night in winter, it keeps the house cosy.
    Robert, give yourself a huge, huge pat on the back, your calendar card is fabulous, the way how he has incorporated blending and stencils, it is brilliant, you are a great teacher, Patricia.
    Loving the Annie Sloaning, I could certainly do with some of that paint.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  17. Thanks for the giggle Patricia :) Love Robert's calendar, what a fabulous background! Your drawers are looking good too and I await the result of the headboard in due course. Carol x

  18. Thanks for the laugh Patricia, we always put the switch on when we know the powers off ..dont we!!.
    Well I was getting ready to through my draws out..when I get new..think I had better hang on to have done a fabulous job..
    Roberts calendar looks great..
    Hugs Pam x

  19. Hi Patricia
    Well, you have had me howling again.I've only just finished counselling for the trauma of the close encounter with your derrière in November and this has brought it all back . . . . . .hahaha!
    Mind you, I'm somewhat concerned that you have an electric chair. Having seen the Green Mile, it conjured up an image! You don't want that short circuiting lol!
    Anyhoo, "not bad" ? The calendar is brilliant! Robert, I'm loving your work young man!
    Great drawers too Mrs D (the pine ones!)
    Going to have a lie down now. Got a stitch from laughing.
    Ang x

  20. Hi Patricia what a lovely calendar he's done a real good job it's lovely.
    And I love the chest of draws you have done you would never have thought they were the same draws.
    It's still really windy here no sleep or two night again.
    and it looks like its going to be another one tonight.
    Touch wood weve had no damage for a change.
    I went to town this morning and it blow me off my feet I just couldn't get my crutches on to the floor it was so strong.
    Stay safe in this weather.

    Debs xxx

  21. Hi Patricia,
    Well you have given me a good laugh! Slankets are super but they weren't made for moving quickly! What a picture you have conjured up! Sorry you have been having very little sleep. Hope tonight is much better.
    Your chests of drawers look super! I haven't tried that paint and I hate sanding and prepping. Thanks for the tip
    Robert's calendar is lovely. What a clever boy .
    Many thanks,
    Love Myra

  22. hello Patricia - here's hoping you don't get another power cut this evening - your tale did make me chuckle. The winds have been awful haven't they. Thankyou for your card - its very kind of you! Thanks for your kind words too I really do appreciate them! Hugs rachel xx

  23. Hi Patricia,
    Your story had me in stitches!
    Your grandson looks like he is a 'Tim Holtz' in the making! Fabulous calendar, distress inks are hard to get right!
    Your Annie Sloaning worked a treat!
    Great bit of 'up cycling' !
    Sandra xx

  24. Love the funny tale about your chair. The calender Robert made is brilliant, he clearly listens to all your instructions.


  25. I had to laugh a bit about your tale of the chair! That would be something that happens to me and there I'd be! Love your grandson's calendar...he is quite talented. I also love the look of the nightstand you painted. I love white furniture!

  26. Morning Patricia,
    You gave me a good giggle to start the day, I could just imagine you all caught up in your slanket with your feet stuck in the air.
    Love Roberts calender and your bedside drawers look great.

  27. Morning Patricia, you may be biased about Robert but rightly so he is a very talented crafter xx luvin the drawers and the paint looks amazing and would suit me down to the ground with no prep before using - luv the finished effect bet you are well chuffed with the outcome x GailT xx

  28. LOVE this gorgeous creation by Robert and spectacular image and goodies added...Your chest of drawers look super gorgeous.xx
    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  29. That is a fantastic work with the distress inks and stencils, and I can see that the craft gene has been well handed on. Please tell your young man that he did a super job, and TFS it with us too. Loved your Annie Sloan the vintage look you have achieved on a recycled project. What craft goodies it could hold! Hope all went well during the overnight storms...I saw on many blogs I was surfing last evening, that lots of Europe was having some ferocious high wind & in some areas, hail as well. Be safe, stay warm, and glad you were all prepared! TFS, Happy Sunday.

  30. I was sure I had left a comment here this morning. - maybe I was laughing so much I clicked the close button instead of the publish button ... lol! Anyway, glad you survived the gales etc. Robert's calendar is great and the drawers look terrific. Hugs Christine xx

  31. Sounds like you are having wild weather and lots of wind. Power outages are never fun. I love the distressed ink calendar, very clever. Your cabinet looks gorgeous Patricia.

    Hugs diane

  32. Hi Patricia, sorry laughing here at the thought of you wandering around switching on the lights. We had a power cut too but luckily I was at work and missed all the fun and games. Mind you we have a stove, and a gas bbq, not to mention lots of candles, so we could survive without for a while. Rather that than being without water.
    Richards calendar is wonderful, love all his colour textures and dragonfly.
    I see your drawers have been Sloaned, I love the paint and wax technique too. Bet you are really happy with the results? Have fun with your headboard today too.

    Hugs and happy crafting,

    Erika. x

  33. What can I say Patricia.. Good ol Annie Sloan, a lovely outcome and what a clever Grandson, he's done a grand job bless him.
    Have a good Monday
    Lancashire Steph xx

  34. Your grandson has done an amazing job with the Distress Inks!
    I love your up-cycled furniture, such a gorgeous effect and it costs a fortune to buy things in this style!

  35. Ha ha ha Patricia, what a hoot! You have such a vivid way of telling things, I can easily see you with your feet up ;-) Love your Annie SLoan cupboard, gorgeous!! Hugs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner