Wednesday, 18 February 2015

"Collection of Goodies"

Hello Blog friends, followers and passers by.  Welcome to my Blog where I hope you may get a little inspiration now and again.
Kate I hope you are feeling better as you read this.  Kate has been nursing her OH through a "bug" type thing now she has managed to get it.  For you Kate and any others not feeling too good I send you some (((((hugs))))).  Even if you feel good your still welcome to help yourself to the hugs.
Went along to the Tearoom yesterday with all my "goodies" for the cabinet.  Emptied it out, cleaned the shelves and re-stocked.   There was not much left from last time.  Elaine had put a few of her things in to fill up the spaces.  Guess what?? I was half way along the road when I realised I had not brought my camera.  Had my phone which takes good photos but my computer and camera don`t talk to one another, can`t show you everything in situation, sorry!!
Here is a collection of  cabinet "Goodies":-

These two boxes might do for little "man Gifts" no flowers on these.
I used big beads on them, the yellow one has a beautiful Crystal Bead.  It`s not showing up too good because of the light. I dissected a broken Christmas dangely decoration and kept all the bits.  The Crystal bead is from that :-

and another:-
Just a few of the collection I took along, will show you a few more next time.
On the last box I used Sue Wilson`s new Cornflower Die.  I am not sure on this one, I feel the petals are just a little too "square" along the tops for me.  I think I would get a nicer effect with the Aster Die.  I love the tiny little leaf Dies in the set, they are great for filling in spaces.  I used HC Stamens from the Arianna Blooms Die Set for the navy centres of the flowers

That`s it for today
Thank you for calling by I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


  1. Hi Patricia, well I said it a few days ago and I'll say it again, these stunning creations are going to be disappearing from the cabinet in a flash, who could resist? hugs Carole Z X

  2. Morning Patricia, I echo Carole's comments above, these won't stay very long in the cabinet. Gorgeous, gorgeous gift bags and boxes.
    I echo your comment about the cornflower dies, I haven't made my mind up yet, I had actually thought to try a normal flower die-cut and fringing the petals to see the effect !!
    Have a lovely day, I'm off to the Ashing service at Church shortly.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  3. They will fly out Patricia!! Gorgeous!! xx

  4. Gorgeous collection here my

    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}
    I also have candy here.....

  5. Oh my Patricia they are all so beautiful. I have the bag die and I really need to use it, got it for Christmas. I love the flowers on yours they look like they are made from tissue paper, or maybe vellum? Susan x

  6. Oh wow, if I had access to that cabinet, I would definitely be buying! I think the cornflowers look beautiful, I didn't really notice the 'squareness' because you have got the colouring spot on and the shape is perfect. Love all of these beautiful creations! Hugs, Anne (recovering from the bug too...) xx

  7. Such a marvellous collection Patricia. They are all gorgeous.

  8. Hi Patricia,
    I Love your Box Creations and your Flowers etc and if you don't mindId like to copy them using different Paper though, I Took A Copy Of The Measurments to be able to make some of the Boxes.
    Great Blog this morning.
    Take Care
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam xxx

  9. Gorgeous and even more gorgeous Patricia, love them all, xxxx

  10. Stunning bags and boxes Patricia. You have been working hard. I bet they will sell very quickly too, so keep them going and ready to fill up again. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  11. Love your boxes and bags. Am sure they will sell well in the tea shop. I usually try to remember to take photos of my pottery and fused glass jewellery before I put it in the cabinet at the gallery but often forget and then forget to take a photo when they are all in the cabinet. Silly me.

  12. Hello Patricia and thank you for the get well wishes and hugs, cyber ones are the best just now as I would just pass this bug on.
    I think I've developed a chest infection, going by what I've read.
    Anyway to your wonderful boxes, love them, what beautiful papers and flowers, I'm not sur about the cornflower either, I do love the aster though. HUgs Kate x

  13. Hi Patricia what beautiful boxes I love the colours and your embellishments are wonderful.
    How are you keeping I hope you are well. And i've been playing with the goodies you sent me and they are all lovely you are so kind.

    Hugs Debs xx
    {Debs Cards– my personal blog}

  14. Awesome array of gorgeous boxes and creations Patricia! I don't think you will take any of those back with you! Good luck with everything, hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  15. Hello Patricia,
    I didn't know you had a blog, I've just realised when I was on Sandra's and you were talking about blog followers. Your boxes are great, and I bet a lot cheaper than the ones in the shops.
    I'll have a wander in later to see older posts, but I'm supposed to be up here ironing so I'd better get on with it.
    Maureen xx

  16. Hi Patricia,
    I don't know how but I missed yesterday! Your boxes and gift bags are really beautiful. Lovely how you've used beads and pins as well . They are Wow bags and boxes. They should fly!
    I've been playing with the cornflower die today and know what you mean about the squared ends but I still think they are completely different to the other flowers I have . I love the colour you used - I didn't have a deep enough blue . I love the little sprigs that came with the flowers.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely gifts.
    Love Myra xx

  17. Good evening big sis, you will be taking along more of these beauties before you know it. Your boxes are brilliant as they cover both male and female. Hazel x

  18. these bags and boxes are stunning patricia. really beautiful. big hugs rachel x

  19. Ooh such a beautiful selection! I absolutely love your stunning flowers.

  20. Your boxes and gift bags really are stunning Patricia. I am sure you know by now how much I love your flowers and it's always a delight to see them!
    Hugs to you too, Sue xx

  21. Ooh Patricia, I had no idea you had a blog, how lovely, I love your creations I'm a sucker for a lovely box, it makes such a difference to a gift. Hope you don't mind if I pop in again. Hugs Theresa (TOB) xx

  22. Now Patricia I love the cornflower die and it looks just beautiful on your box. Great selection of goodies and I'm sure they'll not be in the coffee shop for very long.

    Have a super evening, hugs Erika. x

  23. These aren't going to hang around too long Patricia....a beautiful selection of bags and boxes. Carol x

  24. Wow Patricia your gift bags and boxes are amazing! I love them! I love doing gift boxes and bags and have some planned for Easter. I think a relatively inexpensive gift can be made fab by the packaging. Love them all!

    People never seem to figure the cost of time in to handmade products and it drives me mad! We all need to be paid for our time, our ideas, the materials and make a profit! On Stephs soapbox again!! I think it's on permanent loan. I girls one am well impressed xxx love Alison aka barbiepinkfairy!

  25. Hi Patricia, more beautiful boxes and gift bags, love your gorgeous floral embellishments.
    Hugs Pam

  26. A beautidul selection of goodies and what lucky folk,who visit the tea-rooms to have the opportunity to buy them - even better when you are able to up-cycle bit amd bobs and make such original creations xx GailT xx

  27. Quite a lovely collection of beautiful boxes to enjoy - loving all those gorgeous flowers. Good idea on the Guy boxes with the beads too, not feminine and would hold something special for the Mr. We do stock up on supplies when we know bad weather is imminent, and fortunately, no appointments for the week. Thanks for the good thoughts though! TFS & Hugs.

  28. Lovely collection of crafty items, I must use the giftbag die again-left it to one side after christmas especially as I had limited success with it. I think I was using card that was too thin.


  29. Hi Patricia
    What a stupendous array. Bet that cabinet looks a treat.
    Have to agree with you about the squared flowers. You know I love my flower dies but this did put me off these.
    Still, doesn't detract from your lovely creation.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  30. Wow! Wow! Wowsers!! Stunning collection again Patricia! You inspire me so much! :-) xxx

  31. Well I bet these will disappear in a jiffy too! Stunning flowers there Patricia. Jenny x