Sunday, 1 March 2015

Izzy Bags

Hello Blog friends, followers and any one who pressed a wrong button and landed here!!!  You are most welcome, I hope you like what you see and call again soon. Well what started out as a nice day has turned wet and really miserable.
I am hoping to go out tomorrow, the Monday Big Clean was done today.   Did not take that long, it was just the thought of starting.
Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and compliments on my Stamping efforts.  That`s another thing I have enjoyed doing this week. I did put a link for the Stamps on my last Post if anyone is interested in getting some of the Stamps.
After Lunch I had some time to play.  I decided I wanted to make one of Izzy`s Bags.  I CAN read!!!! although I do find reading instructions rather difficult ... show me once and I am away but read Oh! no!  John gave me a talking to, told me to just sit down, read the instructions through then read them again before starting.  I am so impatient I think that`s why I don`t get it when I read things. Well blow me I managed  fine, I have done it.
Izzy is a follower of Sue Wilson.  She had made and sent some bags to Sue to show her what she had done with some of Sue`s new Dies.  Sue actually showed them on her Shows at C&C last week.  Izzy has done a Worksheet of Instructions which can be found on Sue`s Blog along with some picture of the bags.  :
Here is my first Izzy Bag:-
They hold a lot
All these Mini products:-
I am going to give this to my friend Isobel who is going off for the weekend next week

Here is my second one
Once I started they were actually quite easy, I just loved making them.
Guess what will be going in my cabinet at the Tearoom!!!
I used Centura Pearl card and it worked a treat.  For me it was a perfect weight
I only have the one SW Die at the moment, however using it in different ways gave me the two looks
Hazel and I are off to SECC in Glasgow for the Hobbycraft Show on Saturday ... guess what I will be looking for???

That`s it for me at the moment, off to tidy up the mess
Thank you for your visit, I really appreciate it
Till next time

Patricia xxx

STEPH:- answers to your question.  I created the inked background first then stamped.
However I found fantastic YouTube Videos, the chap from Scenescape Stamps does the stamping first then does the backgrounds.   Next lot I do I will be trying it that way


  1. Wow Patricia what beautiful gifts I love izzys bags when I get my craft room back i'm going to have ago at them. these are stunning and well done xxx

    Debs xx

  2. Good Afternoon Patricia. Your Izzy bags are beautiful, I'd never heard of them, so that is something new for me. Just finished the ironing and cleaning the bathroom and toilet. Off to prepare the dinner now and do some knitting this evening. Hugs Rita xxxx

  3. Patricia your bags are gorgeous and what a lovely gift to give someone..


  4. These bags are stunning Patricia and ideal for gifts! lots of huggles Sue xx

  5. Hello Patricia, your Izzy Bags are gorgeous, who is Izzy, or What is Izzy and is there a template. They are just perfect for those little travel sizes, makes a great gift. have a super day at the craft fair, hugs Kate x

  6. I,m sure they will sell well, they are gorgeous, xxx

  7. Me again, obviously I don't read either, looked at your page again and saw the ref. to Izzy, DOH!

  8. AWESOME bag design, perfectly executed Patricia. LOVE it! Jenny x

  9. They're GORGEOUS Patricia! They're such amazing looking gifts! Really love the second one, Hermès, Gucci or Vuiton eat your heart out, 'cause here comes Patricia, lol! Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for the link, will definitely give these a go one day! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  10. You have made a great job of these Patricia. Haven't tried yet, but just remember I bought a pack of leather looking card one time at the SECC, and have never used it...must try. I usually make fabric bags.

  11. OMG Patricia these are amazing. You are SO clever, I dont think Id be able to follow the instructions, I was having palpatations just skipping through them lol Im really wuite stupid when it comes to following written instructions - honest.
    Hope you've emailed your bags (pics) that is to Sue ? Why ? Cuz she'd be amazed and proud xx
    Lancashire Steph xx
    p.s thanks for the info. Sam was asking about the stamp site, not sure why she didnt click yoyr link, but Ive suggested she does just that !!

  12. These are great Patricia. I must admit that when I first read the instructions they seemed very complicated! Maybe I need to read them a couple of times. Hugs Christine xx

  13. Hi Patricia, sorry I haven't commented for a few days, seem to have missed lots of blogs I follow. Wow well done, I didn't see the measurements for the actual bag for the Lyra die only the sides, or have I read it all wrong. They are gorgeous, look like real bags.
    Hugs Theresa (TOB) xx

  14. These are magnificent Patricia, well done!! xx

  15. Hi Patricia,
    These bags are stunning! Well done you! I am really looking forward to trying them too but am on hols! I checked your blog just now as Steph left a message on Sandra's blog to go look at your bags now!
    So I did .
    Lots of love,
    Myra xx

  16. Your bags are stunning Patricia, so stylish and elegant. The die cut edges looks gorgeous. Thank you for the link, I shall be having a look later.
    hugs Sue xx

  17. Hi Patricia,
    Wow wow wow, you have made. Perfect job of the 'izzy bag', I think they will fly of the shelves!
    Well done you, I am going to have to try now, tomorrow!
    You are amazing!
    Sandra xxxx

  18. Hi Patrica. Wow. They are gorgeous. I really must have a try. Need to sit down when I am on my own and try it. Saying that I have got to get this plaster cast off first. Had forgone about that :-(. All my craft stuff is at home. Can you tell me what weight the card is you used please.

  19. See big sis I knew you would work out how to do these stunning little bags. Hazel,xxx

  20. Patricia, I'm the same way...I don't follow read instructions too well, but I'm a great reader. Seems like something is missing from my brain to my fingers. But if you show me, I can usually do it. Yay for you in being determined, because these 2 bags are just so darling. You & your sister are the most inspirational with the SW dies. You've both enabled me way too much!!! LOL. Hope you will both have a grand time at the show...but of course, I know you will. TFS the bags, the links and happy Sunday too. Hugs

  21. Hi Patricia
    I'm the same chuck. Took one look at the instructions and thought " life's too short" lol!
    These will fly from the cabinet. Looks great with the miniatures inside. I bought 2 of the Geminis on Thursday so shall be having a play with them this week.
    Have a great week.
    Ang x

  22. These are fab - and what great gift ideas too - I'm just the same as you, I get bored reading instructions much prefer someone to show me - like writing I much prefer to type - hope you had a successful trip to SECC xx GailT xx

  23. These are fabulous Patricia, so elegant and a perfect gift holder. Carol x

  24. Love these, I will certainly have a go. Well done xx Jan

  25. This looks brilliant and what a fantastic gift for your friend
    Lorraine x

  26. This is fantastic Patricia and such a lovely gift.

  27. stunning bags I saw these on sue shows last weekend .melanie

  28. Your bags are so gorgeous Patricia, I didn't know they could hold so much. I have American relatives coming to stay in July and after seeing what you packed into yours, that's given me the idea to do similar toiletries and leave the bag on top of their towels in my guest room for them. Thank you.
    hugs Cheryl xxx

  29. Hi Patricia, amazing bags you have made, I also went for a look at the instructions.. I would have to read a few times, much prefer being shown or seeing the bag..
    Might have a go one day.LOL
    Hugs Pam

  30. these bags are stunning Patricia - absolutely fabulous - they look amazing - I bet your friend will be super pleased! Have a good day tomorrow xx

  31. Hi Patricia
    Wow your Izzi bags are gorgeous well done I use the same card so I must give them a go.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  32. Wow oh wow these are fantastic Patricia I must admit when Sue showed these bags on C & C my first thought was I'll bet Patricia will be making some of these! How right I was well done the are stunning, they will fly out of that cabinet, that is if they don't get grabbed before they make it into the cabinet!
    Margaret corgi owner

  33. P.S. Will your ladies at your card class be making some too?
    Margaret xx

  34. Morning Patricia,
    Love your bags, Izzy will be chuffed that you have made them. Well done.

  35. Morning Patricia, Wow !!!!! I'm loving your bags, I had to re-wind when you said you only had the one die, to me they look so different, both equally beautiful. I must admit when I looked at Izzy's instructions, I was a bit dumbfounded and I will need to read and re-read quite a few times and then follow step by step. Your class will love making these, if you are going to show them.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  36. Not that it is any consolation, but I don't like reading instructions either, I prefer pictures! I saw the Izzy bags on C&C and thought they were beautiful and wow - yours are just gorgeous - who would have thought they would hold so much too, such a lovely gift for your friend Isobel! Hugs, Anne xx

  37. This is super brilliant design Patricia. I don't read instructions I just look at the picture and work on that....made my daughters wedding dress and all without this it turned out

    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  38. Hi Patricia,
    i hope you don't mind flower but i hunted and tracked down your blog to see your beautiful wee bag. It is gorgeous flower and such a lovely way to give a wee gift. I bet your friend will be over the moon with it and i don't think they will last long at the coffee shop you craft at. Take care flower
    Love and crafty hugs
    Norah (glenochil)

  39. Wow! How great it this! Love it...I don't like reading instructions either, hugs Carole Z X

  40. Hi Patricia,
    I had to come back and look at these after you black and green one.
    They are so very beautiful, and it shows you can make them with other dies too.
    Love them both.
    I too suffer with the same probs as you, not good with written instructions, but show me how and I'm away.
    Rita gave me instructions on her card bags at least a yer ago, and i deliberated for a year till I made one.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  41. Patricia, how clever are you. These are absolutely fantastic. If they are not snatched out of your hands when you are placing them in your cabinet then they need therapy. I've a good mind to order one myself. Stunning!!

    Big hugs

    Tina XX

  42. Oh my!! This is absolutely stunning Patricia!!! Must pop over for a look on how to make! Your friend Isobel is going to love it! xxx

  43. Absolutely stunning! Such wonderful gift ideas and those borders are really beautiful!

  44. You make them so beautifully Patricia, I wouldn't know where to x