Sunday, 29 March 2015

"Matching Shoes & Bag"

Hello my Blog friends, followers and casual popper inners.  Hope you are all well, got up and out at the right time this morning!!!!  I did get up at about the same time as normal (always early).  Pottered about doing things, made a cuppa, took it through to the Lounge to sit on a comfy seat and enjoy.   Looked at the clock, the pottering had taken less time than I thought.  Checked my e-mails, watched a bit of the news    ....   then I spotted the clock on the News Station Mmmmm!!! it was 1 hour further on from mine.   All the blooming clocks including his car clock and John never changed the one in the Lounge.  Good job we did not have to get out for anything in particular.....Men! don`t you just love them ... well sometimes!!!
I had a great day Crafting yesterday.  I craft in the kitchen ... WOW! oh! WOW! you should have seen the mess I made.  We had to retreat to the Dinning Room for our Soup & Sandwich at lunchtime.  All cleared, cleaned and Ship Shape once again.  Thank goodness John is so easy going about my "mess making"  He has to be, he has the whole of a very big attic for his Model Railway.  There is absolutely no space for me up there.   
I was going to keep this Post till tomorrow but thought I would show it off today.  I am rather excited about it, I had so much fun making the things:-

Bag made using Centrua Pearl Card
Coloured card for the shoes and Die Cuts is from "The Works"   This is fantastic card to work with and only £3 for a pack of 12 x 12 double sided.   They have a few different packs to choose from.
I made a few other different things yesterday.  I prefer doing this sort of thing rather than Card Making.  People often ask what I do with them.  Well!!! the bags I sell from my Cabinet in my friend Elaine`s Tearoom.  I will pop the shoes in as well just for decoration.  If someone wants to buy them they are welcome.  I really don`t care I had the pleasure of making them.

That`s it for today
Thank you so much for calling in I love having you here
Till next time

Patricia  xxx


  1. Hi Patricia,

    Wow! Beautiful creations there, well done. These would make fabulous gifts for someone who is shoe/handbag mad, you could fill the shoes with small bags of chocolates or small miniature bottle of wine, the bag with toiletries and such like. Must have taken you a while to make? I make a mess on the floor in my son's bedroom (I have a desk up the corner for my crafting) but he knows mom does the cleaning/vacuuming so its always cleared up lol!

    Have a great day.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Hi Patricia,
    These are just fabulous, and I agree with you that it's so enjoyable to just make things for the enjoyment, and not because someone wants it. I can spend hours "faffing" making things that are just for me.
    I bet these go in a "flash".
    Maureen xx

  3. Hi Patricia, we have been caught out in the past about changing clocks but we were on the ball this time. Love your bag and matching shoes. I was going to say the same as Jacquie - fill the shoes with choccies etc, wrap in cellophane and pretty ribbon and another gift. Hope you are well. Hugs Christine xx

  4. They do look lovely but I did wonder what you would do with the shoes, then thought they would look good on a dressing table for trinkets and jewellery. xxxx

  5. What a Stunning set Patricia. Queen of the bags and now with shoes to match. Just perfect and beautiful too. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. I can imagine you being so excitd about these creations Patricia, for these are stunning! A perfectly feminine little set of wonderful goodies any lady needs! Can't believe they were created in the midst of 'clutter', for you don't sound like an unorganized person to me ;-) Fab set! Hugs, Ira xox
    ♥Ira’s Crea Corner♥

  7. Oh man Patricia, these are so real they are super stunning...what a fab creation.xx{The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  8. Wow oh wow these are absolutely fantastic I feel quite sure that once on 'show' they will be snapped up and why not indeed they are so very beautiful.
    I can sympathise having to play second fiddle to a model railway, so do I, Derek has all the loft. Boys and their toys, better than other women though!!!
    Margaret xxx

  9. WOW !

    I MUST have a go at these stunning little bags, but if I keep having that hour taken from me goodness know's when I'll find time lol.
    Superb bag n shoes Patricia.
    Have a good day, its lashing down in Lancashire today !
    Hugs to all.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  10. Big sis, I just loved these when you messaged the photos to me. Oh yes a few yummy sweets in little bags in each shoe and mini products in the bag and you have a wonderful gift set. Hazel xxx

  11. Hi Patricia, WOW WOW WOW,
    I love these! They are really lovely . I too love making things like these. I have a template for a little mule slipper type show and because it has a flat back I make them for Christmas and punch a hole in the flat heel and thread ribbon through. They can be hung on the tree either just as decorations or filled with little treats. Your shoes are gorgeous and the matching bag to die for.
    Well done. You are clever.
    Love Myra xxx

  12. Hi Patricia, love your shoes and bag perfect for sweets and treats.
    Jess x

  13. This set looks ready for a big dressy party! Isn't it amazing the diversity of tastes among crafters? You love the dimensional projects, and while I love to look at them, read about how they are crafted, I've never made anything of this type. I'm enjoying these beautiful accessories, though, can just picture them decorating a pretty craft room. So handy for you that you have a place to perhaps sell them, and for sure, they will decorate a display there. These are beautiful, Patricia. Well done. Wish I could find that paper here in the USA. TFS & Happy Sunday

  14. These are stunning and I am sure they will be snapped up in no time! Really pretty and such an elegant colour scheme. Hugs, Jayne x

  15. Patricia lovely bag and what a pair of shoes .....very elegant


  16. That bag and shoes are fabulous!

  17. WOW! These are stunning Patricia, a gorgeous papers and beautiful shoes too. I will have to look out those papers next time I am in The Works.
    You did make me laugh about the clocks. My dear Grandad would never change his which caused such confusion!
    Sue xx

  18. Sorry, me again!
    I forgot to say, I am pleased you received the card and glad you like it!
    hugs Sue xx

  19. These are amazing Patricia!! xx

  20. Wow, these are amazing, I am sure you were enjoying yourself when you made them.

  21. aww Patricia - you've outdone yourself - these are so elegant - beautiful!!! Big hugs rachel x

  22. aww Patricia - you've outdone yourself - these are so elegant - beautiful!!! Big hugs rachel x

  23. Wow Patricia, the shoes and bag are stunning, what a great find and you have constructed them so beautifully. I had to smile about your hubby, mine would love to get his model railway up in the loft - but he can't get past all my stuff! Hope you have had a lovely weekend. Hugs, Anne xx

  24. What an elegant collection and so pretty too.
    Lorraine x

  25. Gorgeous set Patricia, no wonder you are excited and wanted to post these today, they look amazing and love those papers.
    Hugs Pam

  26. Such a fantastic set Patricia.

  27. These really are lovely and I'm sure the shoe 'decorations' will soon be snapped up when they go into the tea-room cabinet xx GailT xx

  28. These are beautiful Patricia, so elegant and pretty. Bet they don't stay in the cabinet long! Carol x

  29. Patricia, I am not surprised you couldn't wait to show these, they are fabulous with a capital F. I think this is my favourite Izzy bag so far and those shoes, love them. I need to get to the works and look at those papers.
    Love and hugs
    Saba xxxx

  30. Hi Patricia my you have certainly done yourself proud with these beautiful creations! Such a shame you can't wear the shoes!! I am sure both will fly out of the cabinet like hot cakes! Susan x

  31. Brilliant absolutely brilliant They shoes will definitely sell along with the bags Get ready go an onslaught of orders! Even my "difficult to please daughter and teenage nieces would adore these with probably a lippy or a nail varnish tucked inside

  32. Morning Patricia,
    Gorgeous creations, you clever thing.

  33. Hi Patricia, wow what beautiful creations to start the new week!absolutely gorgeous! Take care Jane B.

  34. Afternoon Patricia, Wow !! stunning bag and shoes, I know how you have made up the bag, but not too sure how you have done the shoes ?? They are both stunning, and I will be having a trip to The Works in the near future, we used to have one in the shopping mall 5 minutes away from our house, but then it closed, but we do have one in the nearest town. I didn't know they did 12 x 12 card there, thank you for the 'heads up'.
    My new Great Granddaughter, Sophia Grace, was born yesterday (Sunday) at 6.23 pm, weighing 7 lb 1 oz. I can hardly wait until they are both home so that I can have a 'hold'. She won't be coming home today, my Daughter is visiting at 3 pm, and she sent me a piccie by text the minute she was born yesterday, adorable.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  35. Wow Patricia, what a stunning creations, so elegant! My office is opposite a Works store, so I'll have to go and have a look tomorrow! Hugs Carole Z X

  36. Hi Patricia,
    oh what superb creations.
    Love them they are stunning.
    Not seen this card in my works store, but ours is in a outlet, so maybe they don' have the same stock in those.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  37. Hi Patricia,
    Oh Wow, you have made something unbelievably beautiful here. I love the bag, I tried but it will go in bin lol I can't read instructions.
    The shoes are amazing and like many said, something small inside as a gift sound perfect (maybe someTena) lol. You are a true artist !
    Have a good day, Hugs Maria x

  38. Hi Patricia.
    My oh my u really have outdone urself!!! I love the bag but the shoes!!! The shoes are stunning. Do u have a template for these???
    Both together are amazing an if u sell ur bags I'm sure someone will be delighted to gettge shoes too. Xxx

  39. Great makes Patricia and I'm sure they'll look lovely in the tea rooms.
    I try and keep my crafting mess in one room but it always seeps out!

    Happy crafting, hugs Erika. x

  40. Wow!! This is absolutely beautiful!! Love them both!! Hugs!

  41. Hi Patricia
    Finally have 5 minutes to do some commenting.
    What a marvellous set. I'm sure they will get snapped up together.
    The Works papers look fab but I can't possibly buy any more as I don't think I'll ever get through the stuff I already have lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  42. Wow. Patricia your bag & shoes are amazing,the papers are lovely they didn't have that one in our works but will keep looking. I think they will definitely sell,your lucky you have somewhere too sell you bags extra. Hug's Lynda xx