Sunday, 8 March 2015

"More from the Bag Lady"

Hello Blog friends, followers and any who pop by just for a look at what I have been playing at!!!
Welcome, I am so glad your here it is what makes this Blogging Lark so much fun.  Without your visits and comments it would all be a total waste of time.  I am so blessed that I now have 156 Followers.  I am not 100% sure on who 155 & 156 are.  Anyway thank you so much for clicking on to follow me.  I have decided to offer a little Blog Candy in honor of reaching and passing 155.  The names of my followers who comment today will be popped in a bag.  One will be drawn out before my next post.  Don`t get too excited and fall over each other to get here it will just be a Small Bundle, postage these day is ridiculous ...... Oh! by the way did you know it all going up in price again!!!!  Get off to the Post Office and buy some stamps.
Hazel and I went to Glasgow yesterday Oh! Boy! what a total let down!!!  Only one Hall and all the traders crammed in.  Up till yesterday there were always 2 Halls   ...  one had the things for making cards and other Paper Crafts etc:-.  The companies more or less had the same places and we knew where to find them.  There was a Exhibition Guide but half the names on the list were not even there!!!  The ones that were there,  were amongst the things that were usually in the other hall.  Wool, fabrics, made up goods to buy, the shoe man and the foods.  Yesterday there was only the Nut Man & the Cheese Man.  A lot of the Exhibitors were very unhappy saying they would not be back as they did not know about the situation till they arrived.  Tell you what, we will certainly not be back again.  Hazel and I left after we had got what we wanted and went into Glasgow.  We have decided in future we will just save our money and have an overnight stay somewhere or just a nice day away.  OK rant over.
Now a lot of you know I have always made Bags & Boxes.  I have no cards made to show you so it will have to be more Bags:-

Made using SB Grand Labels One and Classic Circle Dies

Another Izzy Bag:-
This on is square across the top.  When I was trying to "curve" it I managed to get a crease in the card so decided to make it square rather than waste the Heart Striplet I had already Die Cut.  

The few Goodies I bought yesterday:-
Never have I spent so little money at a Craft Show.
Money saved been put aside for a trip to Belfast with Hazel in a couple of weeks. 

That`s it for today folks
Thank you so much for your visit I really appreciate it
Till next time when I will announce the Candy Winner................!!!

Patricia xxx


  1. I never get tired of looking at your gorgeous bags Patricia. Sorry you were disappointed by the Craft show, they were obviously thinking about profits cramming it all into one. I really liked Belfast when I went a few years ago doing some recruitment for work, very pleasantly surprised. Susan x

  2. Morning Patricia,
    Your bags are gorgeous and well deserve a showing on your blog. It's such a disappointment when something does not meet the grade, at least you still your money for your trip.

  3. Super bags as usual Patricia. I'm sorry that you were so disappointed with the Glasgow show. I must admit that even though the NEC was still good I did notice a change last time we went. I think the organisers are certainly out for profits only, but it seems that they may have shot themselves in the foot since it sounds as if traders may stay away next time. Maybe we should try and find a show part way between the midlands and Scotland and meet up there? Hugs Christine xx

  4. Morning Patricia,

    Fabulous bags. Such a shame the craft was a disappointment, won't be surprised if it stops altogether now as nobody will be going back! Their greed has ruined it all.At least you made the most of it together in Glasgow.

    Have a great day crafting with your new supplies.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  5. Another gorgeous bag Patricia. Sad about the show visit but I,m sure the money saved will be put to good use, xxxx

  6. Gorgeous bags , as ever. What a shame about the craft show. I was planning on going to a show at Aintree yesterday but decided that I really didn't need another thing and would have probably spent a silly amount there so I shocked myself and didn't go! My Mother in Law was trying to tempt me into going to Inspirations (big craft shop in Preston) today but once again I declined.

    I'm off work all next week & plan to try to make an Izzy bag.


  7. More gorgeous bags Patricia! Sorry about the craft show...I'm wondering if there are just too many of them now, there seems to one somewhere all the time (except down here in the SW where we have next to nothing!). I went to one in Somerset last year, everyone had said what a great show it always is, but sounds like yours, everything packed into one hall and a big let down! hugs Carole Z~ X

  8. Hi Bag Lady,
    I was so sorry to hear about your disappointing day yesterday, I was looking forward all day to your updates, what stands were missing?
    It's so frustrating because they clearly they keep the truth from you until you have paid your entrance fees!
    I mentioned last night that you and Hazel are more than welcome to cone and stay here, you could even stay in a local B&B if you felt easier, you could then travel to Ally Pally with us, we have a 7 seater car ! You could combine your stay with a visit to theCotswolds because that's where we live, the gorgeous Burford, Gateway to the Cotwswols is a few minutes from here (it's where my girls go yo school)!
    The offer is genuine, you two would love the Ally Pally show!
    Love and hugs
    Sandra xxx
    Right I am off to check out Hazel's haul !

  9. I always love seeing your bags Patricia, the way you decorate them is so beautiful, I love your colour choices and stunning flowers.
    Sorry to hear the the show was so disappointing yesterday, such a shame. I wish I lived near enough, and had enough confidence to go to a craft show it would be so nice to meet some crafty frineds, maybe one day I will.
    I hope you have a good Sunday.
    hugs Sue xx

  10. Hello Patricia, wow, I love your bags with the flowers, do you have a template or instructions, and your square topped Izzy bag is just fab, so many ideas for Mother's day. Have a great Sunday. Bx

  11. Love what the 'bag lady' presents...these are gorgeous as are your new{The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  12. Sorry to hear the show was so disappointing Patricia...glad I didn't bother going now.
    I always love seeing your bags, so no need to apologise for showing them! The square Izzy looks fabulous, love the colour combo. Carol x

  13. Hi Patricia,
    Your bags are gorgeous and I hope to have a go at making one sometime this week. Would have tried sooner but been away. I love your little finishing touches! Sorry you had a disappointing day yesterday so far as the Show was concerned. I noticed you had bought some MDF shapes. I love using those and I buy mine from a small company called I think they are in Derbyshire. You might find it interesting to visit their website. Sorry if you already know about them but I buy a fair bit from them for crafting with children on Mondays and they always do lovely Christmas shapes as well.
    I'm not on commission! Lol.
    From a rather miserable Lancs, today,
    Love, Myra xxx

  14. I'm sorry your trip was an unhappy one. Nothing like being disappointed upon arrival to what you had hoped would be a very fun and fruitful time. Your goodies look like they will be so much fun to play with. I love your bags; and those roses are amazing. Girl you have to be the queen of flowers! Just lovely!

  15. Hi Patricia
    I'm also very sorry your trip wasn't what you expected, it's so disheartening when your looking forward to something and it doesn't come up to standard .
    Well I Love the Cards and The Outstanding Izzy Bag I really Love The Rich Opulent Colours You've chosen, I noticed you Purchashed some Inkalicous Brushes are you going to use these for your StampScapes I've got some of these although I like the Pads he uses.
    Take Care
    Love and Hugs
    From Sam xxx

  16. Beautiful bags Patricia, the green & black one is stunning! So sorry you trip was a let down......there's nothing where I live, we have 2 little craft shops & one of them has recently closed!
    hugs Jo x

  17. Good afternoon Bag Lady lol. sorry to hear yesterday as a flop but I can tell you your bag are not a flop they are stunning. My next one is Doncaster's Summer crafting in July. so im saving for that and im going on holiday the week after.
    Debs xx
    {Debs Cards– my personal blog}

  18. Gorgeous bags Patricia, love that green & black with the bows, stunning. Sorry you had such a let down shopping.. Nothing like having money to buy crafts and then there's nothing to buy..

  19. Hi Patricia, tottally agree that Glasgow was a let down and like you I did not stay long. Too crowded and not enough room to move. Bad move to put everything in one hall. I usually meet you and Hazel but I expect as we all left early it was not to be. Love your handbags recently and I bought the die to make one of the designs.

    Wilma x x

  20. Sorry to hear the show yesterday was a disappointment. At least you got time to spend with Hazel and have more money to go to Belfast. Love all your bags today. Am going to try to use my GC later as need to make a Sympathy card. Not my favourite sort of card so only make them when needed. See you in the cafe?

  21. Afternoon Patricia, So sorry to hear of your experience yesterday at the craft show, it sounded a real let-down and your piccie of your 'bits and bobs' is proof. Never mind, you will be putting your pennies to a good use in the future.
    Your bags are, as always, stunning, I'm so loving the pink and white oriental paper you have in your first piccie.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I spent all yesterday afternoon doing my front garden, a first for this year, it was lovely weather, but my back and neck are complaining bitterly, I had a long 'soaking' in the bath last night, and will be having another 'soaking' again tonight haha, this getting older lark is no joke hahaha. So glad I did it yesterday though, as today is back to rain, rain, rain.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  22. Hi Patricia
    Terrific bags. Love the square twist to Izzy's. A happy accident there.
    You still look as though you have some great stash there. I see the lovely Perseus. Did think about that last week at CE Towers but went for the Cygnus. . . . . .sure that Perseus will make its way in through the door soon though lol!
    At least you had good company with Hazel and on the upside, at least the cheese stall is still going. . . . .you know how I love that hot chili cheese lol!
    Enjoy playing with your new goodies.
    Ang x

    1. PS. . . . .very kind of you to offer a pressie.but as I was lucky enough to get pulled (steady!!!) on one of a blog chums a couple of weeks ago, don't include me in the draw chuck. x

    2. Ang, it's the luck of the draw as they say.
      Anyway thank you for being so generous in opting out.

      Patricia xxx

  23. Hi Patricia Yet again wow oh wow more beautiful and fantastic bags you really have got the bug!
    So sorry to hear about Glasgow but you did manage to find something to buy it would have been worse if you had gone home with nothing!
    To think I was considering going too but the weather here was so bad I decided against it.
    Margaret corgi owner

  24. Hi Patricia.
    bad news about the craft show. I usually go to it in October. Took a friend last time, and she thought it great, but she has just started making cards and had never been at a show before. Perhaps someday we will all meet at Ally Pally.
    Bags are terrific.
    Janice W

  25. Hi Patricia sorry to hear about the craft show it's awful when you look forward to something and it's a total let down..but on the up your bags are fandabbydozieeeeeee!!! huggles Sue xx

  26. Oh that's a shame Patricia, but at least you got to buy a couple of nice items and I'm sure that despite of it all, you and Hazel had a great time together. I am sure having a great time looking at all your pretty creations again, such fab makes! And keep bringing them on, your gorgeous bags, maybe one day I will catch the drift on how to make these, lol! Enjoy your evening, hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  27. Halo Patricia.
    Just thought I'd hop over an see ur blog.
    My oh my ur weebag is beautiful I enjoy had time to give it a go yet.
    I was saying to hazel that I stopped goin to the secc4 years ago as I thought it was disappointing back then.
    By the time I bought my train ticket £6.50 then £7 for the show an £10 for coffees an lunch I could buy some nice crafty stash with that money.
    As my birthday is on the same week I use the money I would've used plus birthday money an get my hubby to run me to craft world in hillington near braehead.
    U should've seung by mine for a cuppa a blether I'm only 40 mins from Glasgow lol xx

    1. Tracy, thank you for your visit and comment.
      Hazel & I must try to have a meet up with you. Craftworld would be a much better option in future. I have been a couple of times. They have a good selection of a wide selection of things. They have in the past been at the SECC

      Patricia x

    2. That would be so cool. I was saying to hazel I'd have to get my hubby or friend to drive me there tho as I'm not a confident driver at the best of times lol

  28. I was sure I left a message, but then again maybe not It might have been that I was I messaging you earlier, hesd still thinking how we could have got to ally pally . Love that wee bag when you showed me yesterday. I promise I will get round to making one. Hazel xxx

  29. Hello Patricia,
    Just popped in to say a quick hello, WOW I love your bags. I was going to do one this afternoon, but other Stuff got in the way. such is life
    Brenda xx

  30. I love the bags. All stunning - I hadn't thought of using Grand Labels One as a bag shape - must work out how to do that as it looks stunning. The green and black bag is gorgeous - love those bows. Hugs, Jayne x

  31. love the bags Patricia the ones made labels 3 are fantastic I must try those as well. Can you explain to an idiot who obviously doesn't get out much where, what or who is ally pally sorry to be so ignorant lol. I keep thinking what it could be short for but still coming up with nothing.
    Wendy xx

    1. Sorry meant grand labels one I have that die so must try it.

    2. Hi Wendy.
      Ally pally is short for alexandrias palace in London. It's a big mega craft show where all the main companies go. I'd love to get there sometime when I can afford it x

  32. Hello Patricia, love the bags, I want to have a go at the one you gave me the other year, bought the large die but still to get around to it.
    Lovely new goodies, enjoy using them.
    I'm guessing November is out now!, have a good evening, hugs Kate x

  33. Hi Patricia,
    These are fantastic, I've got the dies but never thought to make bags from them. How did you cut the half circle out?
    Please don't put me in the draw as I won something on Sandra's a couple of week's ago, but thank you for giving me the chance.
    Isn't it a pain when you go to a craft fair and it's not very good. If I had a penny............
    Maureen xxxx

  34. Hi Patricia,
    Your bags are stunning, love the Izzy bag, but I think my favourite is that gorgeous pink one with the oriental paper and those amazing flowers. Sorry the Glasgow craft fair was a washout, but time spent with your sister is never a waste of time and think of all the money you saved!!!
    Saba xxxx

  35. Hi Patricia
    Just read you asking everyone in the Cafe to pop over and follow your blog, only too pleased to do so my dear. Sorry to read you & Hazel were disappointed by the Craft Show. We don't get many in our little corner of Somerset and those are not spectacular either, I think it's because they have used most of their stock at the bigger shows and we get what's left.
    Your bags are delightful especially the flowered ones. How did you make those?
    Hugs Cheryl xxx

  36. Beautiful bags Patricia! I love the flowers on them.
    I had intended going to the SECC but decided at the last minute to save my money and spend it at Craftworld. The staff there were saying that the show was a big let down this year and there had been a lot of complaints. We tend to get the leftovers up here in Scotland, too far for the big companies to travel.
    This is my first comment on your blog so don't put me in the draw, it should go to a regular.

  37. I enjoy your blog and your ramblings, lol. I don't always comment but of course this time I had to!

  38. Hi Patricia, what a disappointment for you, a few others had said about this show, they will not be going back either..
    Beautiful bag`s and gorgeous floral arrangement on them..
    Please do not add me to your draw, I won from you before, so give someone else a chance..
    Hugs Pam x

  39. Gorgeous bags - all of them and as always love your flowers - flower lady sounds nicer than bag lady!! how disappointing for you both about the show (noticed the hearts) and the stamps on the craft mag look very interesting - lookimg forward to your creations x GailT xx

  40. Morning Patricia,well you asked us to pop in so I do that now because how can anyone sleep after beeing to the cafe,had a glass of wine to calm the shakes lol Ooh your bags are fabulous and colourful,well done for making so many different ones. I like to give it a go but not sure where to start. Thanks to lovely Saba I will try to cut the shapes out hmm later today. Sorry your trip to the craft show was no good but you had at least a nice time with Hazel, hugs Maria x

  41. Hi Patrica sorry for being late we had a busy weekend plus more internet trouble. couldn't get anything. Your bag's are gorgeous
    NOW can you help please how do i get the follow button,i have tried too find it on my blog :0(( no luck.
    Hug's Lynda xx