Saturday, 28 March 2015

Very quick Cards

Hello Blog friends, followers and anyone who has just happened by.  Welcome to my Blog where I show some of the work I do.  Thank you to all who leave me comments I love to read them.  If you have an active Blog I do try to get back to see what you have been doing.  If you don`t I am sorry I can`t return the favour.  I love that you still take the time to visit and comment even when I can`t get back to you.
Yesterday we had another stunning day.  House cleaned, washing all done, dried, ironed and put away.  
Thought I was going to get time for "me" when the phone rang.  My old lady (91 this year) along the village phoned needing some cards.  When do you need them for???  I would like them to go in the 4.30pm post the afternoon if that`s OK..... Eeeeekk!!!  It was just after 2pm.  Got all the information and was told they had to be flat. 
Here is what I came up with:-
Mixture of Justrite & StampingUp Stamps

StampingUp Stamps set with a bit of Spritzing & Inking
Just papers on this one
Not a good photo of the last one, the sun was really bright.
Nothing exciting, Mrs McGowan was delighted thank goodness
Because I had not spent any time doing them I did not want to charge her anything.  We came to an agreement of £3 and a 5kilo bag of Rooster Potatoes.  The potatoes would have been fine but she insisted on some money.

That`s it for today
Thank you for your visit I really appreciate that you take the time to call in
Till next time

Patricia xxx


  1. I always find it amazing when people think you can just knock up a card in 10 minutes! It's happened to me too. I can see how you wouldn't want to disappoint the old lady. I had to smile though - you've gone back to the old barter system!! A bag of potatoes in exchange for cards. Hope you are all well. Hugs Christine xx

  2. Beautiful cards Patrica, even though you were given such a short notice to create them :). That first one is really stunning, love those flowers.

  3. great cards Patricia - I like the idea of bartering for payment - especially when they were trying to give you more than you asked for! Brilliant! Have a great Saturday xx

  4. Wow-3 lovely cards and at such short notice. Very kind to make them so quickly & not want to charge your old lady. Clearly she appreciates your hard work though.


  5. Such a gorgeous selection of cards Patricia, I love your designs and beautiful colours.
    I hope you have a good weekend.
    hugs Sue xx

  6. Three great cards and isn't it amazing how someone who doesn't realize the blood sweat and tears you put into a card wants three in just a matter of hours. Well you handled this well and I'm sure she was so pleased!

  7. Blimey! You did do well in such a short time Patricia, don't think I would have even attempted it lol! Well done for achieving the task lol!

    Have a great weekend

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  8. Crikey Patricia, you managed that one quick, and lovely they are too, xxx

  9. Hi Patricia, I actually stopped taking commissions except from close friends and family because I was so fed up with being given so little notice to come up with some weird and wonderful design, I was beginning to think people thought I just waved a wand! You have done a fab job with these lovely cards though, well done on 3 gorgeous cards! Hugs Carole Z X

  10. They are lovely. It is hard to come up with ideas at short notice isn't it and it's usually my husband and daughter that are the worst culprits at not giving me enough time! Husband especially, we'll have an invite to a fancy dress do and he says "I'm not going to bother much" and then on the day of the party comes up with this wacky idea expecting me to produce a masterpiece of a costume in about 2 hours and that includes sourcing the fabric/ bits too! No wonder she wanted to pay you because they are beautiful

  11. Amazing cards, especially with such little time. Sometimes it helps, no time to think..oh, perhaps if I try this and then spend 3 hours searching for that paper or stamp you are sure you have.
    Your old lady obviously has faith in you and loves your cards.

  12. Good morning Patricia,
    Wow you are amazing turning three cards round in that short time, I have to say my hands down favourite is the first one, I can't believe how different that stamp looks stamped in a different colour!
    You have made me want it even more now, off I go to search once more!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Sandra xxxxxx

  13. Well done - 3 cards in record time. Love these cards especially the first one with that fabulous stamp. Great to see that the "barter" system has not died out especially when she was offering Roosters potatoes.

  14. Well done - 3 cards in record time. Love these cards especially the first one with that fabulous stamp. Great to see that the "barter" system has not died out especially when she was offering Roosters potatoes.

  15. Good morning Patricia or should I say wonder woman! You really are quick to get three cards so beautifully done is such a short time, as well as all that housework well done.
    Now have a little me time you really have earned it.
    Have a lovely weekend with the family.
    Margaret xxx

  16. Your stamping is as elegant as your die cut layering Patricia and I'm amazed at how quickly you put these together. No wonder Mrs McGowan was pleased! Hope you have a great weekend. Jenny x

  17. Love all those card Patricia, and made in record time. Well done. Sorry I haven't commented these last few days but have been away for a few days. Feeling very tired today so will just take it easy. See you in the cafe later.

  18. Morning Patricia,
    Wow! you are a quick worker, I would have still been faffing around when the post went. Great cards.

  19. Beautiful cards the blue flowered one.xx

  20. Wow Patricia these are goegeous and even more so with the speed they had to be made xx I think Mrs McGowan got a real bargain - although I know we make cards as a hobby it is nice when folk appreciate them enough to want to pay xx enjoy the rest of your weekend - the sun has just shown his face after a grey/rainy morning xx GailT xx

  21. Oh Patricia, you were landed an order with little time to think let alone make? Thank goodness we can think that quick? I love them all but the first one just sings to me ( if you know what I am getting at).
    I hope you haven't started a craze with this bartering thing??? I glad Lesley didn't offer some horse muck in exchange for her ones haha.
    Hazel xxx

  22. A selection of gorgeous cards Patricia. Lovely designs.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lorraine x

  23. Greetings Patricia, wow you have been busy making these marvelous designs.

    Hugs diane

  24. Greetings Patricia, wow you have been busy making these marvelous designs.

    Hugs diane

  25. Hi Patricia,
    Wow! That's what I call pressure! You rose to the challenge beautifully! The cards are all lovely but my favourite is the first one. It really is pretty. Thanks to you I have ordered that stamp!
    Have a lovely weekend! Like the bartering idea!
    Love Myra xxx

  26. Hi Patricia,
    If any of my friends do this to me, my mind just goes blank (well even blanker than usual) and I spend more time faffing about than actually crafting. No wonder she was pleased, three totally different cards and all beautifully done.
    Maureen xx

  27. Wow Patricia,I thought I was under pressure with my two cards, but boy you where defently pressured with that dead line.They are all beautiful but the first one is my favourite I love your stamping & your colouring is gorgeous,I love that stamp I feel a spend coming on.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  28. Hi Patricia, well done you, sometimes the less time we have to think about what to do is when it all comes together quite easily. The cards are lovely. Take care, Jess x

  29. Hi Patricia, Wow !!!! these fabulous cards made by you, with hardly any time to even think about what to do - let alone make them !!! 'my hat goes off to you' you are a genius, and your lady would have been over the moon.
    I suppose 'time' doesn't really mean the same at the fantastic age of 91, she may think you have a 'genie' haha, well done you, they are fabulous.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  30. Hi Patricia.
    My u have risen to the challenge. I don't like doin stuff on short notice at all. I still manage tho.
    I really like the first one it quite pretty. :-)

  31. Hi Patricia me again, what is the stamp set cauld on your first card please. Thank you Lynda xx

  32. Hi Patricia well you have been busy! cards are great huggles Sue xxx

  33. Oh my goodness - you had two hours to make three cards! Good grief! You have done a spectacular job on each card. Love the first one - so pretty and love the colours. Fab. Hugs, Jayne x

  34. Gosh Patricia that was cutting things fine! You did a fabulous job in a short time though...three lovely cards, particularly the first one. Carol x

  35. Hi Patricia

    your photo's of you and Hazel, and your flowers and your stamping cards are fantastic. I had a photo of me & my sister, very similar to yours. We were covered in chicken pox but we had the biggest grins. Thank you for reminding mr of a happier time.

    Big Hugs

    Tina XX

  36. Well done you Patricia, Fantastic cards at that short notice, love the blue top one..
    Hugs Pam

  37. Hi Patricia
    Coooo, you did well at short notice as all are terrific.
    Its usually Mr D who thinks I can knock up a card in 2 minutes lol!
    What do you charge for a box then? A cauliflower and 6 sprouts hahaha!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  38. Hi Patrcia,
    well you did a fabulous job to put together 3 beautiful cards in a very short time, amazing !
    Hugs Maria xx

  39. Haha Ang does make me laugh, You did the Lady Proud Patricia, well done .
    Elaine H X

  40. What a sweet story Patricia, I think it's absolutely wonderful to be of such a tender age and still think of other's people's birthdays! It's a good thing you are so creative, to be able to come up with such lovely cards in just a couple of hours, wow, you did good my friend! Hugs, Ira xox
    ♥Ira’s Crea Corner♥

  41. Oh my Patricia. I promise NEVER to moan again if someone asks me for a card for the following week lol - amazing. The top card is an absolute beauty, that stamp is gorgeous, id love it but know I'll never get round to buying it!
    Ive just seen a bag n shoes so off to investigate. Miss Izzy has a lot to answer to lol. Hope you had a good day, allbeit a bit of a whirl lol.
    Lancashire Steph xx

  42. Hi Patricia, I love to barter exchanging crafty bits, always nice to get something a bit different. Great cards especially in the time span to make. I have to admit the first is my favourite, well, it is my colours!

    Enjoy your evening, hugs Erika. x